Intuition & Ego

I love exploring the intricate aspects of what it means to be human. Sure, we are made of flesh and bone, but there is so much more that really goes into defining how we experience life than the simple senses: taste, touch, smell, seeing and hearing! We are highly developed sensory Beings that can – not only sense what’s going on around us – but actually shape our own experience. It’s subtle, but observable – if you put the effort into watching, practicing and consciously participating in what you do and how the world responds to what you do.

In order to really do this, one needs to understand what and who they are.

A great book to help the reader get a better understanding of who they are can be found in just about any bookstore today.  It is:

Eckhart Tolle distills complex spiritual theory down into common truth. That common truth can forever change the way you perceive your world – if you understand what he’s saying. Fortunately for us, his words have been viewed by so many that it’s easy to find some of this key ideas on the web.

Looking at Wikipedia, I’d like to repeat the following section on the ego and internal presence:

The ego and the deeper Presence

The book begins with Tolle recalling his initial transformational experience when he was twenty-nine. This spiritual experience was one that not only jolted him into an intense awareness of the present moment, but also one that suggested his inner being or self had hitherto unsuspected depths: “am I one or two? If I cannot live with myself, there must be two of me: the ‘I’ and the ‘self’ that ‘I’ cannot live with.”[15]

For Tolle the ego is a sense of self derived from the content and activity of the mind. It is “a mental image of who you are, based on your personal and cultural conditioning.”[16] He notes that virtually everyone hears a “voice” in their head all the time, the involuntary and often repetitive thought-processes of our minds. As we live “the voice comments, speculates, judges, compares, complains, likes, dislikes, and so on.” It may be reliving the past or rehearsing imagined future situations.[17]

Tolle claims there is a deeper sense of self than the ego, a conscious presence which may be known in various ways. One method he recommends is simply to listen to the voice in the head without judging it in any way or getting caught up in its contents. Just by ‘watching the thinker’ in the head, he says, “You’ll soon realise: there is the voice, and here I am listening to it.” That I am realisation is “a sense of your own presence … (arising) from beyond the mind.”[18] And as one becomes aware of this deeper self as a conscious presence, so the involuntary thinking begins to subside, giving way to stillness, peace and what he calls “the joy of Being.”[19]

To me, the most important thing that he presents really well is all summed up on the last paragraph (where I quote the quote): “You’ll soon realise: there is the voice, and here I am listening to it.”

A twisted interpretation might be, not only do I have the sense of touch, the sense of smell and the sense of sight, but I have the sense of self! That’s right, it’s another attribute of our being human! That voice in your head is no more evil than your sense of smell. It is … what it is.

That sense of smell can sense small amounts of vapors or various substances but there are a sequence of events that occur based upon that stimuli. To start with, if you’ve never smelt a rotting animal, the experience upon detecting this smell is immediately emotional. The smell is repulsive. Instinctively, you would step away from the smell. Meanwhile, as soon as the smell is detected, the voice in your head might say “Oh my God! What a foul smell. What could that be? It’s disgusting…” Then, through a little bit of investigation you discover the source of the foul smell. At that point, an association is made between the smell and the source of the smell. Depending on the level education (ability to label things), you may be able to describe the experience well. If you don’t have any idea what it is, all you can go on is the emotional experience.

The key thing to notice in this discovery process is that when you sense something it is your Being that experiences what the senses provide. The voice in your head is a side show that may or may not fully understand what is being sensed. To me, this is a very strong statement that you might not want to simply breeze by.

Your Being receives what you sense. The voice in your head does not! Your Being acts upon the stimuli in a pure unhindered way. The voice in your head responds to what your Being experiences in order to enhance it. The voice in your head adds an intellectual understanding to the raw experience.

That voice in your head, because it is language based, can also be thought of as a translator. It is used to ‘label experiences’ in ways that can be shared with others. Note that the voice in your head didn’t cause the experience, it just translates (or maybe narrates) the experience.

The experience still happens to the Being.

Thinking back to the smell example above, how is it that the Being (you) first react to the smell? Does your body process the smell, associate it with rotting flesh and the voice in your head yells danger – danger? No. You immediately feel repulsed by the smell. You have an emotional reaction. If the smell had been that of a ripe cantaloupe, the emotional response would most likely be attractive. The smell would make you feel good. Upon investigating the smell, you may discover something wonderful to eat. But in every case, the response is emotional.

Senses generate emotional responses.

Now, what are emotions?

Emotions aren’t something you can touch, smell or see, but there are none-the-less sensed! You might say that we have the sense of emotion! Ha! We’ve found another human sense!

When dealing with emotions, we generally feel either attracted or repealed (to some degree). It’s only when the translator gets involved that we start thinking about it as love or hate, or happiness or sadness, etc.. Keeping the translator aside, the sense of emotion is normally strong or weak rather than good or bad.

Physically speaking, emotions take the form of energy (light or electrical pulse) more-so then just about anything. When you deal with the five primary senses, a scientist would say that the vapor triggers the receptors in your nose to send a signal (via your nervous system) to your brain where it is processed. If you where to ask me, I’d say that the vapor triggers a receptor that sparks the flow of emotion which is understandable by your Being (consciousness).

This brings us around to how your Being communicates.

If you ‘listen to the voice in your head’ – how do you hear it? You’re ears translate sound waves into electrical impulses (energy, light) that enters your nervous system that get processed by your Being. It would seem that the voice in your head would do the same thing if it wanted to be heard (sorry about talking about it as if it had a ‘mind’ of its own). In other words, the evidence suggests that your Being doesn’t hear sound, it senses energy. The voice in your head is simply energy shaped by your Being.

Converting physical sensations into energy is the technique by which the Being realizes its experience in the world. The Being doesn’t use organs like eyes and ears, but rather has eyes and ears and crude ways to sense specific types of energy.

The reverse process: Creation (part of communication).

If you turn this process around, it would make sense that the Being also uses energy to communicate. If you want to convey something that you ‘know’ to someone else, it generally has to be translated by physical senses (created) so that it can be shared. This would involve describing a smell or texture in a way that someone else can relate. If they don’t have an understanding of the words (or the other means of expression) they will not understand what you’re trying to communicate.

Yet, when you look at how the senses are designed, there are unique paths for input and output.

For instance, even though we hear with our ears (which are considered sensory organs) we speak to generate sound. The sound that we generate is a direct reflection of our Being. There is nothing stopping you from saying whatever it is that you want to say. The only time your sound is censored is when your Being consults the translator (voice in your head) to make sure that what will be said is exactly what you intend to say.

There is also movement and expression. Your body will naturally reflect your current emotional state. It is pretty easy to physically see the difference between someone that is happy and someone that is sad. These are universal traits that form a layer of communication – weather you are aware if it or not.

When it comes to communication, the energy flows from your Being and gets translated as that energy makes it into physical form. If the energy can make it through unedited, it’s a pure reflection or manifestation of your Being. Singing, dancing, making something (creating) and intuition are quite often considered uninterrupted.

Now, how does all this related back to the title intuition and ego? Well, let’s look at the widely accepted public definition from the Wikipedia for Intuition:

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason.[1]

Considering this, along with my interpretation above, when you intuit something you experience pure understanding from your Being without having to translate it through the ego. That understanding comes from pure energy. As that energy leaves the spirit (Being) it enters the body and gets processed by the appropriate ‘tool’. If it comes through as logical energy, it might feed the ‘translator’ in such a way that the energy is intellectualized so that it can be recorded or spoken. That energy may also come through as a feeling, which, rather than being intellectualized, it is expressed through the body.

In any case, it is energy that you share with yourself. It is a very subtle energy that many people overlook, or undervalue, yet it is there always available for the observant.

Meditation, as it turns out, is a conscious practice where major energy components of the body (and mind) are energetically reduced in order to allow essence of your Being shine through. As you reduce the energy flows to places like your ego, the synchronicity of the underlying subtle energies (like emotions) become more predominant. When the energy flows slow, the affect is like removing all the big waves from a pond. After doing so, any small wave can be observed and explored.

It is in these states that the Being can sense subtle energies that don’t normally come through the standard sensory paths (eyes, ears, etc.). It is in this calm that things like intuition can be felt. Or, more importantly, the emotional energy that surrounds you. Or even, it is in this calm that you can sense the energy of others!

Yes, that is correct. The energy that you give out influences your environment. Likewise, the energy that others give out also influence the environment and you can pick this up just like you sense your own energy! The problem most people experience is that they can’t tell the difference between weather it’s their emotion or if it’s someone else’s emotion.

This is where intuition and ego (the translator) get involved. If you are in harmony with yourself, you should intuitively know if the emotion is yours or not. If there is too much noise preventing the intuitive understanding from coming through, consult the translator. The ego is a good consultant that should be able to help you identify the source of the emotional energy.

A couple key things that the ego and intuition show us is that at our core, the I am inside each one of us receives and emits energy as it’s form of perception and creation. We sense energy. We have physical tools that help us sense energy. We are not simply hands and feet (flesh and bone) but the core spirit uses energy as its key interface into our physical world.

So, even though you may not make a sound, you can still be heard.

Sending an emotion is much stronger than sending a thought.

Calming yourself helps you feel other energies.


Wow.  I loved writing this. I hope you can feel the energy too!

ORMUS experience – connecting spirit to memory

I love it when I wake up with an intuitive understanding about something. Especially when that intuitive understanding links something as special as dream life to our relatively ordinary waking life.

The understanding is this:

When you feed your light body and synchronize it with your spirit, the actions of your spirit can be recorded as a physical memory.

It’s kind of a Quantum Resonance thing. In other words, when you are unconscious, your body can still record the action of your spirit as a memory that can be recalled when you are once again conscious!


I think so.

Now that I’m taking my own ORMUS mineral precipitate again, I’ve noticed that one of the first things I’ve recognized is that I’m remembering my dream life upon waking. The dreams are still strange and imaginative, but I’m remembering them. 

In order to make sure I was using what I felt is the correct term for this, I Googled up Quantum Coherence and Quantum Resonance.  I found the following info at On Quantum Resonance:

Energy/information is only transferred when two entities share by chance the potential/receptor space AND they exhibit a resonance. The first is a probability function and the other is a harmonic principle.

Now linking this together with the concept of superconductivity written up in relations to David Hudson, he stated something like: at the quantum level super conductive atoms that are in resonance can share energy at great distances.

Knowing that we are Beings of light and our memories are light patterns, when our spirit is in resonance with the superconductive M-State elements that reside in our physical body, then wherever the spirit body goes and resonates with should be reflected through the energy receptors that are on the physical body. In other words, the memories gathered by the spirit can be sensed in physical form.

This is suddenly giving credibility to simple ORMUS precipitate.

I can also say that the only side effects that I’ve felt have resembled detoxification symptoms that I’ve experienced at other times when changing my diet or other physical activities. This is not bad in any way.  

Maybe there is something to ORMUS that might be related to feeding your light body. I will continue to meditate on it to see what else comes my way. Meanwhile, I will continue to think of it as a solvent that will help decalcify the ridged structures that generated energy waves that are not in line with my spirit.

If you’ve experienced anything similar while ingesting ORMUS, I’d love to hear from you.

Note: This experience is different from the last times I made and consumed sea water precipitate. The last times, I really didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. The difference between the last times and this time is that I’ve spent two years consuming green smoothies, I’ve actively worked to raise my body pH (wheatgrass and fruits) and I’ve been practicing Yoga nearly every day. Over these two years, there have been changes to my body that have opened me up to sensitivities that I never had before. Now I understand why Raw Foodests gravitate towards this sea water precipitate. Be well!

Humans, Superconductivity and Common Minerals

I am excited to share with you a new understanding that came to me in a morning meditation. This new understanding combines a number of different scientific concepts and theorizes about currently un-measurable energy systems in the human body. It touches on ORMUS, superconductivity, simple molecules and human spirit. I believe that the human body has the capabilities to tap into unlimited energy sources and thrive while doing so.

In a nutshell – high spin state noble metals resonate at frequencies that channel energy that can be tapped (harvested) by biological systems. It is up to us to create an environment that is sensitive enough to detect the resonance and manufacture a protein to harvest the energy.

Sound reasonable?

If nothing else, it should sound interesting.

To better explain this idea that came to me, we’ll need to touch on some background information. We’ll revisit a number of topics that I’ve touched on over the months and then dive headlong into some new areas. Hopefully, in the end, we’ll find the theory plausible.

High Spin State

This is a concept that is very intriguing. Atoms can have different properties based upon how the electrons orbit the atom. The Life-enthusiast website touches on this when it talks about ORMUS on one of its pages. They state:

Researchers have re-discovered a new, previously hidden, form of matter that may provide tremendous advancements to human nutrition. An earlier term for this form of matter is “orbitally rearranged monatomic elements”, lately better known as “ORMUS“.

Precious metals, including copper, silver, gold, rhodium, iridium and platinum (and others) exist in a modified state, where they no longer display the electric, spectroscopic, chemical, or thermal properties usually associated with the “metal” state. The resulting material appears crystalline, stable, non-conductive, heat resistant, and chemically inert. These same elements would have to be classified not as metals, but as inert minerals. These elements are both natural and ubiquitous, they permeate the environment, our food, and our bodies.

Some elements have the potential to assume a “high-spin state”. This refers to a phenomenon discovered in the late 1980’s by nuclear physicists at a number of renowned laboratories. They discovered that when certain atoms are put into a high-spin state, the elementary particles inside the nucleus become rearranged and spin around at an increased rate of speed.

As a result of the rearranged orbitals, the electromagnetic emissions from high-spin elements are different from their ordinary spectra. (See Scientific American, October 1991; Philip Yam, p. 26). [Source]

Even though they call this something that was discovered in the 1980’s, I’d have to say that the workings of the idea have been around (relatively) forever but people haven’t thought about it this way. People are fairly ridged with their thinking, but they don’t really need to look past the photosynthesis situation.

I’ve touched on this in previous articles, but when you add energy to an atom, you ‘spin it up’. As you spin up an atom, the characteristics of that atom change giving it an attraction (or affinity) to combine with other atoms in specific ways to make stable molecules. The prime example of this is how the process of photosynthesis takes carbon dioxide, water and light to make sugar and free oxygen. Before the light is added, the carbon dioxide and water do not have the affinity to combine. It’s only after adding the sunlight (in a directed way) that the atoms take on different properties and combine to create a stable molecule – sugar.

I believe that one of the key elements to this equation has to do with the electromagnetic energy that the atom gives off. Or, rather than say ‘gives off’, we should stay it ‘resonates with’. Like a little magnet, each atom carries a vibration that represents its energy state.

Classic energy release through oxidation (as outlined at Scitable near the top of this article) shows that energy can be released from molecules as they are broken down. In other words, the light that is trapped in the molecule is released that changes the electromagnetic characteristics of the atoms with make them fall apart.

So the key idea here is to be open to the idea that atoms can hold energy. When atoms hold energy, their electromagnetic characteristics change.

Empty Space

What’s in all that empty space anyway? Why is it that on a quantum level, you can’t just slip two hydrogen atoms together like shuffling a deck of cards? You’d think this would be possible, but it just doesn’t happen. All the textbook diagrams show what appear to be balls, or circles, when it comes to conceptualizing an atom. To me, this is a little misleading. It makes you think that the atom is solid like a beach ball when, in fact, it’s nearly all empty space.

It might be a bit more accurate to think about atoms as electromagnetic type energy fields. As the electron spins around the nucleus, it generates energy waves that act as a buffer between it and other atoms. These energy waves give the atom an invisible volume. They create a buffer zone around the atom that repeals other energy fields.

So, even though the bulk of the space within the atom is empty space, the energy of the atom itself creates a field around itself that creates this invisible volume that we call an atom.

Now, when you flip it around and think that this volume is generated by the energy in the atom, you have to wonder what happens to that volume if you add or remove energy. Will the fields around the atom change?

Well, that’s what the scientific articles (linked in above) seem to say.

That would lead someone to believe that energy and atoms have a working relationship that may prove vital to biological systems.


This leads us to part of the information that came to me in my morning meditation – all molecules give off vibrations. And, when I think about vibrations, I think about music and synchronized wave patterns.

But before looking at a molecule, we should look at the single atom. We all know that atoms that are missing an electron seek out an atom that is positive an electron so that they can bond. This bonding can be thought of as a harmonic union of the two energy fields. Both atoms resonate in a way that allows them to share each other’s energy field in order to complement their own. Thus we get something like sodium chloride to bond to make salt.

Now we introduce the concept that bonds between atoms can be strong or weak. Or, in other words, sometimes it takes a lot of energy to split to atoms apart whereas other times it is rather simple. In the case of salt (sodium chloride), the bond between the two is so weak all you have to do is add the compound to water and the polarity of the water molecules will pull it apart.

Let’s get back to vibrations. The idea here is that as the electron spins around the nucleus of the atom, it generates an electromagnetic type invisible field that acts like a musical note in a sea of other musical notes. As all atoms sing, the ones that are in tune find attraction (bonding) whereas the ones that do not find repulsion (pushing apart). Part of this could be based on the electrical charge that the atom might carry or, simply, the energy that the atom carries.

Now, when you place multiple atoms together to form a molecule, you get a synchronistic unit that is much more powerful than the individual atoms. This synchronistic unit generates its own electromagnetic type field that is different from the individual atoms, yet could be likened to a chord played on the piano. It has its own resonance.

Why is this all important? Having an energy vibration provides an efficient means for attracting and repulsing other molecules and atoms. It allows for attraction over relatively large distances (intercellular) where activities can take place. And it provides for ‘clean’ hook-ups between difference atoms. If everything is just happenstance, it would probably take too long for the correct angular ‘bump’ between to atoms to be just right for them to actually hook-up. Whereas if each molecule (or atom) gave off a vibration (that involves an electromagnetic type field) the two molecules (or atoms) could find themselves attracted across great spans of empty space within the cell (or anywhere else for that matter).

Also, and probably more important, if all molecules give off vibrations that allow for attraction and repulsion, it would make sense that when a molecule breaks (or is defective) the vibration that it would give off would not be in sync with the vibration of a whole healthy molecule. Thus, the broken molecule would not be picked up to function in the cell when a healthy molecule is needed.

This might get complicated in a dirty body. If there is so much garbage floating around in the body generating vibrations of all sorts, it could be like going to the football game and walking the stadium listening for a particular voice amongst the thousands of unique voices. If molecules gave off similar vibrations, it would be similar to having multiple copies of that unique voice all over in the stadium. Thus, the task of finding that unique voice would become much easier to locate.

Spirit Molecules

The spirit molecule that I’m talking about is not to be confused with DMT. But rather, just like the body has the ability to harvest energy by breaking down sugar or protein, I’m under the intuitive understanding that the body can also harvest energy from other sources. In particular, atoms, that can be conditioned (trained) into a state where they resonate with the ever existing energy fields that exist around us, can be wrapped (organically) to become a usable energy supply.

This takes us back to the high spin state ORMUS and superconductivity. I’ve come across articles (don’t have them at hand right now) that talk about the fact that if two superconductive atoms are brought into synchronicity, you can add infinite amount of energy into one atom and retrieve it from the other. The coolest thing is that these two atoms don’t have to be touching; they just have to be synchronized. Another cool attribute is that if the atom is synchronized to an endless energy source, infinite amounts of energy can be drawn from it. But this only happens if the atom is in a superconductive state.

This is where our understanding of ORMUS comes into play. Or, more specifically, high spin state white gold powder (or the other noble metals). The idea here is that single atoms of different stable metals can be spun up to the point where they change their state from acting like a metallic atom to acting like a superconductor. In other words, if the atom is spun up to the point where it can create the Meissner effect, you’ve got an atom that can be an unlimited energy source.

If you search around the White Gold Powder sites for a while, you’ll find lots of information about superconductivity and what it means, but you won’t find anything about organically trapping the atoms so that the energy sources can be harvested. This is one of the things that came to me intuitively. Basically, when high spins state atoms get into the body, it has to be captured to do the body any good. Because the body already has a bunch of monatomic atoms in it (as shown by the ash from animal tissue) we know that the body naturally traps the atoms and puts them to work.

Even though it hasn’t been discovered yet, the body already produces molecules that trap and use these high spin state atoms. I would guess that the molecule would look like chlorophyll or hemoglobin, but it really doesn’t matter for all it needs to be able to do is capture released energy from the atom and distribute it into the body. For now, I’m going to call these Spirit Molecules.

In normal situations, these spirit molecules sit relatively dormant. People have no idea that they exist in the body and that they have the ability to tap into infinite amounts of energy. Every once in a while we hear about some miracle that happens that that requires a huge amount of energy, but few really believe. Why is this?

It would seem that in order to get energy out of a superconductive atom, you would have to attune it to the source that it should resonate with! Or, in other words, it needs to be activated. Just getting it into your body doesn’t really do all that much good. You’ve got to get the atoms to vibrate in sync with its source in order for it to go to work for you.

Re-mineralizing your body and pH

Here is where you can help the process along. Basically, what you want to do is consume the right type of minerals and have an environment (in the body) where they can be spun up. Keep in mind that an acid body forces crystallization of minerals whereas an alkaline body allows for minerals to stay in solution.

If you look at the ORMUS making process (ORMUS, Is this the wet method?), you’ll see that after placing your mineral source in solution, you raise the pH to 10.78 which causes the minerals to precipitate. After cleansing multiple times, you lower the pH placing the minerals back into solution. But this happens before you hit a neutral pH.

The body does these things naturally. Not only does the stomach and intestinal pH break down organic matter, but it helps capture minerals for the body to use. Once those minerals are absorbed, they are distributed around the body to places that can either use them as base metals or capture any that are in the superconductive state.

This is where more intuitive understanding comes in. The Superconductive atoms require an alkaline environment. If the environment is too low (acid), the energy is quickly drained and the superconductive capabilities are lost. The atoms revert back to their base metal functions. In other words, if we consume magnesium but the body requires all that we consume to simply balance our environment, we won’t be able to save any to function as superconductive Spirit Molecules.

Thus, another part of that intuitive understanding that came in morning meditation is that we’ve got to get our bodies into the 7+ pH range and build a store of normal minerals so that any superconductive minerals that we take on don’t need to be used for normal bodily functions. The number that I wrote down was 7.8, but that is just an intuitive guess. (note that blood is 7.34 and it’s got to stay right close to that. The other fluids in the body can vary from the blood pH.)


The attunement process is done through conscious living. This is the part where you have to work for the glory. Once you’ve cleaned the acid crystallization out of the body to find a long lasting pH that is compatible with storing Spirit Molecules, you than have to attune them to the energy source.

This is where meditation, yoga, breathing and focused intention all come into play. The spirit molecules vibrate at a frequency that matches the pure intention of your heart. In other words, the energy that you feel when you’re in love is a vibration that matches a cosmic source. If you make a conscious effort to fill your mind and body with that feeling, you will activate (attune) the Spirit Molecules to the source of love. When they attune, they will be a source of that energy from the cosmos!

Because there are a number of different types of atoms, it would make sense that there are different higher level feeling that are associated with the different Spirit Molecules. One might resonate to the feeling of love whereas another might resonate with a feeling of gratitude. If you are already practicing, you might have already noticed that some emotions come easier than others. It may be that you’ve attuned some Spirit Molecules better than others. Or, it may be that the atoms that go to form the molecules that would help with the weaker emotions just doesn’t exist in the body. It may be that those minerals need to be found and added.

The attunement process also requires being sensitive. You have to actually be able to feel the emotions of attunement for the attunement to work. If you can’t love, you can’t attune the Spirit Molecules to the vibration of love. It’s that simple. This is where meditation comes in. It’s the conscious act of removing all outside distractions that allow you the conscious opportunity to choose love. Even if you barely have any of that feeling in you, if you remove all other distractions so that you can feel the little that you have, you will be able to amplify that through the Spirit Molecules that your body currently has.


So, where does this leave us? Well, I would guess that there is work to be done.

  • Raise the body pH (remove acid forming foods and behavior)
  • Mineralize the body (mineral rich foods and angstrom size mineral salts)
  • Detoxify the body (remove broken and inharmonious molecules)

And then most importantly

  • Meditate with emotional intention (attune the Spirit Molecules)

In time, if you consume mineral rich foods, keep the body detoxified and attune the superconductive atoms in your body to their synchronous source, you’ll set yourself up to harvest energy from an unlimited source. Maybe this is how the ‘starving yogi’ gets his energy? Maybe this is the energy source for a breatharian. Maybe this is what is meant when we’re told to feed our light bodies?

I am looking forward to investigating this topic in greater detail. I will share as intuitive understandings (experience) comes my way!

Side Note

You’ve probably heard about people taking ORMUS based products or White Gold Powder and feeling spacey when they do. It just might be that the atoms that are ingested are already attuned to some energy source and when you consume them they are immediately absorbed into the cells where they simply radiate the synchronized energy. It would be like turning on billions of light bulbs all at once with no focus. The focus comes from allowing the body time to build Spirit Molecules (replicating proteins from your DNA to wrap the superconductive atoms) which will capture the energy into your system as light is captured by the chlorophyll molecule by a plant.

Liv Delicious Brzday Hugz

There is something about this ‘reality tv’ stuff on YouTube that can really pull at your heart strings! I must be resonating with these videos for they seem to come my way lately.

With this one, we’ve got LivDelicious on her birthday conquering a deep seeded fear – the fear of rejection. She tells the story beautifully. Before spoiling it, I highly recommend giving it 10 minutes.

With no further ado, here it is.

Did you watch it all?

Oh Liv Delicious! The openness of you spirit is carried through this video leaving me with the feeling that we have shared a hug! Knowing that the essence of Being knows no time, you can toggle your counter to 109.

Now, my observation.

As she stated, at the beginning of the video, her fears, the resonance of that fear is clear to read. It’s clearly a ‘truth’ that she’s accepted and incorporated into her life. As she steps out to receive hugs, she’s still resonating that fear. To compound matters, she stated that she wasn’t going to give hugs, just receive.

As time passes and you see the result of her fears playing out, you just want to yell out – you have to give to receive! The birthday sign even comes across as a shield.

After reliving her fears and then confessing, she applies the EFT tapping (just learning about that, but that is immaterial to what plays out IMHO). It’s at this point that a shift can be felt in the video. What I witness is not necessarily her overcoming her fear, but a change in the energy that opens up the flow. It becomes evident as she gives the first hug.

Notice that I said – she gives the first hug.

Her goal was to receive hugs. What I witnessed was her giving hugs. In return for her willingness to give, the hugs came back so she could accomplish her goal.

Liv Delicious, You don’t need to be a coach to live your truths! You resonate the strength to identify your own path in life. Honor that strength and accept what you know deep down inside is the truth. If what you resonate with makes you feel good, go with it. It is yours!

Harmonizing with Self

Today’s task was to – harmonize with self. Now that the day’s over, I’m going to have to stretch this task out for a few more days. Maybe weeks or months!

This morning’s meditation left me with a solid feeling that my current goal is to harmonize with myself. This act can be likened to the feeling you get when you sing something that moves your spirit. Or, it’s that feeling you get when you witness something so beautiful it brings you to tears. It might also be that feeling when all the thoughts drop out of your mind leaving you enjoying the moment for what it truly is; amazing, whole, truthful.

At the Matrix Energetics conference I attended last December, they called it getting into the heart space. It’s the act of surrendering. A moment when your analytical mind stops it’s runaway processing to allow the sensing mind the opportunity to see the world without a commentator. Dr. Bartlett would say that you picture yourself riding in an elevator down to your heart. As much as I ‘tried’, this analogy simply wouldn’t cut it for my imagination. I would play with the scenario a little too much. The end result would always be more thought. It was like adding fuel to the mental fire.

For a long time, I’ve known deep inside that the heart space sensation is like the feeling you get when you look in someone’s eyes – and experience physical sensations. It’s those feelings that can only occur when you’ve stopped analyzing in simply feel. It’s the experience of truth unbounded. It’s the giving into the moment and enjoying it for what it is without judgment. It’s the place that miracles happen.

The complication has always been – how do you reproduce that experience on your own at will?

Well, that’s what I realized for myself this morning.

The act of harmonizing with self is the act of sensing the vibrations that are currently around and consciously bringing them in sync. The vibrations don’t have to be a perfect octave or a third or fifth, but simply not repulsive! Life is musical and we all get to choose what music we want to be. Thus the act of harmonizing happens through the senses (sensation mind) via an open heart and conscious intent towards being in tune.

For me, this act has no room for the analytical rationalizations that keep the linear mind rolling. It is, simply, what it is. Most importantly, it works to center me in that heart space that resonates with the spirit of joy.

If it works for me, it may also work for you – thus my sharing.

May you harmonize with yourself too!