Hi and welcome to my blog.This is me at the San Deigo Zoo

I am currently a resident of Redmond Washington in a neighborhood that enjoys the evening song of the native frogs and the morning glow of the sun rising over the Cascades. Life here expresses itself in all shades of green; with a little help from the Puget Sound rains and sheltering cloud covers.

I have spent the bulk of my life living in Washington State and each time I travel, I gain a deeper appreciation for the quality of life here, and, more importantly, the commitment to life expressed by so many that cross my path.

The bulk of my time over the last twenty years has been spent at work! Yes, it’s true what they say, when you work at Microsoft you don’t have much time for anything else. Fortunately, being a Software Engineer means that my work is creative. If you’re not creating, you’re wasting your time! It’s also interesting how my work has touched the lives of millions. Over the years I’ve worked primarily on core Windows functionality – The audio subsystem, the video subsystem, misc. kernel and drivers and random tools. All that time, I’ve specialized in translating geek-speak into something that management can understand, and, more importantly, make money on.

Outside work, I approach life with an open mind and I love to learn! I passionately investigate subjects that spark my curiosity and happily move on to the next topic leveraging my new found understanding and experiences. I have been drawn to less tangible sciences that tend to mingle well with the organic nature of humans. Even through science explains much and has outlined general ‘laws’ that govern the actions of life on earth; it doesn’t mean science has discovered everything. From my point of view, science seriously lags reality, for the laws that govern our lives are ever present, but not yet clearly definable using current scientific approaches. Yet my question is why does everything have to be categorized by existing scientific proofs and tools, when we can simply open our hearts and minds and experience it for ourselves?

Join me in my quest to understand and fully experience life as a human. I am David Flenniken and I have been looking to converse with you.

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