There have been so many times over the years when I’ve witnessed someone explain something that, from my point of view, seemed upside down and backwards. The one observation that jumps to mind is when you listen to someone’s ideas about life on other planets combined with TV animation, you just have to wonder what those guys & gals where thinking when this drafted up their alien life forms. You’d think that they would apply some basic science or, at least, follow the fundamental law of gravity. But, sadly, they quite often don’t.

The same holds when someone talks about historical events. So often I read, or hear, someone make the association that the historical creatures most have been thinking one thing – which is a direct transfer of our culture values into another. That just doesn’t make sense. Who’s to say that the beliefs of one culture are the same as another? If this were the case, a Chinaman would tell the story differently than an Egyptian. In this case, which story is the truth?

Ultimately, it’s ok with me for we all have stories to tell. In the cases above, it gives me something to criticize or critic that sparks me to create a counter creation. As it turns out, that counter creation is this blog.

The focus of this blog will be aligned around human energy and other general observations regarding what I feel is the truth. I will share my own personal thoughts and point of view with regards to my life experiences and, most importantly, show how I’ve linked my own understanding to the observations that I’ve made. Basically, I will try to put some of my experiences and thoughts into words.

I expect this website to be a work in progress and, given the right visibility, it will blossom into a community of seekers that actually find the truth in what they are looking for. I see it that the journey we take as humans is all a personal journey amongst a collection of others also taking their own personal journey.

Please join me, or help me extend these thoughts, in a way that is easily understandable in the most important moment – the now moment.

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