Muscle testing video series

One of the most important things that can put you on the best healing path is to get the ego thoughts out of the way! The I think I know thoughts are the ones that generally get in the way. These are the thoughts that are defined as being part of our conscious education. They also tend to be thoughts that others have shared with us and we accept them as being the truth without even really questioning.

In order to set yourself on a path to discovering the real truth for you, these ego thoughts need to be set aside or circumvented in order to get to the I feel this is right thoughts. The I feel thoughts are ones that originate from the internal self rather than the worldly self that you normally identify with. The I feel thoughts are also the ones that are dominate during meditation or surface as intuitive thoughts.

One of the best ways to work around the I think thoughts is to remove intellect from the equation. Sure, you might have studied and practiced nutrition guidance for 20 years, but you can’t tell the body how to digest something. You can witness it happening, but you don’t really consciously get involved.

With the case of the nutritionist, they might be helping people because they’re getting lucky. Or, they might be helping people because the programs that they follow seem to help the most people based on the scientific studies that the3 nutritionists reads and follows.

But do you really need this type of education in order to get in touch with your own body?

I would contend no.

To demonstrate this idea, all we have to do is look at the concept of muscle testing. If you Google up Applied Kinesiology, you’ll find a bunch of information that both supports and denies the concept. Being a scientist, I find it very interesting that there are arguments both in support and in denial of this art. Yet, knowing that there are lots of things regarding human consciousness that haven’t been scientifically proven I tend to keep an open mind and give them a try.

Thus, I get to come to what I wanted to share today. I found a video series from Charlotte Reid where she demonstrates her own abilities and techniques with regards to her own essential oils treatment program. She has a YouTube channel, but her website doesn’t seem to be current.

I started with the video Using muscle testing with essential oils part 1 standing sway test muscle test and then watched the rest of the series that she made that day.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and that you give it some practice time.

Good day!

Is the sun hollow?

Earlier today I took a couple minutes to visit to see if there was anything unusual happening overhead. After skimming over the text, I left the webpage up while I was distracted with some other task. All the while, this picture of the sun sat on the screen.

A short while later I found myself looking at the picture asking myself – why is there no light coming from that ‘spot’ on the sun?

Take another look at that picture. It looks almost organic. It’s like something broke the surface of the sun like you might clear the surface of a pond. After it had been opened up, it looks like the sun ‘grows’ back to cover the scar.

The first thought that came to me was – the sun is hollow! Wow, could it be?

That seems kind of crazy, for we’ve all been taught that the sun is so solid that the pressure induces nuclear reactions. Heck, here is a picture from the Wikipedia on its Sun page:

Yet, if the sun is rolling plasma, why does it get black spots? Shouldn’t there be plasma underneath?

Or, I thought, maybe it’s a tick with regards to how the picture is taken. So I looked that up. When you take a picture of the sun you use a filter to remove 99% of the light. So, in the picture we’re seeing nearly 100 percent more light from the surface of the sun than in the ‘spot’.

This is kind of weird. If the cooler shell of the sun has been removed, wouldn’t you think we’d see the hotter interior? One would expect that it would probably give off more light than the surface?

So then I threw all caution to the wind and ask Google. Google seems omniscient sometimes. The question I typed was “Is the sun hollow?” The first site that it found was one with the title “Free Planet” and the article was The Sun is Hollow. I actually laughed when that page came up.

I read some of the words, but the best part is the video included on the page. It’s titled An Empty Sun – Is Gravity being Induced? And I’ve embedded it here for your enjoyment. It’s just ten minutes and it’s worth the time.

I love the comparisons that are done between what is classically known as part of the saying – so above as below.

About a 1:10 in the narrator shows that when things spin around (in a coffee cup) what’s in the center is an absence of matter. He relates that to the center of our solar system. Which means what? …

The part about the ear having two functional attributes – detecting pressure waves and gravitational alignment – is also rather interesting. About 3:45 in, the narrator asks, “Are pressure and gravity to manifestations of the same force?”

And the bits about vacuum in space.  Lol. There is lots of stuff in space always. This leads the Goodfellow to state that the lows of pressure apply to outer space just like they do in the boundaries of our own atmosphere! What a brilliant observation (Just over 5 minutes in).

It’s amazing whenever I see something so simply put that it challenges conventional knowledge. This little video does exactly that. It’s almost like the expanding planet video that I came across in a previous posting (An Expando Planet Theory).

This video also seems to align with another series that I put up a while ago in the article Plasma interactions create light? I’m going to have to revisit that series and see how it relates.

For now, I think I got my question answered. It seems that I’m not the only one that has questioned why there are ‘spots’ on the sun!

Plasma interactions create light?

This is too good to pass up – gravity explained. I remember being taught that gravity is the force of attraction between objects and that gravity just is. It’s something that just happens. It’s kind of like electricity – it just happens. With electricity, people have figured out how to get it to flow and perform work, but they still can’t explain what it is. With gravity, it’s even worse – people can’t reproduce it and they can’t really explain what it is.

Well, not anymore! At least that’s the way it comes across.

I came across these videos where a man (Mehran Tavakoli Keshe) claims to have reproduced gravity! And, more importantly, he openly talks about the general concepts in a way that anyone could understand! I highly recommend spending the time viewing these videos before they disappear!  Lol.

Each video is about 10 minutes long, so you’re looking at 50 minutes viewing time.






The video is so good, I think I’ll put his book on my wish list.

My favorite part is when he talks about the interaction of the plasma fields having a by-product called light. I would say that warrants a little more investigation.

An Expando Planet Theory

A few days ago, I followed a link to Half Past Human and read an article that theorized about an “Expando Planet Model.” I found the entire article intriguing and read it a couple times. This also built upon another article that I read a few weeks earlier about the center of the earth being Geo-Nuclear fusion. In other words, it’s not a liquid iron core as people have theorized – but, maybe something different.

Today, I came across a pointer to a site that shared the following video. I do have to say that they did a great job with the animation for it really drives the point home. It’s amazing how some things so simple can be overlooked by the brightest of minds!  Yet, as the video says, this will cause people to have to rethink ALL KINDS of things.

I’ll let the video speak for itself.

The best part about this video is that it shows that scientists have not discovered all there is to discover and that even the foundations upon which theories are built sometimes come under fire.

Question everything, for you may be the person that figures out how to turn lead into gold!

Oh, and this video is from Neal Adams. If you Google “Neal Adams Expanding Earth” you’ll find a bunch of great info.

David Wolfe speaks about ORMUS at ENOTA

I came across a great series of videos that I’ve got to share. An email list that I’m on forwarded a link that I surfed through that lead me to a YouTube channel that has a great collection of lectures from modern day alchemists. That YouTube channel is DVDDude dwvand’s Channel. The Eight video series where David Wolfe speaks is in the play list here and the starting video is embedded below.

The collection of videos span nearly 90 minutes, so you’ll want to make time to view the entire lecture – that is, if this type of stuff interests you!

I find myself drawn to it. The stuff they’re talking about as a group is stuff that I’ve been playing with as in individual for years. It’s like viewing family members that I’ve never met. Yet, they’re kind of weird! Lol.

Before diving into the video series, I have to say that there were a number of things that caught my attention, but one key thing was the idea that ORMUS is a solvent.

In the very first video, 11:15 minutes in, David Wolfe mentions he ‘purified’ himself through the use of solvents. At that moment, he then lists off a series of solvents: ORMUS, hydrogen, MSM, folic acid, and Humic acid.

This idea of thinking of these substances as solvents fits right in with the article that I posted about Humans, Superconductivity and Common Minerals where (at the end of the article) I summarized the actions that need to be done by the person to create an environment where superconductivity can be tapped. That is, we need to raise our pH and mineralize the body. This is right in line with what he talks about but he refers to it as removing the calcifications through the use of solvents.

The idea of removing calcifications also falls in line with what people talk about with regards to awaking your pineal gland. People claim that the pineal gland builds up calcifications over time that prevent us from tapping into spiritual vibrations. I would liken this to slowly adding cement to a guitar string until it can no longer vibrate. As we ingest these ‘solvents’ the calcifications break down allowing the organ to function as designed. It’s at that point where the consciousness of the individual gets to play out and they can choose how to act and whether or not to event develop the sensitivities that the organ allows the person to sense.

If for no other reason than that, this is a great video series to give 90 minutes too.

Thank you DVDDude for capturing this information and making it available for me.

This video.

I can’t wait to study the other solvents that David Wolfe mentioned.

Have a great day.