Buying Wheatgrass in the Puget Sound area

I’m totally excited to have found a supplier for wheatgrass in my neighborhood! The supplier is Indianola Organics located in Indianola, WA. Just south of Kingston. They have a website,, so you can see all the items they offer (not much) but it does include the equipment that goes with making the juice. When I talked to Teresa (I guess you could call her the wheatgrass lady), she mentioned that the best way to get the product was to order it on farmstr.

Wow,! What another great resource! Here is a site that brings together small farmers and consumers like myself. The concept here is that the small farmer delivers to known locations once, twice or more, times a week and the customers come pick up the merchandise. For wheatgrass, she just drops it off with your name on it and, within a few hours, you pick it up. It’s really pretty simple.

Note that the bottom of the farmstr page has a link to the pickup locations. Check to see if your city in on the list. Issaquah is not far from here.

It’s a small world! It turns out that the Redmond pickup location, KIS Farm is owned by a wonderful lady that attends my Wednesday morning yoga class. I got the best tomatoes and Pellegrini Bean starts there! If you haven’t had Pellegrini beans yet, you’re missing the best green (well yellow) beans that grow in the Puget Sound area! Nothing else compares.

Back to the Wheatgrass. A friend ordered up a few flats of which we juiced some together. This stuff was much better than the grass I’d been growing. It’s sweet and rich in flavor; genuinely smooth on the pallet. The price is totally reasonable too!

Ok, to sum things up.

Buy Wheatgrass from IndianolaOrganics via Farmstr and if you pickup at the KIS Farm, take a look around and maybe pick up some dirt! They sell the best topsoil this side of the Cascades.

One last thing. If you haven’t read Why Suffer by Ann Wigmore, it’s a great simple read. In just a few short hours you can learn a significant part of the back story of wheatgrass!

Green day!


Forgiveness means giving up all hope of a better past.

What a beautiful explanation for forgiveness. What happened, has happened. It’s in the past now. There is no changing what transpired. No matter how many times you relive the experience, it doesn’t change. Forgiveness is a realization of this fact and that you can give up on trying to change how it transpired.

It’s like waking up or becoming conscious at the end of a dream. The dream has happened, it might be that a bear chased you up a tree or you fell out of a plane and the feelings raise your heartbeat and shock you awake – and then you can’t let go of what happened! You place yourself back in the path of the bear and pretend there was a taser by your side and you use it to stop the bear. Or, you practice a kick against the bear over and over again until you find the most sensitive spot and then relive the dream applying the perfect kick to the bear in order to keep it from chasing you up the tree.

You can’t change what happened, but you can change how you feel about it right now.

It’s ok to forgive.

It’s ok to be forgiven.

A friend sent me a link to the Greater Good website where I found a couple really nice videos about forgiveness. The one that I’d like to duplicate here is the one titled The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness. It’s 56:56 minutes long and absolutely worth the time.

There are a couple shorter videos on the site that are simply clips of this longer one.

His words are beautiful. His storytelling is masterful. It was just simply perfect for me today.

Good Day.