Peppermint Aromatherapy with Dev Khalsa

I came across a video from Dev Khalsa a couple weeks ago regarding muscle testing and found myself oddly attracted to just about all his videos. He’s got a couple websites and a YouTube channel where he’s shared, what I find as great tidbits of information (that are more like tips) regarding staying healthy. Basically, tips for living in harmony with yourself – which I always consider priceless!

I picked out a sample so you can judge for yourself. Most of his videos are short. This one is just over three minutes. This video is predominately about peppermint essential oil.

Before going there, I have to admit that I love peppermint essential oil. The first peppermint oil that I ever used was oil that I’d distilled myself. A whole lb of pure peppermint leaf produced about 50 drops pure essential oil. I took just one drop of this oil and added it to a little bit of green smoothie first thing in the morning as a digestive aid. Well, it works! After a few days the cramping and bloating that I’d experienced for years was under control. It also tends to move mucus out of the lungs. This is great for getting relief from colds.

Give it a try!

Note that this video was put up a few years ago. But if you visit one of his websites, you’ll notice that he’s still posting articles even if he’s not posting videos. He’s got lots of cool stories that I’m hoping to get the time to read through.

Good Day.


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