Happy New Year Vibrations

Hi All,  Wow!  You know how every once in a while you come across something that really touches you deeply? Well, today, I got those feeling that warmed me up inside as if I’d found a long lost friend.

YouTube is really amazing. When the camera was invented, I’m sure the person that put it together didn’t know they would actually be able to transfer the spirit of a person through time and space by recording the actions a few flickers at a time!

I’ll keep it short and simply share. If you want more info about this video, please see Therese’s website or YouTube channel.

Oh, can’t leave without saying that it didn’t take 20 seconds before I felt the good vibrations and knew it. The fact that a few seconds later she mentions gifting good vibrations just confirms what I felt. And don’t let her intellectually divert what you feel by transferring your attention to the chants! The gift she’s given has already been expressed via the purity of her spirit at the moment of recording the clip! Just reach out and feel what she offers unconditionally!

Who’s telling the truth?

I keep coming around to the notion that when you believe something to be the truth, the subconscious mind acts as if it really is the truth. This concept stood out strong after reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz a few months ago because he goes into this concept in great detail. The basic example goes something like this: If you believe what someone tells you, your body (and mind) respond in physical ways that go to support that belief. In other words, upon accepting that new truth you’re Being starts to resonate with the energy of that statement as if its truth. Even when you don’t put conscious energy into living up to that new truth, your subconscious mind will take care of that task for you.

It’s really amazing how thorough the subconscious mind is when it comes to fulfilling your every desire!

Just the other day, I came across this concept again in The Biology of Belief (on pages 103-4):

… We can actively choose how to respond to most environmental signals and whether we even want to respond at all. The conscious mind’s capacity to override the subconscious mind’s preprogrammed behaviors is the foundation of free will.

However, our special gift comes with a special pitfall. While almost all organisms have to actually experience the stimuli of life first-hand, the human brain’s ability to “learn” perceptions is so advanced that we can actually acquire perceptions indirectly from teachers. Once we accept the perceptions of others as “truths,” their perceptions become hardwired into our own brains, becoming our “truths.”

From Dr. Lipton’s point of view, (which has strong roots in cellular interactions), a thought or belief is a stimuli for the cells regardless to whether it’s true or not. Once the stimuli are produced, the cells react. It’s really that simple.

Based on this, he states:

… Yes, perception “controls” biology, but as we’ve seen, these perceptions can be true or false. Therefore, we would be more accurate to refer to these controlling perceptions as beliefs.

Beliefs control biology!

So, what it really comes down to is: Do you believe what you’re told? Or do you seek the truth for yourself?

One of the most beautiful things about human Beings is that we have built in feedback systems that allow us to discover truths for ourselves. Some people believe that the systems are subtle, but I’m learning that they are a whole lot more dynamic than people give them credit for.

In my experience, the number one feedback system is emotion! There’s no faster way to know if something is right for you than to listen to how it makes you feel. Likewise, there is no better way to determine if what you’re doing is right (or wrong) than to pay attention to the emotions that you feel when you’re doing it. If those emotions make you feel good, the actions that you’re doing are most likely in harmony with your spirit. Those actions are most likely in harmony with the environment too.

What does this speak of truth? Well, if you’re body (and mind (read: ego)) resonate to some statement that is not in harmony with the truth (as you know it) you can feel this emotional affects as dis-ease. The sensation is similar to the sensation you ‘hear’ when tuning an instrument. The energy needed to maintain the statement gives off vibrations that are either in tune with the spirit of your Being or not. If you ‘feel’ the discord, then focusing specifically on the ‘root of that instrument’ will allow you to find a way to either tune it up or discard the statement as being inharmonic with your Being.

As we know from previous studies (Is my current belief system serving me?), everything that we’ve come to know of as being physical – hard – matter is really invisible energy (soft). All this ‘matter’ resonates with life whether we pay attention to it or not. As we pull it into our immediate environment (consuming it) we’re empowered by its vibration or hindered by its discord. If someone is not sensitive enough to feel the individual vibrations, they can still observe the affects that it has on the body (human system).

Finding harmony in yourself is a great way to enhance your sensitivity to emotions. With a little practice and conscious observation (of the feedback) you should be able to discern what it is that is in harmony with your spirit and what is not.

Ultimately, you choose what you are and how you want to be. At any moment you can re-analyze any statement that you carry around as truth to see if that truth is one that you want to continue to resonate with (identify with). If you find that the statement is not truth, it will fall away.

Things that were once truths don’t always have to be truths. Find the truths that resonate strongest with you and experience those! Consciously choosing to not carry around inharmonic truths is the fastest way to living in harmony with yourself.

Listen – do you feel that harmonic vibration?

Is my current belief system serving me?

I found the title of this posting while poking around on the net looking to see if it was easy to find information about re-mineralizing your (the human) body. I came across an interview with a dancer (Tonya Kay) that believes strongly in living a raw food lifestyle. The interview came and went, but the (above) words stuck with me.

Is my current belief system serving me? Reaches even deeper for I’ve just completed reading through The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

If you’ve got an open mind and open heart, this book will touch you. The best part about it, for me, is that the words have the ring of truth. It may seem funny to you, but you know that feeling when you put on a shirt that you know is just right, and someone comments on it saying that it looks good – and, well, you already knew that? Well, that’s how these words come across to me.

The drawback, if you know me you know there is always a critic in me looking to share my opinion, is that the book falls a little short with regards to the external stimuli! The good doctor can talk all day about the stimulus response process, yet he only vaguely touches on the attribute that drives all the cells – light generated by the soul of the person. Yet, I can fully understand any hesitation that he might have in writing about that stimuli for the instruments to measure the interactions are not available and, if they where, by current standards; the act of observing what’s going on would actually change the observation.

In review:

I have to say that I love how he outlines ‘matter’ in his The Illusion of Matter section in the book. As he outlines some historical discoveries about matter, he works his way to:

…  Within another ten years, physicists abandoned their belief in a Newtonian, material universe because they had come to realize that the universe is not made of matter suspended in empty space but energy.

Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating; each atom is like a wobbly spinning top that radiates energy. Because each atom has its own specific energy signature (wobble), assemblies of atoms (molecules) collectively radiate their own identifying energy patterns. …

… In fact, as you focused through the entire structure of the atom, all you would observe is a physical void. The atom has no physical structure – the emperor has no clothes!

His way of conveying that atoms are energy waves of a particular vibration makes sense to me. On a quantum scale, I can see how two atoms can find harmony and bond. Like spinning gears, if two atoms have energy signatures that complement each other, like teeth in a gear, the atoms would find the tendency to bond.

What I find truly amazing about the quantum level atomic interactions is the amount of empty space that exists! We’ve all seen the artist’s representations of water particles where it shows them floating around in space. This website has a few really nice pictures.

The common understanding is that as the water molecules bounce around they create a little space in between each molecule. Well, this understanding seems to be built off the idea that the atoms are ‘solid’ balls of matter. Well, if they are a vortex of energy, I can imagine them bouncing around due to electromagnetic forces that would create attractive and repulsive forces like millions of super strong magnets spinning super fast. These little magnets are so strong that two molecules can’t touch – they can hold (what seems to be) a lot of weight – yet, there is still an attraction force that holds them together.

On the atomic level, it’s also interesting that with water, visible light can travel through it. In other words, the swirling vortices of energy known as water molecules do not trap visible light. The vibration of these atoms allow for light transfer. Water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen.

What about carbon?  Well, as we all know, both diamonds and graphite are made of carbon and they have different transparences. Graphite is opaque, whereas diamonds are translucent. It would seem that structure has something to do with carbon’s ability to not interfere with a visible light wave (energy) for it clearly has the ability to not interfere with light when it’s in its crystalline form. This makes me wonder about sugar and more complex carbohydrates.

Logically, at the atomic level, it would make sense that a plant would optimize its ability to store sunlight energy in a way that doesn’t interfere with storing sunlight energy. I mean, it makes sense that when a cell in a leaf is capturing the energy from the sun and creating sugar molecules that these new molecules would not interfere with the sunlight that’s passing through the cell. Cells that perform photosynthesis are three dimensional and if the plant created molecules that absorbed sunlight in a way that prevented the energy from being used ‘below it’ in the cell, that would be an inefficient form of storage for the plant.

When we look at amino acids – the building blocks of the proteins in our body, they are predominately made from oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen. The only new vibrational element is nitrogen. As it turns out, 80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen (nearly 20% oxygen). In this case, I would assume that nitrogen also has the ability to not interfere with visible light – which leads me to believe that it makes sense that protein molecules might be visible light transparent (to the greatest extent).

As it turns out, most of the molecules that go into making up the body seem to not absorb visible light energy!

Thus, when the cells in the body break down sugar to release the stored electromagnetic energy, that energy would be free to travel until is finds a vibrational energy that traps it.

I keep coming back to the retina in the eyes with regards to how they twist when visible light energy comes in contact with it. Well, what if there are other protein configurations in the body act just like the retina – but rather then reacting to visible right rays from ‘outside’ the body – that are stimulated by light from within?

What if the main stimuli in the body is light?

It would seem that the body is streamlined with molecules that are both light friendly and light efficient. The more I look into it, the more I come to believe that light energy plays a very significant role in our lives.

Yet, at the same time, are bodies are not transparent! At the non-atomic level, light can only travel a little way through our bodies before it’s absorbed. This same observation can be made with other ‘matter’. It would appear that as light enters a concentrated collection of vortexes, it eventually gets trapped and can’t escape. At this point, I’ve got to wonder if energy entering a substance actually feeds it?

This brings up a question: does matter break down if it’s not ‘fed’ energy? (I’m looking forward to blogging about that!)

I’m still looking for a good theory that links spirit to light. Or, if it works the other way around, finding ways to link how light goes to make up spirit!

For now, my belief that the science behind how spirit and ‘matter’ are linked seems to have made another step forward. I’m looking forward to having more time to investigate this union closer.

For now, feed your light body and generate harmonic vibrations!

Living on Sunlight

Imagine the energy of the sun going into you.

Came across this statement earlier today in the video that I’ve embedded below from Nathalie Lussier. Can you imagine the energy of the sun going into you? Seems weird if you think of it literally – as if we’re collected to the sun like plugging in the TV, but we are plugged in, yet indirectly (in most cases). The real trick though, is do we understand how we’re connected?

It seems Nathalie Lussier doesn’t understand this connection or has simply decided to skip over it in order to keep her video streamlined and on topic. At least, that’s how it seems to come across to me when I hear her say:

Oh course there’s no scientific evidence in a lot of these things and mainly it comes from my own intuition.

I’m here to say that there really is overwhelming evidence of this connection between people and sunlight. Even if she doesn’t understand it consciously, her intuition has lead her to say:

But eating a sun filled fruit, gives you the energy of the sun itself and when you eat it, you’re getting the sunshine inside of you.

Which really is the truth.

Have a look at her video and then let’s make some connections.

Ok. Let’s start with the there is no scientific evidence part, for it appears to me that there really is sunshine in that fruit that she’s holding.

First off, sunlight is the catalyst for creating sugar. You don’t really need to dig into the process too far for nearly everyone learns at a very young age that plants convert solar energy into chemical energy via a process called photosynthesis. About.com explains this process like

Organisms need energy to survive. Some organisms are capable of absorbing energy from sunlight and using it to produce sugar and other organic compounds such as lipids and proteins. The sugars are then used to provide energy for the organism. This process, called photosynthesis, is used by plants and some protists, bacteria, and blue-green algae.

Photosynthesis Equation

In photosynthesis, solar energy is converted to chemical energy. The chemical energy is stored in the form of glucose (sugar). Carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight are used to produce glucose, oxygen, and water. The chemical equation for this process is:

6CO2 + 12H2O + light → C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O

For those that are chemical equation challenged, the items on the left of the arrow are the input and the items on the right are the output. Thus, 2 water molecules for every carbon dioxide molecule are reshaped, using the energy of the sun, into a sugar molecule, free oxygen and water (in equal amounts).

If you’ve read some of my previous postings, you’ll know that I’ve wondered (out loud, in words) how the plant might be able to capture the sunlight and channel that energy into the new molecules. Well, I’m starting to get a better feeling for the process now. If you remember the article that I posted about how the retina of the eye work (The Art of Seeing, can you see auras?), you’d know that light photons can empower molecules to twist. Effectively, the addition of a photon to a molecule creates a charge (like a magnet) that empowers the molecule to change shape.

Also, you might notice that I’m reading The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton (and I’ve posted an article on that called Unlocking your DNA). He makes it pretty clear that molecules react to stimuli and that reaction could be as simple as moving head to tail to combine two molecules into something new. An example might be a protein molecule that in its un-energized state sits open and naturally attracts a water molecule on one end and a carbon dioxide molecule on the other. Then, like the retina, when energy is added, the molecule twists bringing the carbon dioxide and water molecules to touch. It may be that at the point of contact, the protein then releases the combined molecules after transferring the charge to this new molecule. Finally, the new molecule breaks free so the protein can go to work finding the raw materials to make more sugar.

In any case, sugar is one by-product of the photosynthesis process. As you can see in the quote from About.com (above) the process also empowers the creation of lipids (fats) and proteins. Thus, to the plant, as long as it has the common building blocks, it’s able to construct what it needs on a cellular level by simply harvesting the sun’s energy.

One thing that I find a little confusing about this process is that the scientists label, what I think of as a single type of energy, as solar energy and chemical energy. Don’t let that confuse you. I see it like this: the sun emits electromagnetic energy where the plants tend to capture specific frequencies in order to perform work. On the molecular level, that energy is transferred to the atoms to create high spins states, or states that change the attraction (or vibration) of that atom which allows for covalent bonds to form in stable molecules. Thus, the sunlight has been transferred to the molecules in the plant.

Now, how does that help us?

Well, our bodies are efficiently attuned to reverse the process. It’s like our cells perform anti-photosynthesis! After our bodies absorb and distribute the molecules to all the cells, it then reverses the process to release the electromagnetic energy. Scientists have been able to capture the released sunlight on film. I’ve blogged about it as Humans giving off light.

Ultimately, the cells of the body break sugars (or other molecules) down in effect releasing (or absorbing) the light energy that the plants stored. The byproduct of taping into this energy is carbon dioxide and water, which complete that little cycle of life that sustains plant life.

The coolest part about the unlocking of the stored sunlight is that the process releasing energy can be stored in proteins (or other molecules) with our body and used for various functions at later points of time. That absorbed light provides electromagnetic charges on the molecular level that make it possible for the proteins to be animated (move). Bruce Lipton goes into this in deal in his Biology of Belief lecture (of which, I’ve also blogged about here as Unlocking your DNA).

So when you look at the process in the bigger picture, the sunlight (energy) flows from the sun to the earth and is captured by the plants. When the plants do this, they build the molecules that they need for all their cellular functions. The excess sunlight is used to spin up atoms (recharge them) and that newly charged atom finds a stable bond in more complex (simple) molecules like sugar. On a cold winter day, like the one displayed in the video, when we consume the plant life, that has the active stored molecules, our bodies are restored (reenergized) as our cells unlock the stored energy.

So, as the winter progresses and if you find yourself not feeling your best, it may be that you’re not opening yourself up and accepting the energy of the sun.

Now, the matter of getting cold are reverting from your raw food diet is a different story. Getting in touch with the natural rhythms of life might help. When the snow is falling, it would make sense that what we were able to store is what we should be tapping into while it’s cold. Dried food is the natural way of storing energy (rather than freezing) which also concentrates the calories. Maybe eating dried food is worth some investigation for I know that when I eat an orange, it tends to cool me down.

In any case, there is science behind what’s said in this video. All you have to do is look. We are all 100 percent tied to energy. As long as there is a free flow of energy that we can tap into, we’ll function as nature intended us too.

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Would you like to play with me?

There’s magic in the air; every day, all day. It’s everything that you’ve imagined and more! The best part is that it’s free for the taking! Step up and check out, it will not be long before you experience your next miracle.

As some of you already know, I spent the better part of the last weekend at a Matrix Energetics Seminar. They called it a Level 1 and 2 weekend with a follow on Practitioners session (on Tuesday). Beforehand, they perform a free intro for two hours on Friday night. There’s definitely a lot of show, but there is real content in the mix.

Is it worth the money?

In my case, I would definitely have to agree. The money you’d spend on this show would only get you through a few treatments with a psychiatrist, yet you’ll find answers to the problems in the show that I’m mostly positive that you’ll NOT find with the psychiatrist! Nope. Radically different – to the core different experience.

Would I go again?

Not today. What he teaches could be condensed into a half day seminar, but the real meat of the program is in the ‘playing’. Nearly half the seminar is play time and during that time, 80% of the time is spent not playing because people have such a hard time … playing!

What’s the most important teaching?

Play more!

Every moment of every day could be spent playing. There is no limit to the enjoyment that someone can tap into if they so choose. And, as it turns out, this is what I took away as my ‘homework’ – Play more.

Many years ago, a beautiful lady felt sad for me because I have always taken everything so seriously. She said ‘you need to play more’. Those words have stuck with me like a shimmering spell just waiting to awaken. The problem is that I’ve always been conflicted by the statement because I didn’t understand the act of playing.

You see, when ‘normal’ people think about playing, things like going to the bar, joining a soccer team, following your favorite NFL team or playing video games pretty much makes up the collection. No matter what you name, the ‘games’ people play – to pass time – just don’t rock my boat.

I love learning. I love discovering the truth. I love creating. I love it when someone asks me about the things that I’m passionate about – and then listens! I love being with people that have similar interests. I love feeling the passion when another person shares what they love about something.

Well, it didn’t take me long to discover that the 500+ people that attended the seminar made me feel like a pea in a pod. Lol. I met massage therapists, clairvoyants, musicians, doctors, hypnotists, hippies, software engineers, Matrix Energetics practitioners and more. It was a very interesting collection of right brained people making associations between what they experience and what they know. It felt like I’d found a home that almost felt like home.

I have to admit that Richard wasn’t the most interesting person there. But his teaching style is effective. I guarantee that you’ll never forget how he tells his stories or how he demonstrates the magic. The people that you met in the practice sessions are probably more profound for these are the people that you actually make ‘connections’ with. These are the people through which you experience the magic.

What stood out the most?

The people that attend the sessions like this are people that are conscious about spiritual energy. They have experience channeling and focusing energy. Thus, the moments where everyone in the room came into harmony (at the same time) made for intense experiences. These harmonic sessions happened quite often.

There were also times when Richards own life lesions radiated through creating disease, breaking down the harmony that he’d (un)consciously built up. These moments were something that I clearly noticed and when I mentioned it to a few people they confirmed it right back. The harmonic moments are so desirable that in the end the un-harmonic points (which feel more like reading bad news) just fade away.

I was also stuck by the clarity of his statements that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. After participating for four days, I’m left with the impression that he acts like a ten year old and he’s really (to the greatest extent) unconscious of what he’s doing. In a laughingly way, this is supported by the unconscious experiences that people have in his presence. It’s really amazing. I’m absolutely sure that his child like behavior is what helped him discover the magic that he teaches. It’s a beautiful thing that I’m sure will be expanded upon (by others) in no-time.

I would love to attend another seminar like this, but it would have to be one where the inharmonic moments are removed and they bring in conscious language and intent. Richard constantly stated that he didn’t know what’s going on. A common statement came across like “I have no idea what just happened!” Each time I felt him state one of these statements it made me sad for he could have opened himself up to the truth and the answer would have been as plain as day.

In the end, though, my biggest take away is that it’s time for Dave to come out and play. I have finally found a ‘game’ that interests me. I’m totally looking forward to developing a ‘practice’ and playing with others in ‘games’ of our own choosing.

So the challenge is out. If you want to join me, bring an open heart and we’ll make up games to discover the truth together!