Harmonizing with Self

Today’s task was to – harmonize with self. Now that the day’s over, I’m going to have to stretch this task out for a few more days. Maybe weeks or months!

This morning’s meditation left me with a solid feeling that my current goal is to harmonize with myself. This act can be likened to the feeling you get when you sing something that moves your spirit. Or, it’s that feeling you get when you witness something so beautiful it brings you to tears. It might also be that feeling when all the thoughts drop out of your mind leaving you enjoying the moment for what it truly is; amazing, whole, truthful.

At the Matrix Energetics conference I attended last December, they called it getting into the heart space. It’s the act of surrendering. A moment when your analytical mind stops it’s runaway processing to allow the sensing mind the opportunity to see the world without a commentator. Dr. Bartlett would say that you picture yourself riding in an elevator down to your heart. As much as I ‘tried’, this analogy simply wouldn’t cut it for my imagination. I would play with the scenario a little too much. The end result would always be more thought. It was like adding fuel to the mental fire.

For a long time, I’ve known deep inside that the heart space sensation is like the feeling you get when you look in someone’s eyes – and experience physical sensations. It’s those feelings that can only occur when you’ve stopped analyzing in simply feel. It’s the experience of truth unbounded. It’s the giving into the moment and enjoying it for what it is without judgment. It’s the place that miracles happen.

The complication has always been – how do you reproduce that experience on your own at will?

Well, that’s what I realized for myself this morning.

The act of harmonizing with self is the act of sensing the vibrations that are currently around and consciously bringing them in sync. The vibrations don’t have to be a perfect octave or a third or fifth, but simply not repulsive! Life is musical and we all get to choose what music we want to be. Thus the act of harmonizing happens through the senses (sensation mind) via an open heart and conscious intent towards being in tune.

For me, this act has no room for the analytical rationalizations that keep the linear mind rolling. It is, simply, what it is. Most importantly, it works to center me in that heart space that resonates with the spirit of joy.

If it works for me, it may also work for you – thus my sharing.

May you harmonize with yourself too!

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