Liv Delicious Brzday Hugz

There is something about this ‘reality tv’ stuff on YouTube that can really pull at your heart strings! I must be resonating with these videos for they seem to come my way lately.

With this one, we’ve got LivDelicious on her birthday conquering a deep seeded fear – the fear of rejection. She tells the story beautifully. Before spoiling it, I highly recommend giving it 10 minutes.

With no further ado, here it is.

Did you watch it all?

Oh Liv Delicious! The openness of you spirit is carried through this video leaving me with the feeling that we have shared a hug! Knowing that the essence of Being knows no time, you can toggle your counter to 109.

Now, my observation.

As she stated, at the beginning of the video, her fears, the resonance of that fear is clear to read. It’s clearly a ‘truth’ that she’s accepted and incorporated into her life. As she steps out to receive hugs, she’s still resonating that fear. To compound matters, she stated that she wasn’t going to give hugs, just receive.

As time passes and you see the result of her fears playing out, you just want to yell out – you have to give to receive! The birthday sign even comes across as a shield.

After reliving her fears and then confessing, she applies the EFT tapping (just learning about that, but that is immaterial to what plays out IMHO). It’s at this point that a shift can be felt in the video. What I witness is not necessarily her overcoming her fear, but a change in the energy that opens up the flow. It becomes evident as she gives the first hug.

Notice that I said – she gives the first hug.

Her goal was to receive hugs. What I witnessed was her giving hugs. In return for her willingness to give, the hugs came back so she could accomplish her goal.

Liv Delicious, You don’t need to be a coach to live your truths! You resonate the strength to identify your own path in life. Honor that strength and accept what you know deep down inside is the truth. If what you resonate with makes you feel good, go with it. It is yours!

2 thoughts on “Liv Delicious Brzday Hugz

  1. Helena!
    Wow. So nice to have you visit. I truly look forward to your videos – they quite often make me laugh! But the ones that bring a tear to my eye are treasures. I’m so glad you share.
    If you don’t mind a few extra words, you’re gratefulness for life is such a treasure! You’re teaching this without even knowing it! Regardless of a person’s position in life, how it’s perceived is a personal choice. You can either see it as limiting or empowering. You can either generate sad energy, or choose to convert it into happy energy. You can play the victim or conqueror! It all starts with YOU!
    No one can make you happy – you have to do it yourself!
    You have a wonderful natural gift – of energy – that accentuates what’s going on in your life so that this concept of where the energy comes from can be experienced immediately. This gives you a unique point of view with regards to instant karma.  It puts you in the experience as an observer – which is a wonderful understanding to have!
    If you ever find yourself hardening your heart to life, feel free to drop by again. I have an open heart to share and it is exciting to be able to experience your adventure in this life!
    I know it’s early, but have a Great Birthday Party!

  2. Aloha!
    What a refreshing surprise!
    My girlfriend from Australia sent me this link and I was oh so happily surprised!
    Thank you for explaining what actually happened – the moment I was giving, I could receive – that’s true!
    You are really observant.

    BTW – have you seen my new Brzday Video? – overcoming my fears and insecurities about dancing?
    Enjoy and stay in touch my friend

    Sweet Alohas from Hawaii,
    Helena Summer Medena

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