Muscle testing video series

One of the most important things that can put you on the best healing path is to get the ego thoughts out of the way! The I think I know thoughts are the ones that generally get in the way. These are the thoughts that are defined as being part of our conscious education. They also tend to be thoughts that others have shared with us and we accept them as being the truth without even really questioning.

In order to set yourself on a path to discovering the real truth for you, these ego thoughts need to be set aside or circumvented in order to get to the I feel this is right thoughts. The I feel thoughts are ones that originate from the internal self rather than the worldly self that you normally identify with. The I feel thoughts are also the ones that are dominate during meditation or surface as intuitive thoughts.

One of the best ways to work around the I think thoughts is to remove intellect from the equation. Sure, you might have studied and practiced nutrition guidance for 20 years, but you can’t tell the body how to digest something. You can witness it happening, but you don’t really consciously get involved.

With the case of the nutritionist, they might be helping people because they’re getting lucky. Or, they might be helping people because the programs that they follow seem to help the most people based on the scientific studies that the3 nutritionists reads and follows.

But do you really need this type of education in order to get in touch with your own body?

I would contend no.

To demonstrate this idea, all we have to do is look at the concept of muscle testing. If you Google up Applied Kinesiology, you’ll find a bunch of information that both supports and denies the concept. Being a scientist, I find it very interesting that there are arguments both in support and in denial of this art. Yet, knowing that there are lots of things regarding human consciousness that haven’t been scientifically proven I tend to keep an open mind and give them a try.

Thus, I get to come to what I wanted to share today. I found a video series from Charlotte Reid where she demonstrates her own abilities and techniques with regards to her own essential oils treatment program. She has a YouTube channel, but her website doesn’t seem to be current.

I started with the video Using muscle testing with essential oils part 1 standing sway test muscle test and then watched the rest of the series that she made that day.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and that you give it some practice time.

Good day!


Forgiveness means giving up all hope of a better past.

What a beautiful explanation for forgiveness. What happened, has happened. It’s in the past now. There is no changing what transpired. No matter how many times you relive the experience, it doesn’t change. Forgiveness is a realization of this fact and that you can give up on trying to change how it transpired.

It’s like waking up or becoming conscious at the end of a dream. The dream has happened, it might be that a bear chased you up a tree or you fell out of a plane and the feelings raise your heartbeat and shock you awake – and then you can’t let go of what happened! You place yourself back in the path of the bear and pretend there was a taser by your side and you use it to stop the bear. Or, you practice a kick against the bear over and over again until you find the most sensitive spot and then relive the dream applying the perfect kick to the bear in order to keep it from chasing you up the tree.

You can’t change what happened, but you can change how you feel about it right now.

It’s ok to forgive.

It’s ok to be forgiven.

A friend sent me a link to the Greater Good website where I found a couple really nice videos about forgiveness. The one that I’d like to duplicate here is the one titled The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness. It’s 56:56 minutes long and absolutely worth the time.

There are a couple shorter videos on the site that are simply clips of this longer one.

His words are beautiful. His storytelling is masterful. It was just simply perfect for me today.

Good Day.

The Concept of Aliveness

So, it’s been a while. Its feeling like it’s time to share again. My thoughts keep coming back to the concept of aliveness that was written in Steven School book Truth Illuminated, Alchemy Survival Guide. I wrote a bit about that here: Back to School with The Great Work. For a specific reference, I’ve brought the quote forward:

The true magnetic principle of this salt is often misunderstood, it is not magnetic to metals, it acts as a magnet by the fact that it attracts the universal life force unto itself, the hidden astral spirit which animates all things on earth and thus provides the universal life force to the animated body. The salt acts as a covering for this invisible life force which is the spirit of god. In the case of a tree for example, the wood represents the body, if it contains the invisible spirit or life force, then it is animated and is considered to be alive, however if the universal spirit leaves the tree, then it is no longer vivified, and it is now considered to be dead.

This statement is really pretty cut and dry. It states as fact what is inherently obvious. Let’s apply some western thinking to this and carve up the parts. Maybe we can see how they fit back together.

  • The true magnetic principle – When something is alive, the universal life force is attached. There is a connection that makes life ‘sticky’. If life force where to come and go as it pleases, growth would probably be defined differently.
  • Universal life force – There is an energy that animates material (bodies) in a purposeful way. This energy is universal (singular) and, when present, it is what we notice (or observe) the signs of life in something.
  • Hidden astral spirit – Like ultra violet light, it exists but generally goes unnoticed. Like the air, we don’t see it, but we can still experience it.
  • Life and Death – It’s one or the other, not both. You can die, but as you do it’s all just another state of living. There are many different ways to die, but death is the point of transition.
  • Body – The part that remains after death. It’s the collection of substances gathered during the living process.

From my point of view, I interpret the author’s words to mean that The Philosopher’s Stone is partly made of a substance that is alive. I would probably go as far as to say that the substance is consciousness and it is animated in some way.

My thoughts drift back to some words from Bruce H. Lipton in The Biology of Belief (page 158):

On that early morning in the Caribbean, I realized that even the “winners” in our Darwinian world are losers because we are one with a bigger Universe/God. The cell engages in behavior when its brain, the membrane, responds to environmental signals. In fact, every functional protein in our body is made as a complementary “image” of an environmental signal. If a protein did not have a complimentary signal to couple with, it would not function. This means, as I concluded in that “aha!” moment, that every protein in our bodies is a physical/electromagnetic complement to something in the environment. Because we are machines made out of protein, by definition we are made in the image of the environment, that environment being the Universe, or to many, God.

If you can recall, I’ve brought up the good Dr. Lipton in previous articles. Just search or “Lipton” in the search control (upper right) and you’ll find a number of references.

The key idea from his work is that cells respond to stimuli. They are alive as long as you can provide the stimuli and the associated function is carried out.

What I would add to this is that the Universal Life Force is a stimulus. It is most likely the key stimulus that drives the cell to function.

Let’s take this smaller. Another example that I like to use is the retina in the eye. It is sensitive enough to measure a single photon of light. When you see it from Dr. Lipton’s point of view, the stimuli is the photon of light. The function is the molecule twisting to signal the nerve so that the brain gets the signal that there is the, say, color red present.

One thing that bugs me about Dr. Lipton’s work is that he seems to believe that within the cell, there are random collisions where molecules or atoms come together in order to build the proteins that he talks about. Basically, it’s the idea that there is enough stuff in the primordial soup that exists within the cell that the balance between stimuli and function is maintained. It’s kind of a leap of faith. You can think of it as: “things just find each other”.

That just doesn’t cut it for me.

If you can imagine the distances on an atomic level within a cell, they are enormous! If we had to wait for a collision to occur, we would have to deal with probability theory on a grand scale. Likewise, the inefficiency of all the stimuli floating around within the cell would take the cells from one extreme to another. There would always be a state of ‘panic’ within the cell. Yet, the observation is that there really is no panic on the inside of the cell (unless something goes wrong).

This leads me to believe that there is conscious behavior that brings the stimuli and function together. There is something that guides two molecules to come together. There is something purposeful at work that greatly increases the efficiency of the system.

This is where we come back to the Universal Life Force energy. In order for it to work, there must be some form of consciousness behind that energy. It must know what is going on and what is needed. Just like our bodies breath, digest and circulate fluids for us, this same force must also perform similar operations on a pure cellular level or the atomic level.

It seems to be that because this functionality is so vital to us, we simply overlook it. Dr. Lipton has a great diagram on page 137 that looks like this:


In the relative vastness of space, there is very little that we are conscious of. In fact, if our very lives depended on being conscious of life, we would surely never would have come into existence.

This brings us back to the Concept of Aliveness. From my current point of view:

  • Life is a function of the subconscious mind.
  • There is intention in the activities that demonstrate Aliveness.
  • There is wisdom in the actions.

What is also interesting is that the aspects of mind are the same between everything that is animated by this mind. The consciousness that moves the elements within a cell in our body would be logically the same consciousness that moves the elements within anything else that’s living that has a similar function. In other words, the consciousness that exists within the tree to keep it alive would also be the consciousness that lives and functions within us.

That same consciousness must have a very good understanding of its environment so that it knows when to be present and when to vacate.

Coming back to death. When we die, it’s an instantaneous activity. It’s as if this Life Force Energy (subconscious mind, living mind) knows exactly when to leave and every cell of the body transitions at the exact same moment. It is an activity of the mind. It’s like turning off an electromagnetic magnet.

A follow up question to Aliveness might be, where is life found?

By current standards, western science pretty much says that if it’s biological, it’s a living system. Well, they’ve completely discounted the concept of consciousness. Without consciousness, there is nothing to direct the function of the matter. Without consciousness, all the matter would be primordial soup!

When you consider consciousness as being the key attribute to life, you then have to wonder about the mineral kingdom. There are clear rules that minerals follow, minerals can get ordered – crystallized. Might there be some subtle consciousness involved here? Even though the minerals do not follow the biological standard of ‘activity and reproduction’, are the minerals not active when the crystals are growing?

It feels like it would be correct to say that minerals can ‘grow’ into crystals and that this process might be fostered by consciousness.

Still, makes me wonder.

To sum this up, I believe that the Concept of Aliveness is backed by consciousness and because consciousness can be just about anywhere, it would lead me to believe that there is more life present around us than what is currently believed.

Now, one has to wonder if it is possible to setup an interesting enough environment that consciousness would want to get involved. Is that possible? Is that what The Great Work is all about?

I think I’ll over saturate some water with salt and watch the crystals grow as the water evaporates.

Good day.

What am I doing when I meditate?

What am I doing? Practice? Yoga? Wasting time? All of the above?

I love coming across videos that are short, impactful and, well, downright worth watching. Turns out, another one came my way just a few minutes ago. It explores the idea of meditation in a practical no-nonsense way AND, I found that, I resonate (no pun intended) with how he, (Kurt Hardesty,) describes his ‘practice’.

It’s short, I think you’ll like it.

Now, if I can critique this video….  I love the fact that his little, overly dramatic, hand gestures and sounds add filler to the dead space between words to keep the viewer’s mind occupied. It’s as if he resonates to both the non-stop intensity of the always on internet while at the same time maintaining a balance that keeps him centered a focused. The logic is simple and the words flow off his tongue without the essence of being rehearsed.

And the intent … It’s very much in line with how I practice. Meditation, to me, it about consciously calming the gross energies that naturally drowned out the subtle energies so that awareness can be brought to the senses that read and generate the subtle energies.

Why would someone want to do this? Well, Kurt makes it really clear – it’s so that you can learn what your baselines are.  If you experience what energies you use and how you use them, you get a really good understanding of your own baseline. When you do, you build a really good foundation upon which you can interpret the world. When you learn where you ‘stop’, you can start to see where other’s begin. But, because our boundaries around people are really fuzzy, people intersect with (literally) everything, meditation helps us learn how to decipher internal verses external stimulation.

Even though this guy mentions electricity a number of times, I believe he’s saying that – not from a literal point of view – but from a point of view where electricity is not just what flows through the wires in your house. But, rather, it is an electromagnetic energy. Or, better yet, pure energy that is everywhere all the time.

When he talked about sensing the pulse of energy that flows through the body, he’s implying that it is sensed – just like how your eyes sense visible light (energy). He mentions that it’s at a cellular, molecular type level, which is in line with my understanding. The sensing comes from feeling the flow of energy. It takes a huge amount of energy to move your arm or leg, and when that flow happens, it drowns out the senses by overpowering them. Thus, during meditation, a conscious effort is placed upon calming that physical activity.

After that, the activity that is emotional or mental can be wildly active. When you calm that energy down, you realize how physically connected it all is and you find yourself getting ever more relaxed. Tension melts away. To me, it’s just after that point when the sensory input can be felt consciously by the more subtle sensors. That’s when you feel the bird call down the block as if it’s two feet away. That’s when you pick up on other people’s thoughts from miles away. That’s when you can visualize places as if you were there.

Most importantly, that’s when you learn how you channel your own energy. That’s when you realize that your own thoughts drive your own emotions that affect your own body. This is where you learn that when you consciously choose the correct thoughts they will generate expected emotions that will have a specific affect on the body. You experience the way it works. You experience how to make balance happen.

Ok, I’m thankful to have found these few minutes to type up this post. Tomorrow’s going to be another great day!

Relaxed into the Flow of Existence

What a great way to welcome the New Year, an in-the-flow living meditation. Or, the next best thing, which happens to be a video of a guy named Jordan (from Conscious Alchemy) talking to (being interviewed by) Leija Turunen. It’s refreshing to see another person that can express what it’s like to be connected to the flow and how that helps for developing hyper-sensitive abilities.

The video is almost 25 minutes long, but it’s really worth it. Jordan’s point of view is refreshing and, better yet, he’s allowed to freely talk which leads to a really intuitive conversation. Rather than hearing the interviewer’s point of view, you simply get Jordan with all his natural insights.  

Without saying to much more to color your interpretation of this, I would simply encourage you to give it a go. Here it is:

One of my favorite parts goes something like this, “… You shouldn’t have to, you know, like you can study things, but it’s not form the actual studying that you’re going to learn. It’s from putting something into practice and feeling what it feels like to do it, that you’re going to learn from.” (22:30) I completely agree with how he said this. This is fundamental to the process of growing. It’s core to the process of being a better human. … practice. Studying something is completely different than practicing it.

I also love the part where he waves his arms around to simulate the energy that some people have. I would add to this that this energy is really their awareness being scattered anywhere and everywhere. It’s when that energy calms down – becomes more centered. Which, by the way, that becoming centered is a conscious act – It’s done with practice. This calming leads to enhanced abilities to be in touch with the natural life force energies that exist in everything always.

It’s like, if you go to hear a beautiful singer, but you spend all your time talking to your friends, you’ll tune out the amazing music. The only way you can hear the music is if you stop talking. It’s the same way with feeling the flow of energy. If you are always using the energy in gross ways (moving, thinking, etc), you’ll never get to the point where the subtle energy flows can be felt. To feel them, you’ve got to ‘stop talking’. You’ve got to practice calming yourself down so that you can really get into … feeling.

I also like his mature attitude towards what it takes to really make this happen. That is, the act of accepting the feeling of gratitude and consciously removing resistance opens you up to what comes naturally. We naturally feel.

So, for this next year relax and do what comes naturally. Bring your awareness in so that you notice the gross energy flows and direct them in conscious ways. Take time to still the gross movements so that the subtle ones can be felt. Explore and … be grateful.