Relaxed into the Flow of Existence

What a great way to welcome the New Year, an in-the-flow living meditation. Or, the next best thing, which happens to be a video of a guy named Jordan (from Conscious Alchemy) talking to (being interviewed by) Leija Turunen. It’s refreshing to see another person that can express what it’s like to be connected to the flow and how that helps for developing hyper-sensitive abilities.

The video is almost 25 minutes long, but it’s really worth it. Jordan’s point of view is refreshing and, better yet, he’s allowed to freely talk which leads to a really intuitive conversation. Rather than hearing the interviewer’s point of view, you simply get Jordan with all his natural insights.  

Without saying to much more to color your interpretation of this, I would simply encourage you to give it a go. Here it is:

One of my favorite parts goes something like this, “… You shouldn’t have to, you know, like you can study things, but it’s not form the actual studying that you’re going to learn. It’s from putting something into practice and feeling what it feels like to do it, that you’re going to learn from.” (22:30) I completely agree with how he said this. This is fundamental to the process of growing. It’s core to the process of being a better human. … practice. Studying something is completely different than practicing it.

I also love the part where he waves his arms around to simulate the energy that some people have. I would add to this that this energy is really their awareness being scattered anywhere and everywhere. It’s when that energy calms down – becomes more centered. Which, by the way, that becoming centered is a conscious act – It’s done with practice. This calming leads to enhanced abilities to be in touch with the natural life force energies that exist in everything always.

It’s like, if you go to hear a beautiful singer, but you spend all your time talking to your friends, you’ll tune out the amazing music. The only way you can hear the music is if you stop talking. It’s the same way with feeling the flow of energy. If you are always using the energy in gross ways (moving, thinking, etc), you’ll never get to the point where the subtle energy flows can be felt. To feel them, you’ve got to ‘stop talking’. You’ve got to practice calming yourself down so that you can really get into … feeling.

I also like his mature attitude towards what it takes to really make this happen. That is, the act of accepting the feeling of gratitude and consciously removing resistance opens you up to what comes naturally. We naturally feel.

So, for this next year relax and do what comes naturally. Bring your awareness in so that you notice the gross energy flows and direct them in conscious ways. Take time to still the gross movements so that the subtle ones can be felt. Explore and … be grateful.