ORMUS experience – connecting spirit to memory

I love it when I wake up with an intuitive understanding about something. Especially when that intuitive understanding links something as special as dream life to our relatively ordinary waking life.

The understanding is this:

When you feed your light body and synchronize it with your spirit, the actions of your spirit can be recorded as a physical memory.

It’s kind of a Quantum Resonance thing. In other words, when you are unconscious, your body can still record the action of your spirit as a memory that can be recalled when you are once again conscious!


I think so.

Now that I’m taking my own ORMUS mineral precipitate again, I’ve noticed that one of the first things I’ve recognized is that I’m remembering my dream life upon waking. The dreams are still strange and imaginative, but I’m remembering them. 

In order to make sure I was using what I felt is the correct term for this, I Googled up Quantum Coherence and Quantum Resonance.  I found the following info at On Quantum Resonance:

Energy/information is only transferred when two entities share by chance the potential/receptor space AND they exhibit a resonance. The first is a probability function and the other is a harmonic principle.

Now linking this together with the concept of superconductivity written up in relations to David Hudson, he stated something like: at the quantum level super conductive atoms that are in resonance can share energy at great distances.

Knowing that we are Beings of light and our memories are light patterns, when our spirit is in resonance with the superconductive M-State elements that reside in our physical body, then wherever the spirit body goes and resonates with should be reflected through the energy receptors that are on the physical body. In other words, the memories gathered by the spirit can be sensed in physical form.

This is suddenly giving credibility to simple ORMUS precipitate.

I can also say that the only side effects that I’ve felt have resembled detoxification symptoms that I’ve experienced at other times when changing my diet or other physical activities. This is not bad in any way.  

Maybe there is something to ORMUS that might be related to feeding your light body. I will continue to meditate on it to see what else comes my way. Meanwhile, I will continue to think of it as a solvent that will help decalcify the ridged structures that generated energy waves that are not in line with my spirit.

If you’ve experienced anything similar while ingesting ORMUS, I’d love to hear from you.

Note: This experience is different from the last times I made and consumed sea water precipitate. The last times, I really didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. The difference between the last times and this time is that I’ve spent two years consuming green smoothies, I’ve actively worked to raise my body pH (wheatgrass and fruits) and I’ve been practicing Yoga nearly every day. Over these two years, there have been changes to my body that have opened me up to sensitivities that I never had before. Now I understand why Raw Foodests gravitate towards this sea water precipitate. Be well!

Blueberry Kale Apple Smoothie

Blueberries and Red Kale make a fantastic green smoothie combination. I’ve been dogging the kale for months reaching for Swiss chard, parsley and spinach (even lettuce) rather than picking up with vegan special. Yet, on the advice of one of my favorite yoga instructors, I broke down and picked up some kale to give it one more go.

As it turns out, this Red Kale mixes really well with blueberries! I would have never guessed – but my yoga instructor did!

I’ve always reached for the lemon to tame kale, but it looks like there is a match in the berry-world.


I can’t believe when I was putting this one together that I totally forgot the blueberries!

  • 1 full bunch Red Kale (stems removed)
  • 1 crisp apple (seeded and quartered (or better))
  • 3 madjohl dates
  • 1 cup dark seedless grapes
  • 1 to 2 cups frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup coconut milk
  • Juice of ½ lemon (if it’s juicy, else 1 lemon)
  • 1 probiotic
  • 1 serving ORMUS powder

Like most other smoothies that I put together, liquids first followed by soft fruit than harder fruit. In this case, water, coconut milk, lemon juice, grapes, blueberries, quartered apples (or even smaller) and dates. Blend until big chunks are broken down. It should taste fantastic at this point. Kind of like blueberry sorbet.

Next, stuff in kale and give it a good spin. The frozen blueberries will keep this on cold for a long time so blending can go for almost two minutes. When you get to blend this long you really break things down to the point where it’s easy to drink.

Finally, add the ORMUS and probiotic and give it a good mixing. Not need to go long, just stir it around.

I think I’ve found a new way to love kale. I’m also warming up to blueberries.

If you’re having a hard time getting to like kale, try this combo. I believe you’ll find it quite satisfying!

An Expando Planet Theory

A few days ago, I followed a link to Half Past Human and read an article that theorized about an “Expando Planet Model.” I found the entire article intriguing and read it a couple times. This also built upon another article that I read a few weeks earlier about the center of the earth being Geo-Nuclear fusion. In other words, it’s not a liquid iron core as people have theorized – but, maybe something different.

Today, I came across a pointer to a site that shared the following video. I do have to say that they did a great job with the animation for it really drives the point home. It’s amazing how some things so simple can be overlooked by the brightest of minds!  Yet, as the video says, this will cause people to have to rethink ALL KINDS of things.

I’ll let the video speak for itself.

The best part about this video is that it shows that scientists have not discovered all there is to discover and that even the foundations upon which theories are built sometimes come under fire.

Question everything, for you may be the person that figures out how to turn lead into gold!

Oh, and this video is from Neal Adams. If you Google “Neal Adams Expanding Earth” you’ll find a bunch of great info.

David Wolfe speaks about ORMUS at ENOTA

I came across a great series of videos that I’ve got to share. An email list that I’m on forwarded a link that I surfed through that lead me to a YouTube channel that has a great collection of lectures from modern day alchemists. That YouTube channel is DVDDude dwvand’s Channel. The Eight video series where David Wolfe speaks is in the play list here and the starting video is embedded below.

The collection of videos span nearly 90 minutes, so you’ll want to make time to view the entire lecture – that is, if this type of stuff interests you!

I find myself drawn to it. The stuff they’re talking about as a group is stuff that I’ve been playing with as in individual for years. It’s like viewing family members that I’ve never met. Yet, they’re kind of weird! Lol.

Before diving into the video series, I have to say that there were a number of things that caught my attention, but one key thing was the idea that ORMUS is a solvent.

In the very first video, 11:15 minutes in, David Wolfe mentions he ‘purified’ himself through the use of solvents. At that moment, he then lists off a series of solvents: ORMUS, hydrogen, MSM, folic acid, and Humic acid.

This idea of thinking of these substances as solvents fits right in with the article that I posted about Humans, Superconductivity and Common Minerals where (at the end of the article) I summarized the actions that need to be done by the person to create an environment where superconductivity can be tapped. That is, we need to raise our pH and mineralize the body. This is right in line with what he talks about but he refers to it as removing the calcifications through the use of solvents.

The idea of removing calcifications also falls in line with what people talk about with regards to awaking your pineal gland. People claim that the pineal gland builds up calcifications over time that prevent us from tapping into spiritual vibrations. I would liken this to slowly adding cement to a guitar string until it can no longer vibrate. As we ingest these ‘solvents’ the calcifications break down allowing the organ to function as designed. It’s at that point where the consciousness of the individual gets to play out and they can choose how to act and whether or not to event develop the sensitivities that the organ allows the person to sense.

If for no other reason than that, this is a great video series to give 90 minutes too.

Thank you DVDDude for capturing this information and making it available for me.

This video.

I can’t wait to study the other solvents that David Wolfe mentioned.

Have a great day.

Sweat Spinach Peach Smoothie

If you’re looking for something super palatable, this is your smoothie. Peaches, coconut milk and baby spinach make for a dynamite combination. All the flavors are simple and smooth, so there is nothing that stands out as odd. If you’re tired of all those super smoothies with the strong flavors that you have to mask, this is worth a try.

You’ll most likely also notice that I’ve added a couple ingredients that are outside the norm; ground flax seed and ORMUS. The ground flax seed gives the smoothie a ‘breakfast’ feel – a taste of grain, but not too much. If you let the smoothie sit, you might want to pass on the flax seed for it will thicken up like pudding! ORMUS, on the other hand, adds a bit of saltiness that really makes the flavors pop! Also doesn’t hurt to add angstrom size particles into the diet.


  • 4 frozen peaches (I store 8 per quart size bag, so ½ bag)
  • 1 – 1 ½ cups grapes
  • 3 small dates
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • ½ lb baby Spinach
  • 1 Tablespoon flax seed ground
  • 1 serving ORMUS minerals
  • 1 probiotic

Add liquid first, followed by grapes, dates and frozen spinach. Blend to get the initial grind down. One thing that will help is if you split the frozen peaches into ice cube size pieces.

If they are much larger, you’ve really got to work the mixture in order to keep it from jamming up. Even in my case with my Vita-mix, I’d have to plunger it if the pieces are too big.

When it’s broken down a bit, add the spinach.

I’ve been tempted to stop at this point in order to enjoy the peach sorbet! It’s just as amazing without the greens as it is with them!  Notice that after stuffing in ½ pound spinach it’s ready to blend and plunge. Close everything back up and mix on high under creamy.

Meanwhile, get out the coffee grinder and place the flax seed in it for grinding. Grind until it starts to stand, but not before it starts to heat up and melt. You want to keep the olds cool.

Finally, turn the blender off and add the ground flax seed, probiotic and ORUMS. You want to turn the blender on to mix in the dry ingredients, but not too long for you don’t want to break down the probiotic critters.

In the end, you’ve got breakfast and sometimes lunch. It just depends on how hungry you think you are in one sitting. With this smoothie, I really don’t mind having it for both breakfast and lunch. Thus making a little extra foots the bill for me.

I’m so glad I put up peaches last summer! I’ve been craving early summer fruit, but nothings out yet. I think this one will tide me over.