Celebrate yourself and reach others

Hi everyone,

There’s a little magic in the air again. Do you feel it? It’s not hard to feel if you give in to the mechanics of it!

If you remember a while ago I posted an article titled “It’s more than a bumper sticker people” where Kelly Morris lectures at the Wanderlust Festival about opening your heart. I still absolutely love Kelley’s words part way through that video. If you don’t remember, they went like this:

“… Open your heart, Oh God … Talk about a hallmark sentiment. Right yeah. It’s more than a bumper sticker people. You have to actually do it. You have to actually do it.”

She was comically sincere when she stated that you actually do it.

But saying it and doing it – to some people – doesn’t always come together. Why? Well, it’s because people don’t experience how it’s done very often. And, well, that’s why I like pointing it out when I come across examples.

Here’s a young lady who’s exploring what it’s like to be human. I found her YouTube channel a while ago and have enjoyed her adventures. Her name is Veronica (Youtube channel here) and, well, today, a realization that she picked up in a sleep state has split over into her conscious awareness, but I’m not exactly sure she’s noticed yet. 

I’ve included the video here for you to enjoy. It’s short – just the way I like them. While viewing it, take note of what you feel. Let’s reflect on that afterwards.

You notice anything? If not, you probably didn’t participate. Pay attention and view it again.

Before cutting to the locations in the video for review, I have to point out that one of the things that attract me to this young lady is that she and I are a lot alike with regards to meticulously analyzing our experiences. Her work is toughly thought out to the ‘T’. Technically, you might say that everything needs to add up correctly and it has to be presentable before she speaks about it.

Well, this video is a great example that even someone that’s always in their head can step out and connect emotionally. She doesn’t ‘think’ about it when it happens. And, if you watch closely, after making that connection she ‘talks’ herself out of it. But that’s ok, for the energy that’s shared in those few brief moments is enough to prove the point – even the most rational logical over analyzer can learn to make truly deep personal connections – when they get their own thoughts out of the way!

Did you catch the locations in the video where this happened?

Scroll into the video to a point just before 2:10. It’s at this point where she finally gives you the intention from the dream – Celebrate yourself. Notice though, the point where she sighs. That is a moment where you get to feel what she felt in the dream. It’s really short, but the feeling is there. Shortly thereafter, it gets suppressed with words.

Now, scroll head to about the 3:30 point. Here is where she finally gives in to what I feel is the substance of the video. It starts with “I celebrate you, I celebrate you. This is reaching you?”… Then she pauses with a sigh. This is where she no longer suppresses the feeling that she received in her dream. If you listen to the words a couple times, they genuinely flow from her spirit. During these few seconds, you’ll be able to feel what she’s saying rather than intellectualize what she’s saying.

Also notice that the feelings change just after the 4 minute mark. Why? Well, … Hmmm… Maybe opening your heart makes you feel a little – vulnerable? It’s at that point where the thinking mind gently covers over the vulnerabilities and we go back to everyday life.

Well, it’s moments like these – between the everyday life – that make my day!

Veronica, thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities! You’re willingness to ‘open your heart’ – even if ever so briefly – will bring joy to many! If Kelley Morris where around to see you here, I’m sure she would jump all over this. This is how you open your heart. This is what it feels like to be human. This is… wonderful!

Thank you for sharing.

Triple Berry Swiss Chard Smoothie

Seems that it’s getting harder and harder to find uniquely new green smoothies to post! But, it’s still possible and I’ve found another! This triple berry smoothie is a delight – flavorful and rich. You’ll want to give it a try.

A couple weeks ago, I started to cut down on coconut milk in my green smoothies. Sure, it provides great texture and flavor, but I wanted to remove a little fat – or, rather – move the fat consumption to later in the day. With the green smoothies, I wanted to get back to just greens and fruit.

But I still don’t recommend water as the base, thus for the last few days I’ve been playing around with “Help Nourish Your Brian” (lol) juice.  Not wanting to put the extra work into making juice for the base, I’ve taken the easy way out by using commercial juice. But what’s special about this juice is that it tastes like pomegranates. It actually has a pretty strong flavor.

And, well, that’s what I’m looking for! This particular juice accentuates the “Nature’s Three Berries” mixture (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries). When you use the strong dark juice, it adds to the berry flavor in this smoothie. This strong flavor definitely covers up the Swiss Chard flavor (beet flavor) that’s typically hard to hide.

I’ve made this one for the last couple days and it’s not getting old. I highly recommend it for you’ll find it easy to get extra greens this way!


  • 2 cups mixed berries (frozen)
  • 2 oranges (seedless)
  • 4 medjool dates
  • ½ berry flavored probiotic
  • 1 cup pomegranate juice
  • 1 large bowl Swiss Chard

Remove the seeds from the dates and peal the oranges and add all the fruit to the blender.

Give it a spin for 15 seconds or so. It will come out like ice-cream!

Be careful pressing in all the greens. It will take some muscle, but you don’t want to splash the mixture onto your clothes – this stuff is natural dye! Once the greens are packed in, blend until smooth. You’ll want to let this one run for a while in order to really break down the seeds. Because the seeds are frozen, you can run this one for a while. Feel the side of the blender. If you feel any heat, you’ve definitely run it long enough!

The recipe I list here makes 2 quarts. When they taste this good, I find a way to work the second quart into my day. Note that the oranges are ‘filler’ so if you don’t want as much, cut back on the volume of orange you add in!

There are so many great tasting green smoothies that I’ll bet I’ll be posting new recipes for years! I can’t wait for cherry season; it’s just around the corner. I’m sure it would do well as the berry mixture in this recipe!

Consume life, be life, give life – light is life!