What am I doing when I meditate?

What am I doing? Practice? Yoga? Wasting time? All of the above?

I love coming across videos that are short, impactful and, well, downright worth watching. Turns out, another one came my way just a few minutes ago. It explores the idea of meditation in a practical no-nonsense way AND, I found that, I resonate (no pun intended) with how he, (Kurt Hardesty,) describes his ‘practice’.

It’s short, I think you’ll like it.

Now, if I can critique this video….  I love the fact that his little, overly dramatic, hand gestures and sounds add filler to the dead space between words to keep the viewer’s mind occupied. It’s as if he resonates to both the non-stop intensity of the always on internet while at the same time maintaining a balance that keeps him centered a focused. The logic is simple and the words flow off his tongue without the essence of being rehearsed.

And the intent … It’s very much in line with how I practice. Meditation, to me, it about consciously calming the gross energies that naturally drowned out the subtle energies so that awareness can be brought to the senses that read and generate the subtle energies.

Why would someone want to do this? Well, Kurt makes it really clear – it’s so that you can learn what your baselines are.  If you experience what energies you use and how you use them, you get a really good understanding of your own baseline. When you do, you build a really good foundation upon which you can interpret the world. When you learn where you ‘stop’, you can start to see where other’s begin. But, because our boundaries around people are really fuzzy, people intersect with (literally) everything, meditation helps us learn how to decipher internal verses external stimulation.

Even though this guy mentions electricity a number of times, I believe he’s saying that – not from a literal point of view – but from a point of view where electricity is not just what flows through the wires in your house. But, rather, it is an electromagnetic energy. Or, better yet, pure energy that is everywhere all the time.

When he talked about sensing the pulse of energy that flows through the body, he’s implying that it is sensed – just like how your eyes sense visible light (energy). He mentions that it’s at a cellular, molecular type level, which is in line with my understanding. The sensing comes from feeling the flow of energy. It takes a huge amount of energy to move your arm or leg, and when that flow happens, it drowns out the senses by overpowering them. Thus, during meditation, a conscious effort is placed upon calming that physical activity.

After that, the activity that is emotional or mental can be wildly active. When you calm that energy down, you realize how physically connected it all is and you find yourself getting ever more relaxed. Tension melts away. To me, it’s just after that point when the sensory input can be felt consciously by the more subtle sensors. That’s when you feel the bird call down the block as if it’s two feet away. That’s when you pick up on other people’s thoughts from miles away. That’s when you can visualize places as if you were there.

Most importantly, that’s when you learn how you channel your own energy. That’s when you realize that your own thoughts drive your own emotions that affect your own body. This is where you learn that when you consciously choose the correct thoughts they will generate expected emotions that will have a specific affect on the body. You experience the way it works. You experience how to make balance happen.

Ok, I’m thankful to have found these few minutes to type up this post. Tomorrow’s going to be another great day!

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