David Hudson Speaks 2011

Wow. Finally! I’ve got something ORMUS related to blog about. I’ve been waiting over six months for the spirit of generosity to overflow onto the web and allow me to see the humanitarian implications of ORMUS.

And, well, today is the day. But it might not be all that ‘rosy’ of a review for the feelings that I pick up about this are less than Open and Truthful. I’ll see if I can share that feeling in a way that doesn’t come across as cynical.

As you probably already know, there is a pretty big ORMUS (monatomic gold (or other precious metals)) community that follows closely the work of David Hudson. If you search for that name, you’ll find hundreds (if not thousands) of articles written about his work along with a few old fuzzy videos. If you read carefully, you’ll get the idea that what they’ve discovered is a modern day Philosopher’s Stone. You’ll also find the patents that explain the process (not very clearly) and a barrage of data that can only be verified using expensive (custom built) equipment – way outside the ability of even an advanced scientist.

And more importantly, you’ll probably discover that David Hudson died, for he seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth. And the people that had amazing experiences will not be found.

But, as it turns out, David Hudson is alive! At least he was a half year ago when he spoke at the ORMUS conference at Enota! The organizers of that event also invested in recording the event so that a DVD could be made available to those that could not attend. Well, I’m still waiting on the DVD. No, I did not order one, but I have seen no evidence that a DVD has been made available.

Even though a number of speakers presented at that conference, the only lecture of any real quality to leak out just happened a few days ago. As it so happens, it’s the 2 hour lecture where David Hudson speaks to the attendees. I’ve collected that information and placed it here for your enjoyment. Hopefully, you’ll have the 2 hours to get thought it all.

But listen and watch critically…

If you’re an ORMUS enthusiast, you probably made the time for that video. If not, well, the following may discourage you for I spent the time and the key feeling that comes across to me is … deception.

Yah, I know. Deception is a really harsh word to use here. But that’s kind of how it left me feeling.

Why? Well, the key reason is that the words that he speaks and his actions don’t jive. The second reason is the secrecy behind the entire conference and the last is the lack of any physical evidence and witnesses. I guess, maybe I’m a little hardened, but it seems like the motive is money.

David Hudson speaks

David Hudson spends a lot of time presenting historical data. It supports his story, which he tells really well. You’re left believing that he really did discover a state of matter of gold (and these other metals) that has relatively undefined properties. He also makes good on the reason why he hasn’t been in the public eye for years – he’s been on the other side of the world. He mentions that while he was there, they refined lots of this material and administered it to human (as medicine). He mentions that it’s not what you would expect, but it represents Chi. This is kind of in line with what people have come to understand the Philosopher’s Stone to be (here). But now he’s back in order to build the tool(s) that can prove that what he’s refined is not a calcium aluminum silicate but rather white powder gold. He also has good reasons for why other people have not been able to legally talk about his research, so it seems that his tracks are covered pretty good.

But there are things that don’t pass the sniff test.

Ok. He’s been on the other side of the world refining and making this stuff. The logical question is, can you show us what you refined? I mean, he boasts that it’s not all that expensive to turn gold into this white powder and the benefits far outweigh the cost, but he doesn’t present his substance. I know that if I were to talk about something like he does, I would have a sample to show off AND, I would show it off in a way that leaves no doubt in the minds of the audience (students – interested public).

Another thing is that in the last ten years the technology has grown so advanced with regards to cameras and recording devices (of all types) that you’d think he’d show some real pictures of the refining process or anything else to document what’s new. I mean, here was a lecture that could have been performed 15 years ago with absolutely no changes. He presented no new data! I’m a bit floored by that fact. His charts are the original ones, his story is still about his original investigation and yet, he was refining this material for medical use somewhere else during the last ten years.

He also brings in lots of metaphysical stuff regarding how it will enhance your experience(s) in life, but, again, has no supporting evidence from the last decade where he’s been involved in this. He talks about telepathy and quantum coherence as if it’s real, but his words are crafted in such a way as to make you believe he’s still studying it and he’s going to release it as soon as possible.

At the end of the video, David Wolf asks him point blank – do you take this stuff and have you? His answer exposes what I see to be the biggest aspect of the truth – he does not. Why? Well, one has to speculate here. My take on it is that he really hasn’t discovered what he’s claiming.

Finally, with regards to what David says, he says that he’s effectively being altruistic, but his actions don’t jive. If he really was unselfish, he would clearly show his work. He would make the process available in a doable way – in some form or another. But, he’s raising money. For some reason, I wouldn’t trust giving him money. Maybe it’s the lack of research data (for he hasn’t shown anything (nothing) new and he’s raised money before and never make that data available either).

The conference

Where is the information from the conference? I’ve Google searched on and off again for months only to find a few promo videos, but no write up or review or anything about the conference. I’ve also been a silent observer on Berry Charter’s white gold email list and there hasn’t been a single posting to where you can find info about the conference. Nothing. Dozens of people got together, many with video recorders and yet not a single person has been willing to share what they experienced. At least, I have not been able to find them – and they have not used what I know to be the largest email mailing list to convey new information.

I’ll bet there were some great lectures there, but the effort put into recording it all leads me to believe that it’s really not all that important! Or, the world really doesn’t need to know – for some reason. Nothing leaked leads me to believe there is nothing given away in this conference.

Lack of physical evidence

Seeing that a large number of people attending the conference are also people that make money off selling stuff white powder gold related, I have to wonder if we’ll see any data that represents the creation of white gold powder. That would be proprietary information. What I would expect to see is research regarding the effects people claim that their product has on … something. As you saw in a previous posting, David Wolf (here) talks about ORMUS and plants, but even with that he never shared his process for making the stuff he’s testing.

Also, there are no witnesses! No testimonials. No story from anyone other than David Hudson. Again, I have to come back to the fact that every phone is a video camera so if you wanted to show evidence of your current work, you would simply turn the camera on and get a few testimonials. But… nothing.


I think David Hudson is onto something, but he’s also clearly holding back something – the truth maybe?

A statement in the questions and answers part of the video leads me to believe that he really hasn’t discovered what he claims. I believe the question was, what happens if you die? David Hudson replies with something like – well then, we’d have a problem wouldn’t we. Implying that if he doesn’t stay alive, we’re not going to get his secrets!

Well, I’m starting to believe that we really wouldn’t have a problem. And, eventually, he will die – just like the rest of us. And, he’s old, so I don’t expect that his passing will be all that far in the future.

The ultimate truth will come about in a short time for this very reason (old age). The key thing that he attributes to this substance is longevity. If people could live for hundreds of years and be young and healthy all the while – AND YOU MADE THE STUFF – would you turn it down?  Lol.

I believe that there are good physical reasons for getting your monatomic metals. You’re body needs angstrom size atoms in order to build functional molecules in the body. But if you were to ask me if David Hudson has found The Philosopher’s Stone, I would say that he hasn’t.

I’m hoping that more information comes out about this conference for I would love to change my point of view. For now, there are just too many things that don’t add up correctly to fully believe what David Hudson says in this video.

Good day.

7 thoughts on “David Hudson Speaks 2011

  1. Hello all.

    I discovered something that supports the ‘sniff’ test talked about here in this blog on the videos found on David’s 2011 recorded conference all over youtube and beyond.

    There appears to be monologue superimposed from later on in the recording on earlier recorded segments. So far (as I have not scrutinized the whole recording in this manner) but I do have a few questions of my own that I would offer up for greater speculation:

    -How much of the rest (or previous) recording seemingly is tampered with in this manner the same.

    I found the example both in the offered segmented versions, and the offered full versions. To be safe I analysed 5 different providers and each one had the same ‘glitch’ in each. I have not found the original recording to compare.

    Segment # 8 of 13, @ 6:09 thru to 6:41 contains the audio recording (dubbed) of later 7:01 thru 7:33 but the observer can clearly see that the audio segment does not ‘sync’ with the video in view behind it.

    In the full entire version also offered, the ‘glitch’ can be found at 1:16:27 thru (32seconds) 1:17:01 with monologue from 1:17:19 thru to 1:17:51.

    There is information missing, clearly.

  2. I always say “Do Your Own Research”. Most everyone has the internet now days.

    The philosophers stone? ORMUS most certainly is not, as the stone is not made out of actual gold anyway. Enough research by an individual not so slothful as to read thier weight in Literature would see that ORMS is something different or a fraud.

    The Egyptian ORMUS, maybe not, but this (ORMS) is not the same materal that the Egyptians received from the Isrealites while they were in captivity in Egypt. The Bible states they took the wealth of Egypt when they were freed from this captivity. This was not only the actual wealth, yet the knowledge of Manna.

    I for one BELIEVE in the Philosophers stone, and “The Great Work”, and am also a Believer of the one true God. Condemn me if you like, It matters not, just do your own investigation. Keep in mind there is not one person who has not lied to you in your life about something, and they all have an agenda. I for one think the powers that be will use David Hudson to try to find the real philosophers stone, or steer the elect away from it by deception.

    They will never succeed, God uses the simple things to confound the wise.

    I could as easily be wrong as I am right, I simply Believe. 🙂

  3. Hi Steve, the video is linked to the second. In other words, it should automatically select the second clip once the first one is done.

  4. The video is only 11:42 in length. Where’s the rest of it? I can’t make my own judgement on such a small fragment of a two hour talk.

  5. The Bible mentions it in 3 ways, the bible is not wrong! Frist in Genesis, chpt.2:v12. Deuteronmy Chpt.8:v. 1,2,3,4. manna! “what is it”. Exodus chpt.25:10-22 “the ark” Superconductor, with manna inside? Ex 16:4 & 31. Third the powder of gold used in bread .Ex 32:20 & Deut. 9:21. But we do not know how to make gold into dust,maybe scalor waves like they used on the towers in N.Y

  6. Hi jc,
    Thanks for visiting. I was hoping that someone would see this video. Even today, I’m surprised that there still isn’t a ‘news’ worthy video from that conference. In a way, the lack of news supports my observations.
    Your thoughts are also interesting.
    I get the feeling that he completely believes he’s on the path to finding The Philosopher’s Stone, but his actions don’t align with his beliefs. It’s like someone saying that they love you, but you don’t feel the love. Or, it’s like someone saying that they have nothing but your highest interest in mind and then they do something to undercut what you’re doing.
    My observations are that he is good at projecting his wants onto something that doesn’t deliver.
    Keep researching ORMUS and you’ll find that there is absolutely no one that has stepped forward showing that ORMUS enhances the body beyond what it is already capable of doing. In other words, every claim that I’ve witnessed in the ORMUS forums and ORUMS websites lists stuff that humans can already do naturally.
    Thus, I am not concerned regarding some (if not all) or your points.
    Keep in mind that OMRUS and The Philosopher’s Stone are two different things that David Hudson claims are one in the same. ORMUS is the precipitate of salts. The Philosopher’s Stone is the elixir of life. From my observations, David Hudson does not poses the elixir of life, which means he has nothing to distribute. So, he can talk a good story, but I don’t get any feeling that it will be biblical in scale.
    Again, thanks for visiting.

  7. Very interesting observations.
    A couple of other things you might have noticed in his Enota presentation..

    1. he said that ORMUS (all by itself) somehow generates or facilitates a transformative process that procure supernormal abilities.. [even in rotten apples?]
    2. he claims that after undergoing the ORMUS “transformation,” a user will require a certain “maintenance” dose every six months to sustain its effects.. [dependence / addiction]
    3. he wants to make ORMUS available to everyone.. [irresponsibility or altruism?]
    4. making ORMUS available to everyone means that even imbalanced individuals can/will obtain it and that a consequence of that will be that there will be “good” and “bad” “angels”.. [irresponsibility]
    5. the bible (revelations) says that there will be a big battle between good and evil [he thinks its because of ORMUS being made available to everyone]

    But why go through all that to deceive so many people? It has to be something major. What are your theories on that?

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