David Wolfe speaks about ORMUS at ENOTA

I came across a great series of videos that I’ve got to share. An email list that I’m on forwarded a link that I surfed through that lead me to a YouTube channel that has a great collection of lectures from modern day alchemists. That YouTube channel is DVDDude dwvand’s Channel. The Eight video series where David Wolfe speaks is in the play list here and the starting video is embedded below.

The collection of videos span nearly 90 minutes, so you’ll want to make time to view the entire lecture – that is, if this type of stuff interests you!

I find myself drawn to it. The stuff they’re talking about as a group is stuff that I’ve been playing with as in individual for years. It’s like viewing family members that I’ve never met. Yet, they’re kind of weird! Lol.

Before diving into the video series, I have to say that there were a number of things that caught my attention, but one key thing was the idea that ORMUS is a solvent.

In the very first video, 11:15 minutes in, David Wolfe mentions he ‘purified’ himself through the use of solvents. At that moment, he then lists off a series of solvents: ORMUS, hydrogen, MSM, folic acid, and Humic acid.

This idea of thinking of these substances as solvents fits right in with the article that I posted about Humans, Superconductivity and Common Minerals where (at the end of the article) I summarized the actions that need to be done by the person to create an environment where superconductivity can be tapped. That is, we need to raise our pH and mineralize the body. This is right in line with what he talks about but he refers to it as removing the calcifications through the use of solvents.

The idea of removing calcifications also falls in line with what people talk about with regards to awaking your pineal gland. People claim that the pineal gland builds up calcifications over time that prevent us from tapping into spiritual vibrations. I would liken this to slowly adding cement to a guitar string until it can no longer vibrate. As we ingest these ‘solvents’ the calcifications break down allowing the organ to function as designed. It’s at that point where the consciousness of the individual gets to play out and they can choose how to act and whether or not to event develop the sensitivities that the organ allows the person to sense.

If for no other reason than that, this is a great video series to give 90 minutes too.

Thank you DVDDude for capturing this information and making it available for me.

This video.

I can’t wait to study the other solvents that David Wolfe mentioned.

Have a great day.

2 thoughts on “David Wolfe speaks about ORMUS at ENOTA

  1. Hi J,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Sometimes I find that the people associated with ORMUS are more interesting than the ORMUS itself. It’s almost as if people see something in that substance that is more of a projection from the mind that what’s actually there.

    I would love it if you could point me to some articles somewhere on the web that show this ‘dark face’ of ORMUS. DNA research is pretty scientific so I would love to read/learn about the destroying of the 3rd strand that you’re talking about. Can you point me towards such research?

    The question about David Wolfe is kind of funny. There are so many things in life that can inflate an ego. When you think about the fame that follows David Wolfe, it makes me laugh to think that ORUMS might be the cause of him having an inflated ego. Lol.

    Unfortunately, I have not granted you the ability to post for the email address that you used bounced.

    Thanks anyway,

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