New Year’s Resolutions

Well, today’s the first day of 2012! The start of a new calendar year which isn’t too far off of the rise of the new solar cycle (tilt of the earth).  

But that’s not what brings me to the blog today. What brings me here is the observation that people seem to hate New Year’s resolutions. I don’t blame them. It seems pretty natural to not feel good about things that you don’t complete – if the resolutions that are made on New Year’s eve continually fail to come to life it would make sense that the emotions associated with resolutions would be inharmonious.

Last night, I got to do a little research into this feeling regarding resolutions at a New Year’s party. Absolutely everyone that I asked refused to make a New Year’s resolution sighting the fact that they refused to hold onto any previous New Year’s resolution that they’d ever made. This tradition made them feel like a failure.

It’s sad that this tradition made them feel like this. At the same time, it’s completely understandable. The pattern of failure is pretty pronounced so why would anyone want to make another resolution? I mean, if they did they might consider themselves a bit insane – for the common definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!

Well, I guess I might be a little insane.

Or maybe, I don’t see the New Year’s resolutions that I make as ways to set myself up for failure.

I see New Year’s resolutions as a seed of thought that gets planted in the heart of winter that you tend to throughout the year and, in time, that seed grows into what you originally crafted. And at the same time, I tend to select New Year’s resolutions that are in line with that I really want to do! I mean, who wants to do something they don’t want to do?

When selected correctly, that intentional commitment helps shape who you are. It’s an opportunity to keep on growing your spirit. It affirms your own strength and aligns your actions with intention. Ultimately, it is an uplifting process when done correctly.

Brother Sangha

This is where some people just need a little encouragement!

A short while ago, I came across a video that stuck with me from Brother Echo. I subscribed to his channel and found a nice inspirational video that I just have to share. This video is just over 14 minutes long, but it’s heart-felt and genuine. I highly recommend giving it some time.

Watching this guy is entertaining for he’s so dramatic and in tune with the words that he chooses. I especially like the part where his energy really opens up 11:30 minutes in. His sincerity shines through to the viewer in a way that can actually be felt. At the end, his wish for people to find that little jewel within themselves and let it shine is genuinely heart-felt and realistically doable.

On a personal level, his wish for mankind is in line with one of my own commitments which is another reason for making this blog post today. I’ve thought about them and will choose a few words to help bring these energies into manifestation.


Make more heart-felt eye contact with other people. It might seem strange to make this a commitment, but when I reflect upon how I’ve interacted in the past, the most treasured moments are those where I’ve let others feel the energy of my spirit via eye contact. This type of energy exchange is dynamic and immediate. There is no need for words and it is something that both people feel. Part of the process is to acknowledge that the energy experience occurred and to actively participate in keeping it alive for as long as what feels comfortable. Thus, I call this one of my New Year’s resolutions and it’s to actively share my spirit with others via eye contact.

 Now for a couple lesser resolutions.

Become a certified yoga instructor and teach yoga. That’s right, I’m going to put the energy into studying yoga so as to get the standard yoga alliance certification at the 200 hour level and I’m going to start teaching. The only thing that’s held me back to the commitment with regards to making it happen. Thus, the action item for me here is to find a program that will teach me the basics and actually do the work. I know that the correct teacher(s) will be available for me and the time needed for study will open up so as to make this a fantastic experience and, maybe more importantly, I see opportunities in teaching yoga that allows for interacting with others spiritually that doesn’t happen when your focused on being the student. I feel the energy is available for performing this task and the timing feels right.

And another…

Start producing videos for my blog. This one is a very simple first step resolution with regards to opening up more on a virtual level. The mechanics of it is to get a simple video camera where I can record myself, edit the video and place it on the web. The reason why this is a resolution is that it involves overcoming photo centric fears regarding seeing and hearing myself in a recording! Thus at the heart of this resolution is to find the truths in seeing myself on camera – are the thoughts that I carry with me the truth or not? I will get to analyze these feelings with this resolution. I know I can overcome this insecurity and this year feels like a great time to get that done!

That’s it. Looking these resolutions over, they seem really simple. They just seem like something you shouldn’t have to think about but rather just do. Thus, I’m going to just do these things and help myself grow a little more over the coming year.

Now is the time to make these things happen.

If Brother Echo inspires you to write down a goal for the upcoming year, I’m excited for you. The only time we change is in the now moment. Every little decision that we make leads us one step further on our journey. I’d encourage you to pick out something that you want to really see happen and feel if the energy is aligned to make it happen. If so, make it happen. Just like Brother Echo says, it’s your choice!

Good day!

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Thank you djd.
    I can totally relate and understand. To me, the most important part is to keep growing your spirit. If the commitments you have to yourself work, there is no need to change. If what you practice today seems less then satisfying, maybe it’s time to move in a new direction. The key is – it should feel right. If so, the energies that are available to help the idea manifest will unit to make it happen.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I did not watch the video, but I enjoyed your thoughts about resolutions.
    I remember them as part of a social activity. Perhaps people have participated in this without it coming from within. Therefore there would indeed be a lack of motivation and yet, most of us would rather keep our word once we have pronounced it, so they would be right to be disappointed in this and to not want to do it anymore.
    I might make a resolution at any time of the year and will do my best to accomplish it. So, officially, I would be in the group that doesn’t make NY resolutions. :-)) All the while resolving….

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