The Book of Aquarius – The Great Work

If you love to tinker with the metaphysical, this book is for you! If you never thought you would want to be an alchemist, well, the words presented by anonymous will surely motivate you into action. If it’s this simple to create the Philosopher’s Stone, you’d think that everyone will eventually give it a try! Who know, you might even give it a go.

Now that this book is out, it shouldn’t be too long before we start hearing if people are successful at following this recipe or not. We’ll just have to search for results posted on the web. If we find any, I’m sure it will make for some good reading – in one way or another.

Why did I end up seeing this book? It’s strange, but when you think about the metaphysical, you have to wonder why something comes your way when it does. Or, at least think about it, after it arrives.

Back in March, I received an email with the entire Book of Aquarius in it, yet in reading the first couple paragraphs (and skipping to the end), I blew it off as wordy, incomplete and another internet hoax. It just felt that way. I approached it as a critic and didn’t open up to feel it. The one thing that really stood out was that at the end, in the afterword, the author states:’

So I know what you’re asking now… where is it, right?

I’ll come clean: I haven’t finished it yet. At the time of writing I’m up to the Black Stage. It’s a very awesome black color right now and I’m very excited. All the signs occurred exactly as predicted by the alchemists

I have to admit that this type of admission always tends to heighten my ‘bogus science’ sense. I simply read the first few paragraphs along with the last few and quickly formed an opinion that kept me from giving the book any real energy.

Then, one weekend a number of weeks later, I got the idea to dig up that old email and see if there was any real depth to it. As you know, I like to tinker. So playing around with someone else’s idea of alchemy seemed like a great way to spend the afternoon. And, well, that’s just what I did.

I’m glad I did. And, seeing that you’re still reading this post, you’re probably a little interested too.  If you want a copy, Google for “The Book of Aquarius pdf”. In just a few minutes you, too, could be reading the author’s words in their complete form. I’m sure that in the back of your mind you’ll be wondering if it’s something that you could really tinker with too!

As the title of the book explains, it’s about The Philosopher’s Stone.

The Philosophers’ Stone operates and is made by entirely natural and scientific means. Truth is always simple, beautiful and easy to understand.

The Philosophers’ Stone is real; you can make it at home. The Stone makes old people young, heals all forms of sickness and disease, extends your life, turns any metal into gold, and more, as you will learn. This isn’t a myth or a metaphor, it’s a fact.

To be specific, this book is a recipe for making the stone!

What I find interesting is that the author has gathered information about what the stone does for people, but, as it stands right now, the claims are still mythical for he has not completed the stone. And, as it turns out, if you search the web, you won’t find anyone else that’s online talking about the stone. No one is talking publically about it – until now – with this book

The author claims to be half way through the second part of making his own stone and that the observations that he’s made throughout the process align well with historical texts – if you view them in the correct (philosophical) light.

Now, if you are interested in reading the book, I highly encourage you to not read any further here. Why? Because it might either spoil it or encourage you to read it straight away. Basically, I’m going to give the secret away, so if you want to be surprised, just go away. Don’t read any more. Find something else to do. You know, just move along little doggy…

Yet, if you’re going to stay, here are some words from the chapter First Part. I’ve stung them together to give you the basic idea about the process:

Collect 1 liter of urine, the darker the better, so it’s best to collect it from the first time you urinate in the morning. … Distil the urine at no more than 175°F/80°C in the water bath with the 1ltr retort. … The top opening of the retort should be hermetically sealed. … When the urine is all distilled there will be a nasty black mass in the bottom of the retort, which needs to be calcined. Take the retort out of the water bath, unplug the top opening, and put it onto high heat (such as on a gas stove). You do not have to be careful with the heat when calcining, only when distilling. The calcining needs a strong, aggressive degree of heat. Leave it this way for a few hours, until the mass is all dry and cracked. … Pour the remainder of the urine back onto the calcined body in the retort, and repeat the distillation and calcination again, in the same way as before. Then repeat again, and again. … After a few distillations you will see a white salt forming on top of the black mass, when calcining this there will be a sweet flowery chemical smell given off. Keep repeating the distillations and calcinations until it the whole surface is white and it has formed into large enough crystals to for you to separate it from the black mass. This may take up to 10 distillations, or it could be much less. … If you have already distilled the urine 10 times and you don’t think you have enough of the white salt, then you can stop the distillations and just continue the calcinations, pouring distilled water on top of the mass instead of the distilled urine. When you see enough of the white salt has formed on top (which are the lightest of the particles), you need to extract them, … Remove the white salt and separate any impurities from it. Try not to touch it with your fingers, or it will sting them.

You should further distil the distilled urine another 1-3 times in the clean 500ml retort.

Congratulations! You now have the mercury (distilled urine) and sulphur (white salt) of the Sages.

This is just the first part. There are more steps outlined in the book.

The book goes into greater detail, but the process is elegantly simple. What’s really intriguing is that the main ingredient is urine!

The matter that exists within our bodies is full of human life-force energy. It only makes sense that some would leave the body with the urine. If the process outlined in The Book of Aquarius works, it would demonstrate that there is a technique for ‘growing’ life-force energy outside the body in a refined, purified way.

If the author’s process works, it would seem that there is a physical way to concentrate Chi (life-force energy). Or, at least, the idea of Chi may have a link to something a little more tangible.

I am totally excited to follow the work of the author to see if he reaches the final stages to prove the original assertions about the stone. Or, more importantly, see if it’s really a myth or a fact!

As I said above, get your book from Forgottenbooks as a free download. If that is not good enough, buy a copy from Amazon. After doing so, visit the forum and see how the author is progressing.

The idea of the Philosopher’s Stone has been around for centuries. I would truly be amazing to be able to witness the actual production of this substance during my lifetime. If it doesn’t take ten years, we may all still be around to see if the myth can be proven truthful.

Oh, there’s one last thing. It wasn’t long ago that I mentioned that I wondered if there was a way to capture Chi and concentrate it. Well, I get the feeling that this book is what came along as the answer. It could be that there are more than one ways to do it, but this one looks to be a pretty straight forward easy to follow sequence of steps. Yet, it still hasn’t been proven publically.

Good day!

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  1. Hi Steven, I’ve updated the sidebar of my blog with an collection of Alchemy links. It’s based off your list here. I’m not all that interested in book sites (even though that’s what most of these are), I’d love to replace these links with links to other websites where current information is being created. If you, or anyone you know, posts articles on Alchemy based off your own understanding, I would love to link them in here.

  2. I welcome connections with individuals doing serious inquiry into the Philosophers Stone and Hermeticism. I can suggest also several worthy sites on internet and practicing Alchemist. If just starting out, the Alchemist Guild is a good starting point. Quite a few good on line libraries exist that should be researched as well. Visit my site on Facebook and friend me for more connections. Here are a few sites to check out: And a lot more…

  3. the philosophers stone was successfully created, there is a video of it on youtube and it is so awesome!!, the title of the video is alchemy,aquarius,alembic,aludel,distillation go check it out!!, awesome!!!

  4. Does anyone have the newest version of the book?
    Just in case the website wont come back up. :\

  5. Hopefully, it won’t be gone for good. It is the start of the month, maybe they didn’t pay their bills or their credit card expired. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

  6. Anybody knows what’s going on with both book of aquarius and forgotten books websites? They seem to be out for a couple of days.

  7. I am a member of one of the Orders that has been keeping this as a guarded secret and I took a vow to guard these secrets. Yes, our societies DO exist. I have learned many preliminaries and a great deal of complicated occult wisdom but nothing nearly so blatant concerning the matter of the Great Work. We say that the Great Secret cannot be told because it is beyond the power of words to express and the Book of Aquarius corroborates this by discussing the ways in which Nature is so obvious it is often unseen. This means that by revealing it, it still remains guarded, because it cannot be told to those who are unready to receive it. We operate on the belief that those who are ready to take up the work will find the appropriate teacher – our Order, perhaps. The Book of Aquarius in my opinion has no become a body of teaching that will likewise attract students that are sufficiently prepared to do the work. I noticed that immediately, within 24 hours of concentrating on learning more about the Elixir of Life, the book came to me. None who are unprepared will achieve it as the grand masters from time immemorial did not all manage to achieve it. It takes a lifetime, and mistakes that are a part of learning will be plentiful. The question is, not how genuine this book is, but how good the instruction are and the students who take it up. I think that it is very, very possible that the one Master who did complete the Great Work is Jesus, and his completed Work was in His bread and wine at the Last Supper. Through the Stone and Elixir of Life he rose from the cross. With the perfected and pure Stone has he not only healed but purified others through the ultimate use: retracting of sin. So His cup at the Last Supper is truly the Holy Grail, as it contained the Elixir of Life.

  8. Hi Roy-David Woodward, thanks for visiting. Looks like the Oahspe is a long read. Might have to make time for that someday. Any particular passages that stand out to you?

  9. Been drinking my own Urine for years. No wrinkles, no sags, getting younger daily. It is as said by Bible: “Drink water from your own CISTERN!” Do all believers have a physical earthen Ground Cistern? No – but their BODY does. I believe playing chemist with re-heating etc, etc and the rest is a means of occupying time, perhaps wasting time is a better word – For none of the ancients found Immortality in a stone process – But to overcome in all ways your weaknesses is a surer way. To become the Grand Man of Di Vinci requires no STOVE, just the heat of your ZEAL for the Truth direct -Father’s Voice. READ OHASPE very slowly or flounder, and if slowly – you will get direct contact and be HIS weapon against all lies and power mongers -As well as finding your Counterpart-Twin Flame-True Wife -not a simple Soul Mate which is only those casuals or dynamics you have been a part of in past lives. Reincarnation is hidden, masked even in the imperfect Ohaspe Book. Strange? No – you have to learn to Discern at last. Know this also: The Bible is the MOST imperfect of all books foisted on a gullible, none researching public. The Catholics saw to that crime of crimes. Now look at their demise in credibility. Go slow but go continually….Roy-David Woodward SEE my Face Book upper right hand name for my views and helps.

  10. I have read the book of aquarius a number of times, joined the forum and have begun the Great Work. I encourage others to do the same! What have you got to lose?

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