Enlightenment through Cooperative Spirit

The other day during my morning meditation, I was empresses with the idea:

If we enlighten metals, they will enlighten us.

I wrote this phrase down right away, but I’m just now getting back to blog about it. It seems that understanding is a fluid thing. The way you perceive something today may be very different than how you might perceive it a year from now. Having thought about this for two days, it seems my perspective has already changed.

The basic concept is that if we make the conscious effort to enlighten individual little things those little things will go to work to enlighten us! And I’m not simply talking about pasting a bunch of positive sayings around the house.

It is quite literal and quite specific. You have to make a conscious effort to increase the energy contained within metals that you place in your body. The metals should be consciously spun to the point of enlightenment and then consumed.

In this case, what is the point of enlightenment for the metals? It is the point where energy flows through the metals with no resistance or loss. It is the point where the atom generates its own electro-magnetic (Meisser) field. It is the point where that atom is in resonance with its source.

It is in this situation where the individual particle of metal no longer acts like a metal, but rather acts as pure energy. When it does, it influences other particles in its environment to bring them into the enlightened state too. Basically, the energy flows from the in-resonance particle to the ones that are not in-resonance until the energy level is high enough in the other particles so that they resonate with the source too.

The surplus energy that flows through the original in-resonance particle charges the other particles that surround it. Eventually, the surrounding particles get to the point where they, too, resonate with the source and provide surplus energy into their environment.

So, what is the enlightenment of metals? Well, that’s where White Gold Powder, or ORMUS, or any of the other names given to this class of substances come into play. These are the substances that should be refined to the point where they can be ingested. They make up the class of substances that you have to consciously make an effort to include in your life.


Well, these substances are directly related to life. They go hand in hand with what might be called life-force energy. They exist all around us in all living matter. The higher the natural concentration, the higher the consciousness of the life form. Lower life forms have smaller concentrations of this life-force energy.

As it turns out, these life-force energy particles get recycled from life form to life form. But it is man that can choose to concentrate this life-force energy so as to enhance his body to be more in sync with pure energy. It is through this concentration process that the energy can really be put to work – or shaped – or channeled – so as to enhance the general life experience that we, as spirits, get to have while we’re connected to our physical bodies.

But we can’t be a fallen angle.

As it turns out, these highly charged particles can fall out of sync with their energy source. It would be as if the battery ran dry. When I thought about this in my meditation, I was impressed that we have to consciously setup an environment where the particles will not fall out of resonance with their source in order for them to transform the inner environment.

The act that we have to perform is that open our heart so as to let the energy of creation flow through us. The electro-magnetic field of the heart is in resonance with these life-force energy particles which keeps them in a high energy state. If we don’t use our heart, but rather use our head (thoughts), there is a dissidence that is setup that slowly takes the particles out of their high spin state back down to a normal spin state (metal). In other words, if we don’t focus the energy of the heart, we become fallen angles. We have potential, but we live a lower existence because we get by on a minimal amount of life-force energy.

Time also plays a role. If you can concentrate life-force energy and consume it while at the same time making an effort to keep your Being synchronized through the actions of your heart, changes should take place in the body on a molecular level.

We know that atoms in different energy states can be used to create different molecules. Plants can’t make sugar without the extra energy of the sun, in the same way, the body can’t make molecules attuned to higher energies without atoms that spin in the higher states.

In that same morning meditation, I was impressed that the longer the high spin atoms remain in the body, the higher the probability that they will act as a signal on the cellular level to trigger the construction of new protein molecules. These new protein molecules can enhance the physical sensitivities of the body. If you can’t see auras today, you should be able to once the specific protein molecules are built.

So, what was I impressed to do during my morning meditation?

Well, to start with, concentrate life-force energy so that it can be ingested. This will involve perfecting the refinement process for producing White Powder Gold, or refining ORMUS down to its superconductive elements. I’m sure this will be a story all its own (which I’m hoping to be able blog about someday).

At the same time, perform the work of the heart! This is the difference between living a conscious life and unconscious one.

Lastly, give it all time to work and enjoy the ride!

Looking back upon the opening statement, the path to enlightenment is a cooperative path for if you enlighten a simple little particle, it will work endlessly to enlighten you! All it takes is to live life by following your heart (consciously radiating creative energy) and the little particle that you enlighten will continue to work to enlighten more in its environment (you). If you can get enough of the little particles in you, the process of change will be sped up – provided you maintain the harmonic heart resonance that keeps the particles in their high-spin state.

A closing thought. When you ingest these high-spin state metals, they all have miniature Meisser fields. Because we are cellular Beings, the act of ingesting the particles will most likely have a even distribution within the body, yet they will all be influenced by the energies of the heart which will make the energy of the heart even more pronounced!

I’m looking forward to my next meditation. The work is to get out of the head and into the heart!

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