The Wheatgrass Shutter

Have you ever experienced that uncontrollable shutter you get when you take a shot of wheatgrass? I can get that shutter if the juice simple touches my skin. There’s something about it that just sends – what feels like – bolts of energy up and down my spine making my body uncontrollably shutter.

What’s funny about it is that it happens to just about everyone. At least, everyone that I’ve ever seen drink the juice goes through the same sequence of events: apprehension – as they hold the juice in their hand, bravery – as they shoot it down, and then the uncontrollable shutter – as the body accepts what it’s just been given.

If you haven’t experienced the wheatgrass shutter you’ve got to give it a try. Why? Well…

This morning, I juiced some new grass and religiously took my two shots and promptly performed my own shutter. Two more ounces I poured into a to-go cup to take to a friend. Fifteen minutes later, I delivered the fresh juice to my friend and she promptly drank it down. I was standing across the room from her and noticed that when she shuttered, I shuttered!

This time, I thought it strange in a curious way. I wasn’t in contact with the juice, I wasn’t drinking it. And yet, her shutter made me shutter!

After thinking about the experience a bit more, I decided to share what I felt with Lori. She quickly discounted the feeling as a sympathy shutter. She said that it would be like the feeling that you might have when someone else is sad or happy.

I thought about that for a little while, but couldn’t quite relate. The shutter doesn’t really come across as an emotional energy, but some other type of energy. It’s almost as if act of taking a shot of wheatgrass makes a person bloom.

The more I thought about this, the more I started to relate that the shared shutter is more like an orgasm. It’s not an actual orgasm, but has a similar characteristic. That is, if you are sensitive, and you’re having sex, you know when you’re partner is in the process of ‘blooming’ and their ‘blooming’ makes you bloom at the same time!

The shutter effect on your body, after taking a shot of wheatgrass, is completely uncontrollable (much like sex) and that energy flow radiates in such a way as to affect others that are in close proximity. It’s as if the juice is so powerful that the body immediately recalibrates its energy flow and the recalibration reverberates into the environment aligning or recalibrating everything else!

There’s some magic in wheatgrass that is powerful enough to change others that are close by. I’m going to pay closer attention to this energy to see if I can pinpoint more details.

Its little things like this that really brings out the philosopher in me!

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