If I had cancer

I have to admit that I’ve thought about that nasty six letter word, for it seems to step into people’s lives and turn them upside down to shake out every penny. It turns out that nearly every time that someone gets diagnosed, they believe the bad news from their doctor and that person’s aura immediately flips being life filled to one of death. When you walk out of your doctor’s office, I wonder if he’s thinking about the color of his next BMW?

Radiation treatment is NOT the answer.

Giving up organs is not the answer.

I might be a little different, but when I’ve thought about Cancer it’s always been with defensive thoughts. It’s like forming a game plan as an alternative to what has become known as the standard cancer treatments (not cures mind you). It’s like saying, if I was next for that life lesion, what would I do?


It’s like thinking about how you’d feed your family if the stores all closed down. It’s like figuring out how to stay warm if the power goes out for days. It’s like figuring out what your next job will be considering and leveraging you weaknesses and strengths.

So, what would I do?

I might need to qualify this a little because I’ve always taken the stand that you’ve got to take care of yourself. Your body is your temple and you can’t rely on anyone else fixing you. You have to do it yourself. I believe firmly that your body heals itself – It knows what to do – It fixes broken bones (the doctors my set it, but the body fixes it) – it heals wounds (the doctors my sow you back together, but the body heals it) – it maintains standard function (digestion, heartbeat, energy production and whatnot) – All we have to do is stop defiling the temple so the body can simply do what it does!

  1. Take a few days off work! I’d even consider quitting my job if it wasn’t really supportive. During that time off I’d…
  2. Search the net for “Cancer Cures” and seriously read them. I’ve already done this. It’s amazing how many people have performed the steps needed to allow their body to heal itself. To narrow down the noise you get when you search, search for “Raw Food Cancer Cures” and I’m sure you’ll be surprised. After searching, I’d…
  3. Contact people that have found the ways to allow the body to heal from cancer. The net makes it really easy to send emails.  Find someone that would be willing to talk to you about what they did and how they did it. During this time, an open mind would be pretty helpful. After interviewing a few people, I’d…
  4. Implement what rings true as the way to allow the body to heal. I would give it 100% of my concentration so as to maximize the healing process. If you think about how you help heal a cut, the simple things are to keep it clean and dry so the body can perform its work. If you take the approach to continually stretch it open, you’ll find the healing will, ultimately, take a long time to correct the wound. Implementation is key.

As a general observer, and thinker, there are some common items that seem to come together from survivor’s testimonials that may be key to helping the body heal.

  1. Detoxify the body. There are hundreds of books written on this topic, but what it all really comes down to is you’ve got to help streamline the process of elimination. Colonics are a must. Fiber is a must. Dietary changes that reduce mucus is a must.
  2. Measure and balance the body pH. It has been shown over and over again that cancer cells grow in acid conditions. Change the body so the pH is more neutral. It’s a really simple chemistry, but if you don’t actively measure, you’ll never know what makes acid and what counters it.
  3. Consume living (live) food!  Enzymes are the tools that the body uses to build and maintain just about everything. If you don’t consume enzymes – your body will have to make them. This takes time and energy that can be replaced by simply consuming them in natural forms.
  4. Laugh, or find a reason to live! If you simply don’t care, then you’ll just keep doing what you did that got your body into the situation in which it’s in.
  5. Most importantly, you have to be able to get the ego aside and realize that what you’ve been doing up to now has led you to where you are. If you like where you’re at, then what you’ve been doing is working for you. If you Do NOT like where you are, than you have to come to the realization that you’ve been doing it wrong which produced the person you are today.

I have believed for a long time now that cancer is the result of a lifestyle and that lifestyles can be changed. Hopefully, you’ll never be forced to have to change your lifestyle!

May you enjoy the electric excitement of life’s abundance!

PS. I’d probably go to the Hippocrates Health Institute for 30+ days as a primer for changing my life.

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