A little Flowmotion?

How does she do this? Well, ok, so she might have made this routine up, but how is anyone else going to be able to do this? I challenge you to watch the video a couple times and see if you can describe the leg movements at the start and transition point!

I get – up and out (like the splits form three legged dog) – down and under (for a two limb balance) – up and over (three legged dog with hip opener) – with leg bent circle the leg down and circle around (and up) to end up back in the three legged dog with hip opener – knee down to chest only to swing up almost to splits – circle down nearly to the flow only to swing up to three legged dog – and then swing down to a lunge with the foot outside the hands. … I still don’t think I’ve got this motion down!  I’ve watched the first 20 seconds about 10 times!  Dang. 

Now, your turn!  Here is Sarah Tomson Beyer instructing her flowmotion in San Diego last month.

I love this little flow routine!

I love the way she flips her dog! It’s both artsy and athletic at the same time. Taking that to swing into side plank is a nice transition. She makes it look so easy. And then at the end she hops back to Chaturanga Dandasana. That’s a nice touch to the artistic routine.

I’m going to have to learn this. I wonder if there is a place (near home) where people practice yoga like this? Maybe she’ll come out with a DVD. That will bring it home!

Hey, I did a little searching on the web and I can’t help but wonder if this next video has the second part of the routine that seemed to end in the first video. You think?

I can’t imagine the class actually being able to get this routine in one take like this. … Unless those students are REALY good! I’d have to do it over and over before it would start to sink in. It’s too bad that the video is cut off just after Sarah’s performance (instruction) for it would be nice to see how well the students picked it up.

Just had a thought. J  If you teach longer flow moves like this chances are the students are going to come back for class after class in order to learn the routine. I wouldn’t expect anyone to get it in the first class. Maybe that’s job security for her. Lol.

Ok. One more. This one is more like a commercial, but check out the setting! Wow! I would love to go to a yoga studio that looked like that!

Yoga in the Gallery! I love all the art on the walls and the big open setting! I could do without the white floors (prefer wood), but I love the modern look of the place. I love the energy of this place – and look at all the students!  I wonder if that’s what yoga is like in the big city?

Ok. Tomorrow I’m going to give the little routine in the top video a try. Hopefully, I’ll be able to remember the leg movements.

If you give it a try let me know!

2 thoughts on “A little Flowmotion?

  1. Hi djd, This flowmotion stuff looks like the extended verison of vinyasa for dancers. 🙂 I found one video of natasha demonstrating a shoulder stand, but nothing showing her style. I’ll keep looking.

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. I never saw a routine like that one. Someone got thirsty just watching. 🙂

    I have seen an elaborate energetic sun salute, I think though yoga journal by natasha. i think the style is called vinyasa.

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