Changing your vibration

The more I think about Dr Bruce Lipton’s equation: protein + signal = behavior, the more curious I get regarding all the different signals that the body responds too. When he covered the basic idea of a signal in his presentation (I linked to it in in a previous article – Unlocking your DNA) he mainly talked about some molecule snatched by a receptor as it passes by. The overall context in which he talked always implied chemical substances; like insulin, glucose, or something that comes in a well formed molecular shape.

What I find more interesting are the other forms of stimuli (non-chemical) that exist in our environment that the body responds too. If you put some thought into it, you’ll find the list is pretty long. Here are a few examples:


  • Light – visible light processed as sight
  • Light (UV rays) – trigger the production of melanin for protection
  • Light (infrared) – in the form of heat that we feel
  • Sound – vibrations in the air
  • Touch – pressure against the skin
  • Feelings – what you can perceive from another person (like a singer)
  • Thoughts – that trigger a response in the body (sexual arousal)
  • Actions – laughter that lightens the mood

That should give you the general idea that there are stimuli that the body responds too that are more in the ‘energy’ fields than anything else.

Even if you include the chemical based stimuli you’ll find that the body is microscopically sensitive.


  • Smell – molecules in the air
  • Taste – molecules on the tongue

The level of sensitivity is pretty amazing. In the case of visible light, photons (energy) excite the retina in the eye and the body registers the specific wavelengths in order to interpret the color. The amount of photons determines the intensity.

This is light that we’re talking about. This is no molecule – something that we normally think of as having ‘substance’ but simply energy. The body has receptors specifically designed to register pure energy. Not only does the body respond to visible light, but non-visible light in the wavelengths that UV (changes in the skin) and infrared (sensation of heat). These are other forms of electromagnetic radiation that clearly trigger a response in the body yet there is no molecule backing the signal

Side stepping

If you’ve read the teachings of Eckhard Tolle (The power of now), you’ll recognize how I like to ‘carve up’ the different attributes of a person. In a nutshell, there is the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spirit. If you’ve read around (or lived) you’ve probably come to a similar breakdown. It’s nothing new.

Yet it’s not really the different attributes that make up a person that’s interesting to me here. But, rather, how these parts of a human are all connected. What is the link between spirit and body? As Dr. Lipton has stated the link is the signal.

People have been asking this question forever looking for some type of scientific answer to what they already experience on a daily basis. That is, as my research has lead me understand, spirit is light and that light is the energy that signals your own physical body to respond. As subtle as the light strength is, it is enough to interact with the body. The body responds to light and amplifies the light signal that the spirit starts.

We have already seen (previous articles) that energy (sunlight) is captured by other physical ‘Beings’, converted into useful molecular constructs, or simply stored (as in sugars) for future use. It is when that light is released in the body that the cells of the body respond and perform action.

We also know that conscious and unconscious action is triggered by your own spirit. When you lift your arm, you don’t have to think about lifting your arm, but the act of moving your arm is a desire of the spirit. You simply just lift your arm. We all may have had to learn how to lift our arms (at one point when we where young) but that action has become so common that it’s an unconscious activity now.

Language was another thing that we all had to learn. The motor skills for pronouncing just the right sounds in the correct order is something that doesn’t come naturally, it’s earned (learned). But, once it’s earned, the subconscious takes over and the desires of the spirit can flow off the tongue at any time. The words that you choose are uniquely yours. They are a form of creation that your body learns to harmonize with and resonate too. Let’s get back on track.

Why is this important to understand?

Because there is energy in what you create that acts as a signal within your body!

That may sound pretty simple, but let’s look at a couple examples. Singing is a great example. I’m sure everyone has experienced music that is sung with soul, verses music that isn’t. When the music resonates with the spirit, it triggers an energy flow (through emotions) that gives the song life. That life you don’t just hear, but you feel. It is energy that acts like a trigger to all that feel it. The energy that the creator resonated with when they produced the song actively triggers response in others. Laughter is another great example. The act of laughing triggers an energy flow that’s very infectious. Both of these things are generally taken for granted, but what if this type of triggering is what we need to ‘unlock the DNA’?

Many sacred teachings have stated that some of the work that’s needed for spiritual growth is self created – in the form of chants or sacred sounds. It would seem that chanting some phrase with emotional (spiritual) intent would setup a vibration that the body would resonate with. Bringing this back around to Dr. Lipton’s work, maybe one way of unlocking ‘healing’ DNA strands is through self directed creation – you consciously manifest through sound and emotions (energy) the triggers, or generates signals, that unlock the correct DNA to develop a sensitivity or healing protein within the body.

So, Dr. Lipton talks about your belief as controlling your DNA, but I would change that a little to state that it is the environment that your spirit creates that controls what DNA are active within your body. It is what your spirit focuses on and gives energy too that the body resonates with which the DNA respond too. After all, the body is controlled by the spirit!

So, if you come across someone that gives off an energy that excites you, take the time to resonate with that person so as to experience how they generate the energy that they give off. Listen to their words, watch their actions and pick up a memory that you can resonate with. Make it a vivid memory. Your body has a miraculous ability to remember events, use that to bring into your life what you want to be. Then, resonate to it!

I am totally looking forward to sharing personal experiences on this path of discovering how different signals change the body – specifically mine! If you come across any, feel free to share.

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Changing your vibration

  1. Lol. Thanks Pat! At this point, I don’t have an editor so some of the thoughts may come across a little raw. I’ve updated ‘verses’ above.

    It’s been my experience that the arm movement thing is what you ‘do’ not what you ‘think of doing’. An example might be; you want to retrieve the plate on the shelf. Do you ‘think’ of lifting your arm to grab the plate? Do you think about how much force needs to be applied to the muscles in your arm or what angle the hand needs to be as it engages the plate? I guess probably not. The lifting of the arm is not really part of the thinking process – the thought goes towards the plate. The spirit is fixed on the plate and the body responds by fulfilling the spirits desire or retrieving the plate.

    That make any more sense? I hope it does. At the same time, my thoughts are wondering and exploring so I’m open to feedback regarding my (now very public) thoughts.

  2. I enjoy sharing your thoughts and where your mind goes, but I don’t get the arm thing, because if you’re going to lift your arm,usually you decide first that that is what you’ll do, so that requires thinking about it. No? So how can that be an unconscious movement?

    Also, would you look up “verses”, and “versus”,in the dictionary?…… Causes a bit of mind confusion.

    Am intrigued by the idea of light being spirit…..

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