A plant based diet

I got a few extra minutes today to poke around the web and see what I could stumble upon. I found a couple great blogs that I’ve include in my links collections (to the right), but I also came across a great video by Dr. Greger of http://nutritionfacts.org/.

The video is called Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death. I usually don’t put time into such long videos (55.50 minutes), but, as it turns out, I did. The first few minutes wet by so fast and the good doctor kept my interest, that pretty soon, I was ½ hour into it! I highly recommend this video and I’m posting it here so you can give it a try if you’ve got an extra hour.

The best part about this video is that you can’t tell he’s trying to sell anything. It really does look and sound – and feel – like he’s following his on conscious and providing what should be free, for free!

I am so looking forward to the future versions of this lecture that will include Raw Vegan as the ‘cleanest’ category. But, to get there, we’ll need a few more people to fit the bill. You want to give it a try? The side-effects seem like something we would all want to live with!

RawRadiantHealth and Apple Juice Kefir

Went looking for another fermented concoction that I would whip together other than Rejuvelac and once again found Kefir drinks. I’m not into milk, so I looked around at the water and coconut versions. I have to say that it looks pretty easy, but I’m starting to wonder…

The reason?

Well, it’s because I’ve watched this video from Natasha from Raw Radiant Health. It’s actually a pretty nice spin on the water version for she uses the juice of apples. It all looks great until you get to the 5:40 mark in this video. The look in her face when she smells it – Oh – it seems the truth radiates out!  Lol.

Pay particular close attention just after she drinks it! Notice the vibes she gives out just before she says (6:12) “and I drink it down. Actually it’s quite nice. It’s not that bad…” Ah!  I can’t help but laugh every time! She can’t help but shutter! Just like when you drink wheatgrass! Lol…

I won’t let that deter me!  I’m putting Kifer on my shopping list. Maybe in a few days, I’ll be drinking a fresh juice ORMUS kefir tea!  We shall see, and I guarantee that I won’t make a video out of it!

ORMUS based Rejuvelac

This is going to be my next experiment. Basically, since we’ve learned that minerials need to be wrapped in organic compounds in order to for it to be bioavailable to plants and humans, I figured I should be able to brew up some ‘ORMUS tea’ using the help of some single cell organisms.

Ann Wigmore was big on Rejuvelac, but I don’t think she knew about ORMUS.

From Wikipedia:

Rejuvelac is a general term for a fermented liquid used to improve digestion of food. Rejuvelac is prepared using whole wheat, rye, quinoa, oats, barley, millet, buckwheat, rice and other types of grain. Best results have been found using wheat, rye, and quinoa. Rejuvelac can be consumed as a digestive aid and used as a ‘starter’ for other fermented foods such as raw nut and seed sauces, cheeses, and Essene Breads. Rejuvelac contains eight of the B vitamins, vitamins E and K, and a variety of proteins, dextrines, carbohydrates, phosphates and amylases. It is rich in enzymes that assist in digestion. During the fermentation lactic acid is also being produced.[1][2]

Rejuvelac is a raw food made by sprouting a grain and then soaking the sprouted grain in water for about two days at room temperature and then drinking the liquid. A second batch can be made from the same sprouts, this time requiring only about one day. A third batch is possible but the flavor may be disagreeable.[3]

Instructions for making it can be found on eHow Health.

I wonder how this will taste!  Lol.

Oh, here’s a video about making Rejuvelac.

ORMUS experience – connecting spirit to memory

I love it when I wake up with an intuitive understanding about something. Especially when that intuitive understanding links something as special as dream life to our relatively ordinary waking life.

The understanding is this:

When you feed your light body and synchronize it with your spirit, the actions of your spirit can be recorded as a physical memory.

It’s kind of a Quantum Resonance thing. In other words, when you are unconscious, your body can still record the action of your spirit as a memory that can be recalled when you are once again conscious!


I think so.

Now that I’m taking my own ORMUS mineral precipitate again, I’ve noticed that one of the first things I’ve recognized is that I’m remembering my dream life upon waking. The dreams are still strange and imaginative, but I’m remembering them. 

In order to make sure I was using what I felt is the correct term for this, I Googled up Quantum Coherence and Quantum Resonance.  I found the following info at On Quantum Resonance:

Energy/information is only transferred when two entities share by chance the potential/receptor space AND they exhibit a resonance. The first is a probability function and the other is a harmonic principle.

Now linking this together with the concept of superconductivity written up in relations to David Hudson, he stated something like: at the quantum level super conductive atoms that are in resonance can share energy at great distances.

Knowing that we are Beings of light and our memories are light patterns, when our spirit is in resonance with the superconductive M-State elements that reside in our physical body, then wherever the spirit body goes and resonates with should be reflected through the energy receptors that are on the physical body. In other words, the memories gathered by the spirit can be sensed in physical form.

This is suddenly giving credibility to simple ORMUS precipitate.

I can also say that the only side effects that I’ve felt have resembled detoxification symptoms that I’ve experienced at other times when changing my diet or other physical activities. This is not bad in any way.  

Maybe there is something to ORMUS that might be related to feeding your light body. I will continue to meditate on it to see what else comes my way. Meanwhile, I will continue to think of it as a solvent that will help decalcify the ridged structures that generated energy waves that are not in line with my spirit.

If you’ve experienced anything similar while ingesting ORMUS, I’d love to hear from you.

Note: This experience is different from the last times I made and consumed sea water precipitate. The last times, I really didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. The difference between the last times and this time is that I’ve spent two years consuming green smoothies, I’ve actively worked to raise my body pH (wheatgrass and fruits) and I’ve been practicing Yoga nearly every day. Over these two years, there have been changes to my body that have opened me up to sensitivities that I never had before. Now I understand why Raw Foodests gravitate towards this sea water precipitate. Be well!

Reversing Cancer in 60 days

I love coming across inspiring stories. Here is a woman that had been introduced to ‘alternative’ healing then found herself in a situation of advanced breast cancer. Without hesitating, she changed her lifestyle and, in response, her body healed. The most interesting part in this story is the change in the blood! Chlorophyll is key in changing (charging) the blood, and there is no place other than greens to get it from!

Take the 10 minutes and give this one a viewing. You’ll be glad you did.

By the way, I’ve never studied the pH Miracle diet. But I have studied the pH process and alkalizing foods! 

Oh!  And she did this in two months!  That’s amazing! Sometimes it just takes getting the EGO out of the way and the body will take care of itself.