Inspiring Yoga – on the beach

I’m so hoping that Meghan Currie comes to town someday. I would love to hear, in her own words, how she started with her back-bends. She has the flexibility of anyone in cirque du soleil, but the grace of a yogi. She’s an artist giving life to her practice and everyone that witnesses it!

Her latest:

After watching this the first time, I couldn’t help but have sympathy for her – you see how fast that clouds where moving?  Notice the sand blow by? No matter how warm it is, that sand is getting everywhere. It’s like sex on the beach – great idea until you do it once. Then, it’s just a drink to help you remember how bad an idea it really was!

Yet, even covered in sand, her grace shines through in this video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Good day.

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