The Next Step –Yoga!

Today is the day that I finally get a chance to announce to the world that I’ve signed up for formal yoga training! Don’t let the words here fool you. I’m very excited to have committed to myself. You can talk about something everyday forever, but it’s a totally different story if you act upon it! I’ve signed up. I’ve started the official work. The energy feels right.

Speaking of energy, if feels like there is a surplus of it coming my way in support of this change. The Schedule was extremely tight on the day of the orientation, but I made it there with five minutes to spare. Normally, no one would think of that as a big deal, but I’d just spent four hours in the car driving. I kept my thoughts clear the entire time and, luck come my way for there weren’t any roadblocks put in my way (literally!).

The program is a 200 hour certification process and it’s put together by the owner(s) of 8 Limbs Yoga in Seattle. It looks to be ‘life’ friendly – that is, you can actually work it into your schedule. My concern (before meeting Anne Phyfe), was, would I fit in? I think of myself as a pretty grounded guy. And, of course, I’m not 25. Turns out that Anne Phyfe said all the right things to give me confidence that it will be better than … work. And, to take that a bit further, the energy came across as very much supportive with regards to my own quest in life.

This is really good news. I have the feeling that the schooling will help me enhance what I’m already doing and provide the opportunity for me to get to know the formal language associated with yoga.

The program officially starts next month, yet I’m already part way through some of the required reading material. I’m looking forward to critiquing and sharing, for The Path With Heart matches really well with lots of the other material that I’ve blogged about.

‘til next time, do onto others as you would like done onto you!

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