A plant based diet

I got a few extra minutes today to poke around the web and see what I could stumble upon. I found a couple great blogs that I’ve include in my links collections (to the right), but I also came across a great video by Dr. Greger of http://nutritionfacts.org/.

The video is called Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death. I usually don’t put time into such long videos (55.50 minutes), but, as it turns out, I did. The first few minutes wet by so fast and the good doctor kept my interest, that pretty soon, I was ½ hour into it! I highly recommend this video and I’m posting it here so you can give it a try if you’ve got an extra hour.

The best part about this video is that you can’t tell he’s trying to sell anything. It really does look and sound – and feel – like he’s following his on conscious and providing what should be free, for free!

I am so looking forward to the future versions of this lecture that will include Raw Vegan as the ‘cleanest’ category. But, to get there, we’ll need a few more people to fit the bill. You want to give it a try? The side-effects seem like something we would all want to live with!

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