Getting Out of the Way

There are moments when we all share bits of ourselves with others in a strong enough way that it’s felt deep inside. For some people, those moments are short and elusive. For Britney @ Miracle Of Mind (or net TV show), those moments happen on a regular basis. It’s like coming across an actress that is able to reproduce the emotions or a scene in line with the actions written in the script, Britney finds moments when the ego steps aside to let the inner knowing out. These moments are powerful and she’s made the effort to record the moments on film – so you can enjoy them too!

Not too long ago, when surfing to experience open souls, I came across a short video of Britney talking up some subject, but what caught my eye were her actions – rather than words. It’s like when you hear someone emotionally sing a song rather than technically sing the song – you feel the performance. When you feel it, you experience what’s going on rather than simply hearing it.

The experience is key here. Regardless of the words, what we can learn from Britney is that doing (lol) is exactly what she shows with each of her videos. She’s made a conscious choice to be open. Not only does she make that choice, but she shows how it’s done.

It’s not a talent, but a conscious choice. Her willingness to capture these moments on film document how easy it is and, if you pay attention, you’ll find yourself opening up in reflection with her.

Even though she calls this Turn WITHIN, not OUT, I would call it Listen, Learn and Be Love.

Can you imagine turning the camera on yourself like this? Lol….

I guess the key reason why I’m attracted to Britney’s videos is that she gives me confidence in the words – “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”. In everyday life, it isn’t often that you find that second person to help you open up to your inner Being. When you do, the interactions can be powerful and deep. There is a special energy that is exchanged between two people when the mind gets out of the way and the Being shines through. Well, as it turns out, Britney’s already come to the conversation. She’s transcended time by gathering virtually and being available whenever you need!

I hope you listened between her words and didn’t get caught up in the technicalities for if you open your heart and just listen, you’ll feel her through space and time. If you don’t get it the first time, watch another one until you find one that resonates with you. At that point, listen & learn how it makes you feel. Pay close attention to that feeling for that is where you learn how she’s doing it.

Once that connection is learned, all that’s really left is to do it too! I don’t mean record yourself giving a sermon via YouTube, but simply opening your heart. Make yourself venerable – but with strength. Do what you know deep down inside is what you want to do. Allow yourself to do it and then, well, simply do it.

So listen, learn and all the while love. It’s easy and fun! You don’t even have to go looking for anyone for Britney is already there and waiting.

Good day.

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