Serving the Spirit of the Mountain

Every once in a while I stumble across a video from Lilou (of Juicy Living) where she’s interviewing someone regarding what they do as part of her life’s journey. This time, I came across an interview with Michel Domit the creator and visionary of the El Santurario near Mexico City. His words and spirit touched me through this video, which is a good enough reason to share.

Event thought it’s more than seventy minutes long (and has slow parts) there is a genuine truthfulness that is shared in the conversation. It took me a couple days to get through it, but I’m glad that I did!

Here is the interview:

It wasn’t until the video was nearly over that I realized why I felt compelled to watch. Just after sixty minutes into the interview Michel shares tips regarding “what is your mission in life”. For, he states, everyone has a mission in life. And that’s where I started to listen a little closer for the feeling that I have with my own life is that my true mission in life is just now starting to take root and grow. The time spent at my job has been great at providing for raising a family, but it does nothing to grow the soul.

I think it was the very last story in the interview is where things came together for me. That story starts just over 65 minutes into the interview. This is where Michel talks about how the stain glass room came into being. The video cuts to showing the ceiling of the great room and it made me think of what I’d been meditating on creating. It was at that point that the feeling in my meditations came to surface. The woodwork, glass work and openness of the environment all fits with what I’ve been visualizing. Just like Michel sees the location as a sanctuary for the soul, so to have I been envisioning a place where I can live and work that matches the location that he’s developed. The spirit of his intent seems to match my visions.

But I have no desire to run a hotel or resort on that type of scale. There is a difference between working and living or doing something because you get paid verses doing something because you love doing it. I don’t mind hard work as long as it’s something that I enjoy doing. The key part is it has to be something that I’m passionate about and that it fits into the life mission part of things.

When Michel talks about having an open heart, or analyzing the virtues of your heroes for in that is the seed of your mission in life, or don’t wait – start practicing now or perform little acts of compassion on a regular basis, well, these are all things that I have passion for. There is much more to life than keeping the corporate wheel turning.

People blossom when the soul is allowed to shine through. We get a glimpse of that in this interview between Lilou and Michel. That can happen between anyone anywhere when you are committed to having an open heart and allowing the spirit to shine through.

Either I’ve got a trip coming my way, or the vision that I’ve put forth is starting to manifest in more physical terms.

Enjoy the video (if you have time) and perform acts of kindness on a regular basis!

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