Life-Force Energy and Transformations

No matter how many times I think about it or study it, the fact that our bodies run on light never fails to fascinate me. Some people say that our bodies are electric, which I’m sure they are in some form, but even that electricity links back to light. We actually physically run on light. Our bodies are so efficient that is really doesn’t take much either!

You can go study all the metaphysical books that you want too, but if you leave out some physical science, you’ll miss making some of the biggest connections between spirit and matter that can actually be pretty obvious.

I love YouTube! It’s amazing to be able to view the words of others as their journeys unfold. Everyone has different worldly experiences and unique points of view, but when you get to view things in a high information environment (like we have today with the net), you can start making connections with topics that the authors of the videos might know, but in a different way. Hopefully, the ideas will come together so that everyone can benefit.

On to the idea of Life-Force Energy.

I’d like to share a couple videos that I’ve come across in the last few months. This first one is from John at He’s interviewing Dr. Flora about her raw food experiences. He asks a couple simple questions. This video is 7:36 minutes long, but they get into the idea of living foods right off the bat. Pay special attention to Dr Flora’s words, for I’m not sure if John’s getting it the way that she’s intending it to come across.

Here is the video from John at okraw:

I love how she says “Just go all electric food” at the end. When John comes around to sum things up, he says get fresh fruits and vegetables. It comes across as if John knows eating raw fruits and vegetables is the right thing to do, but it seems like the good Doctor has spent some time – philosophically – thinking about why you eat raw fruits and vegetables.

I like the way Dr. Flora mentions Chi as the deciding (or defining) factor with regards to the foods that she chooses. She links it in with picking the food fresh and eating it on the spot. It seems to me that she stresses the importance of eating food that is still vibrant with Chi more so than simply eating the food raw.

I did a quick search to see if I could find a good definition of Chi. Turns out there is a great explanation at I’ve selected a bit of it to repeat here:

Most martial arts practitioners have some idea about the concept of Chi energy. Chi refers to the natural energy of the Universe, which permeates everything. All matter, from the smallest atoms and molecules to the largest planets and stars, is made up of this energy. It is the vital force of life. It is the source of every existing thing. Chi has many manifestations. To the kung fu and taiji practitioners of China it is known as “Chi,” but different philosophies and cultures call it by different names. Japanese martial arts call it “Ki.” Metaphysical science calls it “vital force.” Friedrich Mesmer called it “animal magnetism.” The Indian and Hindu yogis call it “Prana.” Western science defines it as “biorhythm,” and New Age thinkers simply call it “cosmic energy.”

Naturally, in each manifestation the Chi is viewed and defined differently, but basically it is the same thing. It is the power which enables us to think, move, breathe, and live – the power that makes gravity act like gravity. It is what makes electricity electric. It is the link between our perception of the inner and outer worlds.

It is our connection to the very flow of the universe and the prime moving force within the human body. Chi is not breath; it is the power that makes it possible for us to breathe. Chi is not simply “energy,” it is what gives energy the power to be energy. Chi is the power behind movement and thought…and it is everywhere. It is in the oxygen we breathe and the blood that flows through us.

If I’d written that last sentence, I might have said that “it is in the oxygen, but it is not oxygen. It is in our blood. It is the flow that gives us life.” Chi is life force energy. I really like the part where they say “It is the power which enables us to think, move, breathe, and live…”

Later in the same article by Aaron Hoopes at TheBuddhaGarden we read:

Chi within the body is like power in a rechargeable battery. Occasionally it needs to be replenished. The Chi of the universe is inexhaustible, yet the body needs fresh Chi to maintain its vitality. When you are exchanging the Chi within you with the Chi of the universe, you feel healthy and vigorous. By energizing the body with Chi it is revitalized naturally, enabling it to fight off illness and maintain good health. The true secret to replenishing Chi resides in our breathing.

All living things have Chi. I believe that Dr Flora understands the concept of Chi when she states that you want to eat foods that contain Chi.

It’s also interesting that Chi is not constant. It is something that you want to constantly replenish. Breathing is one way, food is another.

Let’s move on to the second video. Here, sometimes I can’t help but think that Matt Monarch is a modern day Forrest Gump as he works his way through life. He’s on a great journey. It appears that he’s doing the right things yet it comes across that he really doesn’t know why.

The first part of this video really isn’t all that interesting. I highly recommend skipping ahead to the 5 minute mark. That’s where he starts into the topic of interest for this article. Also be for warned that he’s a little rough under the edges in this video.

I love his phrase “I’ve evolved!” He’s pretty passionate about that. Matt’s living through a personal transformation (alchemy in a way) that allows for his body to pick up subtle energy systems in a conscious way. I’m looking forward to his future videos where his understanding leads to be being able to explain this process just a little bit better.

The first thing I wanted to reference here is his comments about eating less. He’s claiming that people don’t need to eat as much as they do for they are doing more harm than good. My take on this is slightly different, you see, what Matt doesn’t cover here is the content of what is eaten rather than how much is eaten. Matt has a lifestyle where he eats foods in a way that allows his body to get extra Chi – he’s eating live food! If you were to compare what he eats against a standard western civilization citizen, you’d probably find that Matt eats in one day what other people eat in weeks with regards to Chi in their food. In other words, it probably takes someone eating a standard diet a month’s worth of eating to acquire the Chi that Matt gets in one day.

Standard foods are processed, refined, cooked and distorted so far beyond the living state that the Chi that it had when it was living is long gone. As Dr. Flora mentioned, you want to eat it while it’s still full of life. The volume of food that he talks about may very well be related to the volume of Chi one consumes. If they do a good job eating high Chi foods the body will do just fine on smaller volumes of food.

Now Matt’s case is also interesting because he’s witnessing his body becoming more efficient. This is not the first time in his videos where he talks about it, yet it still comes across as if it’s completely due to his clean body or his practice of getting colonics. This is where I’m not sure if Matt gives enough credit to his consumption of life-force energy (Chi).

I would almost turn Matt’s comments upside down and build off the idea that because he’s living a lifestyle that is high in Chi, his body doesn’t need standard fuels (food) like others. And, in the process of doing so, the side-effects (by products) of eating doesn’t ‘cloud his vision’ (so to speak) with regards to his body’s ability to attune to subtle energies.

The basic idea is that if your body is full of Chi and you remove the debris that clouds the flow of light (mud, molecules, waste), your body functions more efficiently. In the act of functioning more efficiently, the subtle things in life start to stand out as he references with his third eye. You start to feel things. You’re connection with spirit becomes highlighted.

Now, this gets even more interesting if you don’t believe another comment made by Aaron Hoopes at TheBuddhaGarden. He states:

It is difficult to define Chi concretely. It cannot be seen or measured, it cannot be touched or captured. It is everywhere, yet we have no way to touch it, make it tangible, or even prove its existence. Therefore Chi is a difficult concept to accept. The Western mind likes the tangible, the concrete and the specific. It likes a scientific explanation which defines, dissects, and categorizes. Chi transcends this kind of explanation. It doesn’t fit easily into a strict biomedical framework. It is simply indefinable in those terms.

You could stay very similar things about radio waves. If you put yourself a couple hundred years into the past, radio waves could not be measured, touched or captured, yet they are still everywhere (in varying degrees of strength). Yet, radio waves exist. Just because mankind hasn’t figured out how to capture and/or create something doesn’t mean that is doesn’t exist.

With Chi, it would seem, mankind simply hasn’t figured out how to measure it, capture it or recreate it. We may, or may not ever be able to do this, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t exist.

In a way, this idea of Chi, and how it acts in the body, seems to align with properties that seem to follow the Philosopher’s Stone; at least to some degree. Doing a quick search of the net brings up a posting at the Temple of Mars website which reads:

… when the Elixir of Life is properly prepared and ingested it greatly increases your mental abilities, including intuition and awareness(of God), Artistic Ability and Creatitivity. It also activates you beta recpetors and allows you to recieve transmissions, as thoughts, from the netherworld. Messages from God, and other spiritual entities.

From the Wikipedia’s version of the Philosopher’s Stone, we read:

… It is said that consuming even a small portion of the philosopher’s stone will instantaneously heal all forms of illness without exception. It is sometimes further claimed that a senior person will become once more fit and youthful.

The traits associated with the philosopher’s stone really seem to align well with the experiences that people have when they change their diet to raw and living foods. Not only do they find that the body transforms itself (spiritual alchemy) but the body becomes more sensitive to subtle energy (physical alchemy). Things like – feeling – become natural and your connection with spirit becomes enhanced.

At this point, I have to wonder if it could be possible to capture Chi. Or, better yet, if it could be refined so as to concentrate it. I would also have to wonder if there is a link between the historical philosopher’s stone – as being life energy – and Chi – being life energy. There are a lot of similar characteristic shared here.

Did I say that it makes you wonder?

Even if the common person doesn’t come to learn how to create the philosopher’s stone, it would seem to me that attributes associated with the stone align well with what people have come to understand as Chi. There is a Life-Force Energy that flows through us and it seems to be related to living in perfection.

There is also nothing stopping you from making the personal decisions to transform your own life to one that is more in touch with living Life-Force Energy by learning how to consume this Life-Force Energy by consciously breathing and consciously eating.

The choice is yours.

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