High Energy and Life Force Atoms

My adventures over the last couple weeks have once again focused my attention on quantum physics and how the spin state of atoms is linked to life. Reflecting upon it now, it seems almost painfully obvious that human life has evolved to use the energy of high spin state atoms and that life exists just about everywhere based upon this energy in atoms (and molecules). The concept that we are all one with our environment really does make more sense today than just a few short weeks ago and, today, I get to blog about it!

The basic idea here is that high spin state atoms vibrate to energy sources that correspond to life force and this life force is unlimited when you resonate with it (just like the energy that you can tap from a superconductive source).

I’ve heard it said over the years that crystals are amazing energy sources. I’ve always questioned this notion, but have always agreed that crystals can focus energy. Or, maybe a better way of describing this is that crystals create a disturbance in the flow of natural energy that it can appear to concentrate it or focus it. Yet, the idea of it being high energy matter is what I tend to disagree with.

Let’s look at the concept of crystallization of water. When energy is removed from the water, the movement of the molecules slows and the molecules fall into a natural latticework that forms ice. If you add energy to this latticework of water, the spin of the atoms accelerates changing the molecules properties making it liquid. If you continue to add energy, the water molecules spin fast enough to overcome the static charge that holds them in liquid form thus allowing the molecule to dissolve into the air. The more energy, the faster the spin, the less crystalline the substance is.

Water is always considered so special. Because of this, it’s worthwhile to consider other forms of matter that are affected by energy sources other than common heat – sugar fits the bill nicely.

We all know that the process of photosynthesis produces sugars from common elements through the addition of sunlight. As we have seen in previous postings on this blog, the sunlight energy is absorbed into the atoms that form the sugar molecule and in the process of doing so, changes the properties of the atoms thus allowing the new molecular component to form. This addition of sunlight is key. When that energy is added to the mixture, it creates a higher energy state molecule than what originally existed. Adding energy in this way ‘spins up’ the atom allowing it to function differently from its previous form.

This ‘spinning up’ of the atom is very important. If atoms couldn’t absorb this extra energy, where would we get our energy from? It’s a bit puzzling, while at the same time fundamentally obvious. We basically live off the idea that atoms can absorb and release energy.

Now if we think about it a bit and speculate, we might find that atoms in the highest spin state would be atoms that are superconductive and infinitely full of energy. Likewise, atoms that are in their lowest spin state are effectively devoid of life. They spin so slow that they crystallize.

Yet the missing link is the connection that these substances have in the body. It has already been found that when body tissue is analyzed, some percentage of the tissue is not assayable – ORMUS type material. I would contend that if the death were natural (due to old age) the tissue analysis should represent the minimum amount of ORMUS that can support human life. At the same time, if a vibrant healthy human where to have tissue analyzed, we would probably find that it has a lot more ORMUS type material in it!

The assumption that I’ve made here is that superconductive atoms (atoms in their high spin state) provide resonate links to energy sources that help maintain life. In other words, we all know that when you consume sugar, the body breaks down the sugar to release the light energy stored there to power our bodies. What if the light energy equivalent is extracted from superconductive atoms that resonate with zero point energy sources? Thus, if we fill our bodies with these superconductive atoms, we’d find that we would have more energy and a general higher sense of well-being.

As it turns out, this is exactly the claimed effect that people experience when taking ORMUS. They feel a better sense of well-being and they report regaining a youthful vigor of higher energy and stamina.

To me, the ingestion of ORMUS based material not only enhances the common physical body, but it allows for the growth of the different bodies. If you’ve studied auras at all, you’re aware that the body emits light. We also know that when the body breaks down sugar (or other things) light it also emitted. But what if the body consumes high spin state atoms that resonate with zero point energies so as to also give off light? This would empower the body with another source of energy. This would enrich the aura beyond what is typically seen. As it also turns out, people have taken karelian photos of people before and after consuming ORMUS and the aura grows dramatically.

So the real question is; can that resonance be consciously derived? Well, I believe so.

I actually believe this is something that people should strive for.

I also believe the particles that we take in can lose or gain spin based upon the characteristics of your spirit and the efficiency of the body. Because our bodies release energy from sugars (and other molecules) it could use that energy to spin up other molecules to achieve the superconductive state of resonance. At the same time, the high spin molecules to be broken down into elementary spin elements by draining the energy from the atom. This would mean that if the body is super efficient, extra energy could be used to create superconductive atoms in the body. If the body is not efficient, just the opposite would happen.

The more I study this, the more I believe that there is also an emotional and mental connection that plays a part with regards to maintaining the resonance that’s needed to synchronize the superconductive elements to their source. I have the feeling that the emotion of love is a key resonance feeling that links the atoms to the energy source.

I feel that the emotions and mental connections also have a role to play in the draining of energy from atoms that we consume. If we overburden our bodies with waste and burnt out atoms (molecules) that can’t be discarded fast enough, those dead molecules (that no longer have energy) crystallize throughout the body causing disturbances in the energy flows that influence (in a negative way) how the body works. Negative emotions drain energy. Negative emotions don’t setup a resonance to the superconductive energy sources. Rather, they tap energy from the molecules within the body causing them to lose life force (lose spin).

So, in a way, it really comes down to what you eat and how you act. If you eat foods that take huge amounts of energy for the body to process, the gain will be minimal. Also, if you allow yourself to constantly expend energy on negative energy draining emotions, you will see that extra amount of energy quickly drained from your system.

This is where OMRUS comes in. If you think about this in relations to ORMUS (or white powder gold), the substance is a concentration of minerals that are in their pure spin states. This would include some that are superconductive (pure). If someone ingests these atoms, you would seem to have a better chance of increasing the number in the body so that any resonance that is made (to the source) will be amplified because of the sheer number of atoms that resonate all at the same time. One might think that if the right balance is found, one might be able to seriously feel the connection (resonance point) when it’s made and the energy starts to flow.

If nothing else, the ORMUS minerals are known to be angstrom size atoms that are bio-available for molecular use. Knowing that these minerals also dissolve crystallizations in the body, ORMUS could be thought of as a solvent that helps remove the dead-lifeless molecules that have built up over time. One would believe that the removing the ‘dead weight’ would increase the efficiency of the body and possibly help to restore a youthful feeling. This, also, would be beneficial to one’s quality of life.

Ultimately, life is based on the flow of energy. If that flow of energy is high and the body is efficient, small amounts of high spin state atoms should have a big affect on someone. Likewise, if the body is low on these substances, someone might find themselves just barely living and having to deal with lots of crystallization in the body that creates energy flows that are inharmonic.

Life requires high spin state atoms. High spin state atoms resonate with ‘the source’ – they are connected to the pure source of energy. This is what we want to connect too! If we can make sure we have the raw resources in our bodies and our minds enhance the effect through consciously creating emotional conditions where resonance is achieved, we should be able to tap into the zero point energies via these superconductive atoms.

I’m sure that in doing so, the ‘life’ that we would experience would be nothing like what we witness today!

As a side note, white powder gold has been referred to as the philosopher’s stone for (nearly) forever. The idea of finding a substance that turns things into gold doesn’t really make sense on a spiritual level. The trick would be to take the crystalline metal (gold) and turn it into superconductive atoms that are in the high spin state that radiate life. If the goal is to create crystalline metal, the goal is effectively – to strip the atoms of their energy – kill them.

The quest for life is the quest for high spin atoms. Include them in your life and find a way to get them to resonate to their source. I’m willing to bet that the results will be astounding.

Let me know if you meditate about this too!

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