ORMUS based Rejuvelac

This is going to be my next experiment. Basically, since we’ve learned that minerials need to be wrapped in organic compounds in order to for it to be bioavailable to plants and humans, I figured I should be able to brew up some ‘ORMUS tea’ using the help of some single cell organisms.

Ann Wigmore was big on Rejuvelac, but I don’t think she knew about ORMUS.

From Wikipedia:

Rejuvelac is a general term for a fermented liquid used to improve digestion of food. Rejuvelac is prepared using whole wheat, rye, quinoa, oats, barley, millet, buckwheat, rice and other types of grain. Best results have been found using wheat, rye, and quinoa. Rejuvelac can be consumed as a digestive aid and used as a ‘starter’ for other fermented foods such as raw nut and seed sauces, cheeses, and Essene Breads. Rejuvelac contains eight of the B vitamins, vitamins E and K, and a variety of proteins, dextrines, carbohydrates, phosphates and amylases. It is rich in enzymes that assist in digestion. During the fermentation lactic acid is also being produced.[1][2]

Rejuvelac is a raw food made by sprouting a grain and then soaking the sprouted grain in water for about two days at room temperature and then drinking the liquid. A second batch can be made from the same sprouts, this time requiring only about one day. A third batch is possible but the flavor may be disagreeable.[3]

Instructions for making it can be found on eHow Health.

I wonder how this will taste!  Lol.

Oh, here’s a video about making Rejuvelac.