A Real Sense of Being

I’m really starting to love Youtube! What an amazing tool for linking people together. As you probably already know, pictures and video capture the essence of spirit so it can be viewed anywhere and everywhere. Well, today I’ve come across a video posted on thejoyofraw’s channel.

I would be willing to bet that it really was an astonishing moment when she realized that she was more than just a body! And I’d like to share that with you.

3:12 “It feels like my cells are ringing out with the harmony with the music of life!”

4:39 “[raw food] opens you up in a very magical way…”

I absolutely love how she admits that she didn’t know it was possible to feel this way. While she’s speaking these words, if you listen with your heart, you’ll feel the same experience! The emotions and understanding of her experience transfer very well in this video.

Part two goes into more details. This is where she talks about her spiritual awakening!

I love how she, once again, admits that spirituality is something that she’d never considered before. To me, that is pretty amazing, for as long as I can remember I’ve thought of myself as a spirit in a body. The body is here to serve the spirit.

She states, “It was this day that I realized, I recognized that I even had a spirit…” And then continues that the realization was that she was more than just this physical body. And the feelings transfer with her words!

Wow. I love her use of “I am” statements! Those resonate so powerfully. And the “You just know that it’s there” admission as the truth.

Another gift of a video for other like minded spirits to enjoy!

And, thejoyofraw – I truly support your experience! There is nothing to deny. May your life be fully open and aware. My your experiences be full!

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