Happy New Year Vibrations

Hi All,  Wow!  You know how every once in a while you come across something that really touches you deeply? Well, today, I got those feeling that warmed me up inside as if I’d found a long lost friend.

YouTube is really amazing. When the camera was invented, I’m sure the person that put it together didn’t know they would actually be able to transfer the spirit of a person through time and space by recording the actions a few flickers at a time!

I’ll keep it short and simply share. If you want more info about this video, please see Therese’s website or YouTube channel.

Oh, can’t leave without saying that it didn’t take 20 seconds before I felt the good vibrations and knew it. The fact that a few seconds later she mentions gifting good vibrations just confirms what I felt. And don’t let her intellectually divert what you feel by transferring your attention to the chants! The gift she’s given has already been expressed via the purity of her spirit at the moment of recording the clip! Just reach out and feel what she offers unconditionally!

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