Making Raw Coconut Oil

I love it when I stumble across videos like this one about making coconut oil. When I get a few minutes alone with the TV, I have the tendency to switch the channel to the How It’s Made show. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with what they have to offer, yet I wish they’d go into a little more detail.

When it comes to making edible oil, I would suspect that no one that I’ve ever met has any idea how to make it. And, they wouldn’t have any reason for they’d simply go to the store and pay the 10-15 bucks for the jar!

It’s cool how the video takes you through all the steps. The grinding looks pretty aggressive! I wonder what that looks like for the camera really doesn’t pick up the image very well. The presses are pretty old fashion. Reminds me of making apple cider as a kid.

The part that I didn’t know, was that when you press the nut, the juice will separate into three layers: skim milk, oil and protein. There’s a great show of it @ 5:04 in the video. I’ve ground and strained coconut flakes and it separates almost like this, but my kitchen (blender) is nothing like this operation.

Looks like there was a related link that’s a little more ‘local kitchen’ than the previous one. This is John, from showing us how to make coconut oil from everyday mature coconuts.

I wish I could find the first video, but he does a good job summing up the first steps to the process. I would guess that he got a really good deal on coconuts, opened them, ran it through the juicer to make pulp (removing the juice) and then the video picks up at the oil extraction process. It’s too bad that he doesn’t show the final product after it’s separated.

Now I know that I’ll be keeping my eyes open in a search for a great deal on coconuts. I’m looking forward to (at least) trying this process. I’m sure, if nothing else, I’ll gain a better appreciation for the price of a jar of coconut oil!

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