Would you like to play with me?

There’s magic in the air; every day, all day. It’s everything that you’ve imagined and more! The best part is that it’s free for the taking! Step up and check out, it will not be long before you experience your next miracle.

As some of you already know, I spent the better part of the last weekend at a Matrix Energetics Seminar. They called it a Level 1 and 2 weekend with a follow on Practitioners session (on Tuesday). Beforehand, they perform a free intro for two hours on Friday night. There’s definitely a lot of show, but there is real content in the mix.

Is it worth the money?

In my case, I would definitely have to agree. The money you’d spend on this show would only get you through a few treatments with a psychiatrist, yet you’ll find answers to the problems in the show that I’m mostly positive that you’ll NOT find with the psychiatrist! Nope. Radically different – to the core different experience.

Would I go again?

Not today. What he teaches could be condensed into a half day seminar, but the real meat of the program is in the ‘playing’. Nearly half the seminar is play time and during that time, 80% of the time is spent not playing because people have such a hard time … playing!

What’s the most important teaching?

Play more!

Every moment of every day could be spent playing. There is no limit to the enjoyment that someone can tap into if they so choose. And, as it turns out, this is what I took away as my ‘homework’ – Play more.

Many years ago, a beautiful lady felt sad for me because I have always taken everything so seriously. She said ‘you need to play more’. Those words have stuck with me like a shimmering spell just waiting to awaken. The problem is that I’ve always been conflicted by the statement because I didn’t understand the act of playing.

You see, when ‘normal’ people think about playing, things like going to the bar, joining a soccer team, following your favorite NFL team or playing video games pretty much makes up the collection. No matter what you name, the ‘games’ people play – to pass time – just don’t rock my boat.

I love learning. I love discovering the truth. I love creating. I love it when someone asks me about the things that I’m passionate about – and then listens! I love being with people that have similar interests. I love feeling the passion when another person shares what they love about something.

Well, it didn’t take me long to discover that the 500+ people that attended the seminar made me feel like a pea in a pod. Lol. I met massage therapists, clairvoyants, musicians, doctors, hypnotists, hippies, software engineers, Matrix Energetics practitioners and more. It was a very interesting collection of right brained people making associations between what they experience and what they know. It felt like I’d found a home that almost felt like home.

I have to admit that Richard wasn’t the most interesting person there. But his teaching style is effective. I guarantee that you’ll never forget how he tells his stories or how he demonstrates the magic. The people that you met in the practice sessions are probably more profound for these are the people that you actually make ‘connections’ with. These are the people through which you experience the magic.

What stood out the most?

The people that attend the sessions like this are people that are conscious about spiritual energy. They have experience channeling and focusing energy. Thus, the moments where everyone in the room came into harmony (at the same time) made for intense experiences. These harmonic sessions happened quite often.

There were also times when Richards own life lesions radiated through creating disease, breaking down the harmony that he’d (un)consciously built up. These moments were something that I clearly noticed and when I mentioned it to a few people they confirmed it right back. The harmonic moments are so desirable that in the end the un-harmonic points (which feel more like reading bad news) just fade away.

I was also stuck by the clarity of his statements that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. After participating for four days, I’m left with the impression that he acts like a ten year old and he’s really (to the greatest extent) unconscious of what he’s doing. In a laughingly way, this is supported by the unconscious experiences that people have in his presence. It’s really amazing. I’m absolutely sure that his child like behavior is what helped him discover the magic that he teaches. It’s a beautiful thing that I’m sure will be expanded upon (by others) in no-time.

I would love to attend another seminar like this, but it would have to be one where the inharmonic moments are removed and they bring in conscious language and intent. Richard constantly stated that he didn’t know what’s going on. A common statement came across like “I have no idea what just happened!” Each time I felt him state one of these statements it made me sad for he could have opened himself up to the truth and the answer would have been as plain as day.

In the end, though, my biggest take away is that it’s time for Dave to come out and play. I have finally found a ‘game’ that interests me. I’m totally looking forward to developing a ‘practice’ and playing with others in ‘games’ of our own choosing.

So the challenge is out. If you want to join me, bring an open heart and we’ll make up games to discover the truth together!

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