Beautiful on Raw & Yoga

You know how every once in a while you find something that touches you just enough that you KNOW the person is speaking the truth, well, I came across that again this morning. Would have come across it a couple days ago if only I had more time in front of the computer! (lol)  I started it two days ago, but couldn’t get all the way through the seven minutes. So, I saved that explorer open until this morning and I’m glad I did. I recommend seeing the entire video in one sitting.

When I first came across this video I was simply looking for video on the lotus yoga position and I found this. I did not make the connection between Tony Zavasta and the book Raw Food and Hot Yoga until the very end of the video:

Wish I could just link in the Amazon book and it’s description, but I can’t find it there. It can be found on Tonya’s website here.

I’ve seen that book on shelves for the last couple years, but never really felt the desire to bring it home. I might have to take a closer look now.

But the most interesting thing that she mentions is the help that she’s gotten through eating raw AND doing yoga. Minute 2:57 in:

I have news for you, old age is already robbing you of your vitality. Lightness and youthfulness comes from flexibility in your joints. So can we get our youthfulness back? Well, we’ll never be 17 again, that’s for sure, but the answer is still YES, you can still recover your youthful agility.

Shortly thereafter:

Before you opt for surgery, give bikram brattice a try.

To which I totally (100%) agree. The tears come @ 5:00 and then the real solution comes at 5:40:

but, there is something else that helped greatly. I have not been eating any cooked food for the last 12 years. Raw food delivered the best nourishment for your body. But it is yoga practice that will help your body make the best of it. … but it is your embracing the raw food diet that will make this transformation happen sooner and the results more dramatic.

I started yoga 1 ½ years ago and at that point also made a conscious effort to eat as much raw food as I could – including (most importantly the easy one) green smoothies. When I started, I could hardly bend over. Touching my toes was not an option. Now, I place my hand flat on the floor and bend my elbows deeply.

The most interesting part is that NO ONE ELSE in the class has made the type of progress that I have made. Other’s still talk about going out for a latte, and then moan when they try to stretch the following day. I me, my personal experience would attest to the fact that if you Alkalize your body it will respond positively.

Tonya looks pretty amazing at the age of 52 after having gone through 11 surgeries. More importantly, she comes across as being amazing! Alkalize your body – use it and see what happens!

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