All moments can be visited from the present

The act of being only exists in this current moment of time. Every second of every day the present moment continues to exist just like the previous moment but the experiences change. At the root of it, all is energy that flows through you to create emotional attachments to your experiences. These emotional attachments get confused as being who we are, but in reality they are what we’ve experienced.

It’s a shame when I hear people stay statements like “I am this way because…”, or “If you’d been through that I’ve been through you’d …” because the person is attaching their identity to the emotional experience and resonating it into the present. It would be like being forced to listen to a performance of a singer that open-heartedly sang and performed so far out of tune that the energies of the experience strikes you so hard that the awkwardness of the event is forever carried forward tainting every future concert you ever attend.

The present moment is built upon the choices you make in this instant. The basis from which you make your choices come from the emotional attachments that you resonate with. It is important to understand that these emotional experiences are not forced upon you, but rather experiences you resonate with. Because they are not inherently you, you can actively change your resonance to something that is a little more agreeable with the experiences you would like to feel.

I was impressed with this information in my morning meditation – Time travel is possible at any moment in time. The energy that existed before can be revisited by re-experiencing that emotional attachment. The feeling that were experienced before, can once again be experienced in the present – for the action of experiencing the energies only happens in the present.

If you make a conscious effort to recall the emotional experience you will mostly likely find that the physical responses that you experienced before happen again. It’s as if the body is reliving the same experience a second time – regardless of the physical environment and moment in time in which the event originally happened. This is because the body experiences thoughts and emotions as if they only exist in the present. We only exist in the present. There is not past, just what we choose to emotionally resonate forward.

If you clear you mind by consciously not placing energy into previous emotional attachments, you will once again be able to experience the present moment for what it is – unencumbered by previous responses like the standard dichotomies; good/bad, right/wrong, etc. The current moment is what it is and the energies that are present in this moment are available for you to craft new and more beautiful emotional resonances to carry forward.

Future moments can also be brought into the present moment. Just like you resonate with previous experiences, you can start resonating to your future experiences beforehand. The beauty with this process is that you get to take the energy that is available with you (always) in the present moment and consciously shape it to create a resonance pattern for you to ‘vibrate’ too. A vibration to build upon – a new way forward, so to speak.

If you think about the process a little, it’s very similar to how you resonate to previous emotional experiences. The more energy that flowed through the old experience, the stronger the physical reactions and the clearer the emotional resonance that is carried forward. To bring the future into the present, the same thing happens in reverse. You consciously imagine the situation with your mind (linear processing) where you pick out all the main details. Then, you give into the emotional experience of it (parallel processing) where you experience the desire as if you where living it. You make that self crafted desire something that you can emotionally resonate with.

Ultimately, the resonance patterns require energy to relive them. Likewise, to build a forward looking resonance pattern you have to consciously place effort into your desire. Yet, in the end, the resonance patterns are energy flows that you consciously maintain in the present that create attractions and repulsions in your environment – like the wonderful singer or the hideously awful one!

Make your resonance patterns conscious. Give energy to what you want and you will feel the way you want to feel rather than feeling the way you are.

So, what does this all mean?  My interpretation is that the moment someone meets you (me, anyone) the energies that are exchanged are pure and unintentional. As time progresses and you get to learn someone, you get to figure out what they resonate too. You may find that here’s harmony or discord, but the sensation is there. Thus, if you want to change the current moment and be someone different (than you have been) there’s nothing stopping you. Find a different energy stream to feed and pick up a new resonance.

Sound easy? It’s a matter of just doing it.

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