Energy flow and perception

Haven’t had much spare time lately, yet the few moments that have come my way I treasure. Some of those moments have been spent reading, others in Yoga, Meditation and walking the dog.

You might have noticed that it’s taking me a while to get through my latest book. I didn’t know it went I purchased it, but it’s a text book! – True studying material. And, for anyone that knows me, they know how much I love text books.

In any case, the other might while reading page 76, I had a thought that I wanted to share. Page 76 is in the chapter titled Psychological Function of the Seven Major Chakras. I’d been reading my way through the lower chakras wondering how many times I’d come back and read these sections when I came across the section on the chakra between the shoulder blades. There words here seemed to strike a nerve.

As it turns out, this particular area in my body has been the focus of my attention for years. When I was younger, I experienced joint pain and pinched nerves that left me holding my breath waiting for the pain to subside. Lately, I’ve been working on revisiting this area through yoga and massage that has reactivated some old feelings that I’m now looking forward to healing.

In any case, the words of interest I’ll quote here:

Midway between the shoulder blades, chakra 4B is associated with the ego will, or outer will. This is the center from which we act in the physical world. We go after what we want.

If this center is clockwise, we will have a positive attitude about accomplishing things in life and see other people as supports for those accomplishments. We will then have the experiences to support this view because we live it. We will experience our will and the device will in agreement. We will see the will of our friends aligned with our will. For example, if you want to write a book, you will envision your friends helping you and it being accepted by the publishers in a way that says, “yes, this is just what we were looking for.”

On the other hand, if this center is counter-clockwise, the opposite is true. We will have the misconception that God’s will and that of other people is opposed to our will. People will appear to be blocks in our way of getting what we want or in our accomplishing something. We will have to go through them or run them over to get what we want, rather than see them as helping us. We would believe statements like “my will over yours” and “my will over God’s” Deep-seated beliefs relating to how the universe functions are involved here.

Half way through reading these couple paragraphs, I couldn’t help but relate them to The Golden Rule. If you search the web, you’ll find a number of different word combinations to represent The Golden Rule. But the one that I carry with me has always been: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12).

Yet, time and time again I’ve heard people speak The Golden Rule as “Do unto others as they do unto you.”

If you look closely at these to phrases (life philosophies) you’ll notice that with the first phrase “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a philosophy that implies that you are the originator of the energy of action. You perform the work of behaving as you’d like others to behave. You maintain your choice in actions for you get to choose how to treat others. You maintain your fee will.

When you think about the second interpretation “Do unto others as they do unto you” you no longer get to keep your choice of free will. You’re subjected to acting in the way others act around you. If you find yourself in the company of liars, this philosophical standing point would have you lying in no time at all.

If you think about it, you’ve probably met a number of people that categorize themselves following The Golden Rule, but the way that they see it is the second case above.

There is also the philosophical point of view regarding the cup half filled with water. Do you see it as half full or half empty?

Well, the thought that struck me the other day was that the chakra that Barbara Brennan talks about may have some association with this philosophical trait that people have. She basically states that if the energy flows one direction, you get a person that goes with the flow. Yet, if the energy flows the other direction you get a person that’s always battling the flow to get where they’re going. Or, in other words (words crafted by me) if the energy flows one direction you will have the tendency to see the cup as half full. Yet, if it flows the other direction you would have the tendency to see the cup as half empty.

Or, could it be that if you’re philosophy is to ‘see the cup as half full’ the energy will flow in the direction that will open a path in life that is easy and free flowing. Whereas, if you’re philosophy is to ‘see the cup as half empty’ you’ll generate energies around you that make you feel like you’re always battling the current to get where you’re going.

I wonder which one comes first?

If you where to ask me, I believe that you get to choose a particular philosophy that tends to color the way you see your life experiences. The philosophy becomes something that you resonate with. It’s like singing a song (of life) where you live out the role you choose. Then, as you ‘sing’ that philosophy the energy (of life) flows to that rhythm and rotates one way or another. Then, if you happened to cross paths with a trained physic, they would observe the flow of energy that would represent the philosophy you choose to live by.

It’s all pretty interesting and the reading is still holding my attention. I’m looking forward to finding a few more passages to share.

Hope you see your cup as half full.

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