The dancing lights of thought

The other day while cooling down from practicing yoga, I had a thought. Yah, yah, I know, it’s a life altering concept isn’t it. But, it still happened and I’m here to share it.

A while back I set my intention during a meditation session to understand how it is that the body focuses energy. And, I feel that part of that understanding has been delivered.

The class had virtually finished and the instructor talked us all through the relaxation process of the savasana pose (corpse pose where you simply lay on your back and cool down after your workout). During this time, I found myself able to relax, but my mind tracked what felt like spiraling energies around my Being. The act of experiencing the spiraling energies felt like watching the northern lights around my Being. It was kind of a wild display of areas that had higher densities of light where as other areas were less dense. As I watched, these energies seemed to move like a Walt Disney animated flame from one area to another.

As I observed this activity I was impressed that as you think about different things the light density changes as it acts upon that thought. So, the act of thinking changes the energy flow (light) that normally is dispersed rather evenly around your Being so as to make more concentrated areas and less concentrated areas. In a way, like waves, but these waves are more like computer interpretations of analog sound displayed as densities of light.

As I was enjoying the flow of light around my Being (I say Being because it wasn’t around my body, but it felt like it was around my consciousness as if I was the observer and the light show was happening around my observation point) and the instructor came over and interrupted this activity. But not in a bad way.

You know how instructors may help realign your body as you lays there in the savasana pose? Well, if you haven’t experienced this, they may shake the tension out of your legs, press on your collarbones (shoulders) to break up neck tension and then align the head via touching pressure points on the back of the neck and, sometimes, lifting the head. It’s all a very gentle process that is like a mild massage.

Well, as I was saying, I was enjoying this little light show and the instructor came over to perform this alignment starting with the shoulders and finishing with the neck. The moment she touched my shoulders the light stopped ‘dancing’ and then as she held both sides of my neck the light density completely evened out so as to form a perfect circle of calm activity.

It was really quite amazing in a subtle type of way.

As it turns out, the instructor is also a Reiki healer. I didn’t ask her at the time what she thought – or what her intent was at that moment, but I just might. And, likewise, there may be something in Reiki that I need to experience with regards to light. But that is just a hunch. 

So, what does this have to do with focusing energy? It may simple be related to thought. I will investigate more and see if I can find the right words to describe it.

Have a great day!

PS. Here is a pretty good rendition of what I witnessed. It is a time lapse of the northern lights as only National Geographic can do.

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