Superconductivity in the human body?

A few years ago I came across a very interesting video from a man talking about some mysterious white powder gold that seemed to ring true (at some level) with me. I don’t remember the original video (and thus I don’t have a link to it), but here is a link to the first of many YouTube clips that make up the lecture I heard.

David Hudson lecture on YouTube

I have to admit that this lecture sparked my curiosity and a couple years later I’m still researching aspects of what he talked about. If you have the time, well, if you’re here you probably have the time, I’d recommend giving it a listen or reading a transcript or two.

If you’re looking for a transcript, the website asc-alchemy has a bunch of them all strung together. You can find them here.

The thing that caught my attention, today, can be found in the Superconducting section of the first transcript and it reads:

Now this takes a little explaining because one spin one half electron plus one spin one half electron are two particles. Yet when these two particles become perfectly paired as mirror images of each other they lose all particle aspects and they become nothing but pure light. … [bolding mine]

We’ve seen what light can do to molecules. Specific wavelengths of light (electromagnetic energy) can elevate electrons into higher orbits that allow for the formation of molecules like sugar. What David Hudson seems to be saying is that a superconducting atom (or atom pair) have electrons that stop acting like normal electrons, but acting like light – or a source of light.

If his work really was truthful, he also experimented to see if there were biological links. Looks like he found some:

So we went down to A. J. Bayless and got ourselves some cow’s brains and some pig’s brains. We carborized these brains in fuming sulfuric acid. That was a really raunchy thing to do but it was the only way we knew to do it. We weren’t organic chemists, we were inorganic chemists so we destroyed the carbon, carborized it, added nitric-nitric-nitric acid, kept taking it down to fumes of sulfuric more nitric, fumes of sulfuric, more nitric till we got rid of all the carbon. Then water, water, water till we got rid of all the nitrous compounds. Then we did a metal sulfate analysis. Did you know that over five percent by dry matter weight of the brain tissue is rhodium and iridium in the high spin state? [bolding mine]

He then continues with:

Did you know that the way cells communicate with each other is by superconductivity? That the U.S. Naval Research Facility knows that the way cells communicate with each other is by superconductivity? That they have actually measured it using SQUIDS? Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices with a superconducting ring around the body. And they have seen by this procedure that literally light flowed between cell to cell to cell to cell. Did you know that your nerve impulses are not electricity that they travel closer to the speed of sound than they do to the speed of light? And electricity travels closer to the speed of light? Do you know what speed the superconducting wave travels? The speed of sound. This, in fact, is what is in your body that we call the consciousness. It’s what separates you from a computer.

It literally is the light of life. This is that part of your body that has been there all of this time, that scientists can’t find because their instruments can’t see it. They call it carbon because it has no absorption or emission spectra and they assume therefore that it is carbon when, in fact, it isn’t carbon. That there are 11 elements that it could be but primarily rhodium and iridium are the elements that are in your body right now. And that literally they resonance connect and literally flow the light of life perpetually in your body. And around your body you have a non polar magnetic field which is called the Meissner field or they refer to it as the aura. [bolding mine]

This last little bit opens the doors for investigation. The idea that the body could produce a non polar magnetic field, which is the aura, is a bit different then what I’d think it was based upon the body’s ability to break down sugar with releases light (electromagnetic energy) – which might be seen by the correct sensitive equipment.

What’s more interesting is that if these superconductive atoms are in our bodies, how might our bodies use them? And, probably more important, if these atoms are light (electromagnetic energy) sources, might some functions within our bodies need this type of electromagnetic energy to function properly?

He also makes mention of magnetic fields, electricity and how superconductors can store energy (and release energy). There is mention that to get electricity through a wire, you need voltage. Yet, to get it into a superconductor, you have to apply voltage at just the right frequency. Well, this makes me think just a bit, if superconductors can take or give light and if your body can break down molecules of sugar to release light, might these superconductive atoms act like batteries storing the light?

It’s worth thinking about, thus it’s worth posting. I’ll think about this some more to see if there are other ideas I can post about this.

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  1. Hi dave. I started really focusing and observing myself and my children as well during our daily lives. Here in point form is what I’ve observed over the last week or so.
    -I call my daughter daily as she lives out of town and quite often is bored. I have noticed that EVERY TIME I have phoned her she was just finished doing whatever it was she had to do. I also noticed that I caught her just coming in the door repeatedly.
    -I called my partner up and and he asked me “Jeeze, hoe do you do that? That’s 3 nights in a row when no sooner do I walk in the door and I’m done for the day and the phone rings.”
    -I called my partner up on a different occasion and he said “You know that’s strange I was just looking at a picture of you, and no sooner did I pick it up and the phone rang and it’s you.”
    -I started humming to myself, and just when I was going to start singing a different song, my 10 year old son started to sing it. When I think about this, this happens often with us. I am really starting to notice how in tune I am with my family.
    -my little girl started talking about something with me, and I’ll be darned if I wasn’t just daydreaming about what she started talking about!
    -My oldest son I have just noticed his Aura has changed to a rosy pink glow, with shimmers of yellow sometimes, it happened at the same time he got himself a new girlfriend. I think this is so cool, because now I can see aura’s all of the time, not just when I center myself with breathing and meditation. It seems to me as if just simply concentrating harder to stop and take stock of every little nuance, and every moment-I have become stronger at seeing the Aura’s of people! I AM SO EXCITED BY THIS!!!!!
    -My oldest Daughter called me over this past weekend, andwithout her even listening to my voice she asked me “Mom, what’s wrong? I just had to call you, I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything-you keep popping into my head, are you okay?” I wasn’t I was having a bad time of it, thinking about some depressing stuff, and I just couldn’t shake this depressed feeling, that is until she phoned me and we talked it over, and of course after that I felt much better.
    -For years now my Daughter and I have been discussing certain events that have occurred that we know are more than just a normal event or moment. We have kept these moments to ourselves, I guess it’s the fear of hearing others deragatory comments about such things that have kept us quiet. But Dave, my daughter and I have discussed this today, and she has agreed to let me write about it, as long as I keep her name confidential. So I will be keeping track of her events too, here in your blog if that is okay with you.
    -My daughter has the ability to dream about events before they occurr. She says she doesn’t remember them until right before it happens, and then its like Dejavu, she sees the event happening as if looking through someone elses eyes.
    -My Mother has certain abilities as well. It seems that any time in the past that my father was out drinking and started to stray from her with another woman, he would be unable to perform the task and my mom would pop into his mind. He would then go home and I have heard her say as soon as he enters the house, “What were you doing earlier on tonight?” He answered by calling her a witch. Now the only reason I told this story is because I wanted you to know that my Mom and daughter also have certain abilities. So it seems that certain things are inherited, and not learned, although practise makes perfect for sure.
    Well Dave, that’s all I have for today concerning my observations.
    I have another topic concerning healing I would like to discuss with you. I have a feeling that I am capable of channeling my energy, and I would love to learn how to apply this. I feel certain energy over people, I had noticed this when I was studying a friend’s hand to see her aura. While I was looking at the color outline around her, I felt compelled to run my hands just over top of her, and it was then that I figured I have something more to delve into.
    Until next time!

  2. Hi again Tarina,

    with regards to actively following me concerning my abilities, how would we go about that?

    The only one that can really follow your abilities is yourself. Journaling is probably the best way to do this. I would record what happened and all the little details leading up to and just after the event. Keep in mind that these are subtle abilities, thus you’ll need to pay attention to the subtle things that happen before and after so as to ‘sense’ how and why it occurs.

    Knock knock…I am going to enter your brain now…

    With regards to invading someone’s mind, I would draw the line based on emotional feedback – if it makes you feel good, you’re probably doing the right thing. If it makes you feel bad, the opposite could be stated. If you are true in your heart and your actions make you feel good inside (and out) you’ll be generating positive karma with your actions.

    With regards to reading your Dad’s thoughts…

    It seems to me that you are simply just being human. Our bodies are very sensitive and if we pay attention, the cause and effect of our actions and reactions can be observed. Most people just don’t pay attention. If you do, you’ll gain the wisdom of Sages!

    …when we speak to people really look at them. Right into their souls, wouldn’t it seem more likely then to be able to link up with an individual then?

    The eyes are the window to the soul. To look someone in the eye offers then the ability to see the truth in your Being. When someone offers this to you, it becomes a gift of great power. Not in the ability to control the other person, but to view (and understand) the truth that emanates from them. Sharing truth is a great bonding experience between people. It builds strength, confidence and joy.


    Your kundalini experience should help you be more of who you are.


    I would guess that the cure for stress would be relaxation and the cure for fear would be love. If I had a stress disorder, I would analyze it to determine if its fear based. If so, I would study the fear. Fear can be overcome with knowledge and knowledge helps shape your point-of-view. The point-of-view can change your attitude (like the glass being half full rather than half empty) which changes the energy flows in your ‘system’. Yoga and raw foods would probably also be good – at least then help me!

    Now, I recommend enjoying the day – for there is lots to feel and experience!

  3. Sorry, got cut off, but as I was saying, I sometimes wonder that if we all were to just let our minds relax and when we speak to people really look at them. Right into their souls, wouldn’t it seem more likely then to be able to link up with an individual then? Maybe only with another like-minded individual.
    David Like I asked in my last response to you, can you help me to interpret my abilities, or rather what happens sometimes just in a casual moment throughout the day? This would be smashing!
    About my Kundalini experiences, I thank you for your kind words.
    It is nothing short of SPECTACULAR to experience the Kundalini Snake it’s way up your spine, beginning at the Root Chakra. When it first started, I felt as if a thousand light bulbs were going off in my brain, but especially right in the Root Chakra. I felt this blissfull heat pulsating, deep inside my root chakra. It carried on through each Chakra, all the while I am having the biggest ephiny of my life, realizing that this power did indeed exist. And could be activated, as if through proper training I can turn on when I want. Very true, and David, when this power reached my throat Chakra it seemed stuck. I had a moment of supressed panic, where I felt as if I was choking. I relaxed, closed my eyes, and finally something broke loose, and finally the Kundalini rose to my third eye, and out of my crown Chakra.
    This literally changed my way of thinking.After realizing all of the information I have read over the years finally made sense.
    I am quite regular in my meditation practise. I find the time even though I live in a small 2 bedroom, and I don’t have a room, I sleep on my recliner. It does make meditation tricky sometimes.
    Now David I would like to discuss a topic that is totally about face from what we have been talking about.
    I recently read in a scientific journal/magazine that scientists are suspecting that when we dream in our Theta stage of sleep that we actually enter into alternate realities.
    Very cool, especially when I have a recurrent dream in which I pilot this flying red car with a rounded front end that is a window, and at the rear of this aircraft, there is a round airlock where this hose is attatched to (while we wait inside). I always here this hiss as the hose is detatched, and I pilot my ship out the side of a skyscraper gas station. It is always dark and there are plenty of other aircraft navigating about. So right about now you must be wondering what I might need your input with, well this dream has almost stopped . Ever since I had a near death experience in 2006, I have horrifying nightmares. I have awoken my poor kids so many times. It is so bad that I cannot go out with my ladies group on an overnight holiday, because the last time I did, I started my swearing profusely and savagely at something, it is always trying to kill me, and it terrifies me. I never lose, but I do scream at the top of my lungs, and my upbringing with a road-builder 250lb Finnish father doesn’t help matters much with my language.
    I am on a type of medication that stops this from happening, but after a couple of months, the doseage has to go up . SO PLEASE IF ANY OF YOU KNOW OF A WAY TO GET POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER REMOVED FROM ONES DENDRITES, I

  4. Dave, with regards to actively following me concerning my abilities, how would we go about that? I know that of course we would communicate through this blog, but maybe you could throw a few ideas my way as to what I should try to do. I have thought about trying to do this with a friend, but it feels wrong. I kind of think that this is an area where a person’s right to privacy is encroached upon. But what does that in itself say? Knock knock…I am going to enter your brain now and try to mentally persuade you to offer me a new car, when you come out of your daydream, you will give me a new car!!! David it seems the stuff of a science fiction book. But alas, I KNOW I can do this. David if there was some way I could speak to you privately, then we could discuss things like that more thoroughly and without any difficulties with others.
    I also wanted to let you know David about your first enquiry about can I do this with my eyes closed?
    I have experimented before with this. I would stand totally at ease in my own home, it has 1,700 sq. feet.
    I then would do my breathing exercises to calm and center myself. AS I looked straight ahead, I ever so slowly, bit by bit closed my eyes. I did this so slowly that it was as if I had not closed my eyes. In a few minutes my eyes were indeed shut. I stayed still for a few moments and focused. I started to walk around my home, and navigated it without bumping into anything. I knew while I did this that It could have been that I knew my place so well. But something inside me knew it was more than that, so much more. I felt as if I had the type of inner eyelid that some creatures have to protect their eyes. It was pretty cool.
    I will practise this further in strange enviroments and let you know of my progress.
    I have another experience to tell you about. One night myself, my Dad, and my ex were all sitting around the table having a good time chatting. At one point my Dad said something, so I answered him. He immediately looked up from the table and was looking at me in a very strange way. I asked him what was wrong and he said “You heard that?” I replied yes, of course why? He then replied “Because I didn’t say that out loud, I was just THINKING” THAT, AND THEN YOU ANSWERED ME!”
    I was astounded, truly I was. So this now gives me what, another bond with my Father, because we have been sharing our light flows, this makes this possible too??
    I sometimes wonder

  5. Tarina, I am excited to hear that you’ve experienced an awakened kundalini! I would guess that few could say that they understood what was happening when it happened and that they could not reproduce the experience. I have a feeling that this is in your future!

    Now that you’re thinking about and realizing that we are light Beings, you might question why someone would exhale ‘dark light’. We are light. Somehow, we have the ability to focus and channel light. It can be seen when watching a talented musician (dancer, performer) for this is actively focused energy. Or it can be seen as raw wild emotion where the person has absolutely no idea how to turn it off. I would take the meditation time to focus (align) your Being to the energy that is. The breathing is a tool for ‘harvesting’ life-energy from your environment – build your Chi – and then use it in a focused way to enhance your life experiences.

    What would someone do next? That is what each person gets to decide! That is where free will comes in. I would guess that as a person becomes more aware of themselves and how they interact in their environment, the life experiences that come their way would be choices like choosing what music to play. If someone felt that there was damage to the earth to heal, they would probably spend time creating life!

    My take on a lot of things is that what is… is. We all have life experiences. That is part of what being human is all about. I would hope that as we learn to love, the focused energy that flows through the act of love will transcend any doubt that anyone has regarding ‘dark places’ on earth. In love, fear doesn’t exist. In light, darkness disappears.

    So, may take on it is that you get to do whatever your heart desires!

  6. Hi again Tarina (Oats! lol),

    It may seem like a silly question, but can you ‘see’ auras with your eyes shut?

    Your description of how you feel is in line with my understanding of auras. As we both know, people function on light. It is used as energy in the body which pretty much means that anyone and everyone deals with light flow in their Being. Even to someone that can’t see the light, your description regarding feeling the energy matches my experience. It seems that auras may be related to – or in direct response from – thoughts and emotions. Knowing that as we build though planes of Being (physical, emotional, mental, knowing), the more sensitive levels are closer to the physical. Thus I would expect (and my experiences have shown) that emotional energy is quite easy to read. The only problem I have is that I don’t ‘see’ it.

    With regards to mental persuasion, I would wonder how intuition comes into play here. My first thoughts upon reading your ‘roast beef sandwich’ request was that you might have been picking up the thoughts of your partner. Sensitive people are known to hear and feel the thoughts and emotions of others. Could you have intuitively picked up the thoughts and felt that they were your own?

    In either case, rather than feeling that I’ve discounted your persuasion, feel that I’m in support of your earthly experiences – whatever they may be. If you find that this is something that you can do on a regular basis, I would love to hear about it more. Yet, as you’ve said, if this works with people you are very close with, then I would tend to relate the experience with/to human bonding. That is, when a bond is formed between two people, energy flows are shared. What one person feels is often experienced by the other. Thoughts travel this bond/connection pathway also.

    Maybe it’s time for you to experience this (bonding – getting close to people) more. I would love to follow someone actively practicing this type of thing. 🙂

  7. Hello Dave,

    I am thoroughly wowed by the blurb above about how light flows from cell to cell to cell. And that our cells communicate with each other.
    In a basic meditation, a popular start is to “Breathe in the white light, and while you are breathing in this white light when you exhale, you are exhaling all of the negative energy, all of the dark light.” This is fascinating! The fact that we are made of light is a popular theory, but it is no longer just theory. WOW!!!
    I also have felt my kundalini rise up my chakras, and go through my crown chakra, or top of my head, where the energy is supposed to flow out and in through your feet.
    I am sufficiently amazed to be thoroghly researching my own abilities.
    Dave a quick question, once we are at the highest vibratory level, what are we to do next, have you heard of linking minds planet wide to suppress or heal damage to the earth?
    Sorry all for the way my thoughts jump around. I write what I think!

  8. Dave, thanks for the input.
    In response to your question “What does this mean?” concerning the fact that I can see aura’s, but also feel them.
    This means Dave, that when I physically “SEE” auras on people, when their aura is black or a very dark color, I feel an evil prescence, or dark energy perhaps is a better way to describe it. In the opposite end of the aura spectrum, when someone has yellow, or rose tinted aura I feel joyous, good feeling energy emnate from them.
    This particular “Talent” has treated me well over the years. I have a very good track record with determining if a person is trustworthy or not.
    I have some questions Dave, which are unrelated to my aura seeing ability.
    I am able to mentally persuade my partner to get me things without asking him vocally. At first when I discovered this, I was convinced it was just a coincidence. Until I tested it every night while we were watching T.V. at night. I would start thinking in my mind(duh where else would I think from?he he) hmmmm… a roast beef sandwich with horseradish on that great bread we bought would sure taste good right about now, maybe next commercial break… AND THEN……….
    My man would say “Hey Oats, how does a nice roast beef sandwhich sound, with that nice soft bread we bought today?” I at first had to cover my shocked look on my face, but after a couple weeks of testing this out, I would reply “Oh you read my mind, that sounds wonderful! I would love to have that right about now!”
    And of course Dave, he didn’t know I was serious, but while he would be in the kitchen making the sandwich, I thought to myself, I hope he gets me some ice-water too, and you guessed it, he asked and brought it to me.
    This is 100% true to any of you unbelievers out there.
    This doesn’T work on everyone. Strangely enough, it is only the people I am very close to.
    I am since seperated from the guy who I had that connection with, but as I am sure that it will work again, imagine the implications here.
    I have heard of the government doing mind-control with their soldiers, and civilians, but that is another subject perhaps for my next reply.
    I look forwards to your input Dave, and everyone else who reads this.

  9. Hi Tarina,

    It would probably benefit the world if you could find reasonable explanations regarding why you have this talent (to see auras). When you say that you also feel them, what does that really mean? I would love to hear more about this from your point of view if that is possible.

    My research has led me to post a few articles on this topic for I believe it has to do with light sensitivity. (The Art of Seeing – can you see auras?, Completing Hands of Light, Unlocking your DNA, to list a few.) As you probably know from my previous postings, evidence points to the fact that the body runs on light. There are many different frequencies of light, but it is light none-the-less. Because of this, our bodies have adapted and created light sensitive molecules (like the retina in the eyes, or vitamin D) that can detect light, or change when influenced by light.

    I would expect that your body has an abundance of light sensitive molecules that create a large enough sensory message that you mind is able to recognize and translate it. Just like you eyes generate a signal that you mind has to interpret, so too does the mind have to interpret the signal that is perceived from the light given off by another person.

    At least, that’s how it’s appearing to me. I could be wrong.

    For me to ‘see’ auras, I generally have to look into someone’s eyes. And at that point, it’s not someone else’s aura that I see, but my own!

    I do hope you stop by again!

  10. I find the information about the body’s Aura fascinating. Now I am really curious about something. I have always been able to see people’s aura’s. So why am I able to do this?
    I can also relate that a person with either a very dark, or black aura is someone to stay completely away from. I feel as well as see. This I would love to be able to pick apart and have an explanation for. I am not a quack, I just have different feelings than some.
    I also know that todays science is going to be turned upside down. Kind of like for decades we only had 9 planets, and with a different view of the skies the astronomers have found over 400 planets, just like that!
    I also have read that observed matter behaves. I read that as an experiment, scientists had a box with horizontal slits (2) cut into the side. They had a very powerful camera filming inside as well. The experiment was does matter behave? They looked into the box, and of course, with the naked eye they saw nothing. The camera filmed on. The results were ASTONISHING. WHEN THEY LOOKED INTO THE BOX ALL OF THE MATTER WAS IN A VERY NEAT, AND ORGANIZED LINEAR POSITIONING. WHEN THE MATTER THOUGHT!? THAT NO ONE WAS THERE, THE MATTER DISSOLVED INTO A SCATTERED, RELAXED STATE. THIS TIPS EVERYTHING UPSIDE DOWN IN MY EYES. NAKED MATTER BEHAVES IN CERTAIN WAYS WHEN WATCHED, AND WHEN NOT WATCHED. HOW IS THIS DONE? DOES THE MATTER THINK AS A HIVE? OR AS INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE TRAINED TO BEHAVE IN A CERTAIN WAY?

  11. Thanks. It’s amazing what you find when you quest for the truth. It would be nice to find more information about this man and how he lives his life.

  12. A most refreshing article David. One has to search far and wide to get straight, clear and un-biased assessments.

  13. When you take white powder gold in the powder form known as Aurum Solis. You can get it at
    it will enhance your aura or electromagnetic energy making it possible to connect within with spirit. At least once you figure out how to release your kundalini energy from your base chakra into your crown chakra. There are many ways to do this but the quickest way is to get some dmt into your blood as quickly as possible.

    In the spirit dimension their are many aspects as in where you go and who you meet. Depending on the strength of your menssir field and your ability to focus whilst lucid will result in the communion you achieve. The more you practice the better you get thus the more interesting the communion becomes.

    Anyone interested in finding tools to strengthen there aura or menssir field or turn there body into a super conductor send me a friend request on face book, all of the 26 links I have created will be able to help you. Learning the correct knowledge is all it takes, sadly in the past this knowledge was keep secret and only shared with a few. Those days are over, now everyone can start to learn about it enjoy….. (Editors note: Search for “Eddie Grace” of melbourne australia in facebook. it will be the only person with links to metaphysical stuff).

    One last thing the reason to do things…. well this might sound odd but within our DNA is the ability to create miracles but it has been turned off, known to science as junk DNA. Trust me, when you find the right spirits they will turn it back on. Its that simple but incredibly hard. This understanding is the core of all religions on our planet. it’s just that now days it known as metaphysics.

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